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Mat 5.16 +

Mat 5.16

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works

& glorify your Father which is in heaven.

…We have no assurance that any physical perfection can be made use of in the world above…neither have we any assurance that the perfections of the mind survive the day of death.”

– Wm J Bryan

Liturgical Calendar?  Hopefully it comes as no surprise that the word “liturgical” is not in the Bible. (It was not used until 1641, Merriam-Webster.) Ready for this? – – – “calendar” is not in the Good Book either. These are inventions of man. There appears to be a prescribed “month” or a selected “day” in the OT but these seem lacking in the NT. To follow some dude’s liturgical calendar could mean you’re obeying man rather than God. You don’t want to do that. – May 2022

One can afford to be in a minority

but he cannot afford to be wrong.”

– Wm J Bryan

She was born

She was born in a parsonage or a hospital near that place

She grew up hearing dad preach on forgiveness and grace

She slept on church benches her share of revival nights.

Speak of shouting or aisle runners, she’d seen those sights.

But the world cried “Come” and as a youth she listened

For a while it seemed all OK. For her it glistened

But satan’s strongest lie only lasts so long

Sooner or later one sees it’s all so wrong

For her it was later, in fact, it was too late.

Her heart’s love for a decaying world, sealed her fate.

Wise up, my friend; no longer reject the Lord’s way

For you too, will arrive, your dying day

satan’s lies will let you down, down into hell

Or lake of fire, where false prophet & beast dwell.

– eab,  5/27/16

MALE & FEMALE. Those are God’s categories for mankind (not “man-made”). Any attempt to blur that line is an attack on the Creator. Dad, you need to be man – ALL man. Mom, you need to be ALL FEMALE. An effeminate dad or a masculine mom leads to confusion in the home. A female “pastor” leads to confusion for a congregation. [No church should have a woman pastor.] No man should have a female prof in a college classroom. No senator should be female, nor governor, nor president. – 5/26/22

“Then I saw that there was a way to hell even from the gates of heaven

as well as from the city of Destruction.  So I awoke & behold it was a dream.”

– John Bunyan

Today we are cursed with medical doctors who are not trying to *Heal you, with teachers who are not trying to *Help you think, & with preachers who are not concerned that you be *Holy. Does the MD make more off of big pharm? Does the teacher gain status among his/her peers by being anti-american? Does the pastor draw a larger salary than he would if he preached “Holiness or hell”? Hello?!? – 5/27/22  

Pro 24.24

“He that saith unto the wicked, Thou art righteous;

him shall the people curse, nations shall abhor him:”

You’ve heard of Sanctification. This word has flowed from quill of writers Baptistic, Lutheran, Wesleyan & more. Are you Sanctified? Or do you have the impression it’s only for men holed-away in mountainous caves? No, Bro/Sis, it’s for you. “…This is the will of God…your sanctification…”(1Th 4.3). Do not shy away from this Second Work of grace. No, you do not grow into sanctification. Once in, you DO grow (in a similar way to how you grew after being redeemed). Be sanctified today. – 5/27/22

“No man can become a saint

in his sleep…”

– Henry Drummond

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