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Mar 8.35 +

Mar 8.35

“For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life

for my sake & the gospel’s, the same shall save it.”

“The best way to get your faith strengthened

is to have communion with Christ.”
– C H Spurgeon

Why do you go to church? Architecture? There are some pretty buildings but that’s not enough.

Friends? Probably there’s no better place on earth to meet new friends – but – that’s not enough.

Music? Some gravitate to Pipe Organs, some to strings/drums – neither is enough to go there.

Even a man who preaches the Word of God – Glad you have one – is not THE reason to go there.

Please Sir, Please Ma’am hie yourself to God’s House to meet GOD – that’s why we go to church!              -6/28/22

“…We should feel only pity to the sinner. 

If we are angry at the person as well as the fault, we sin.”

– John Wesley

Dear female friend. I notice your hair appears shorter. If this loss of “glory” (1Co 11.15) is due to a disease, I hope you’ll seek & find a remedy for this ailment. If, however, If, this shortening of your hair is due to your scissors or some beautician (may be a wrong name for such a soul) you ARE suffering from a worse “disease.” Is it pride? Is it a desire to look younger? Is it wanting to hear your women friends say “O, your hair looks so nice”? Please, sister, O Please, allow God to heal your heart. – 6/29/22 


You were carried to church the first time

Guess you’ll be carried there the last

After death has come; life is all past.

In between are the times to go on-your-own

To love Christ & make that love publicly known,

– eab,  6/30/19

Fact or Fiction? Libraries often have a section marked “Fiction.” You know if you rummage those shelves/stacks you’ll find stories which are not true. Some are near enough real life they COULD have happened; some are so blatant they couldn’t. Certain souls love “Boy-meets-girl-lives-happily-ever-after” so much they don’t care if its fiction or not. *Entertain me.* Allow me (have a major in Literature & MA in Biblical Literature) to encourage you to read the Bible – It. Is. A. Fact. – 6/30/22

Heb 9.27

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die

but after this the judgment:”


is one of God’s methods of writing history.”

– L L Pickett

Are you, Friend, ready to die? I know that’s a serious question – some may resent it being on fb – but it’s a question you (& I) need to face. The hearse is always for someone else; *Until. *It’s.  *Not!  Someday another will live in your house – where will you be? Someday another will be seated in your favorite church pew – where will you be? “Bryan, it’s none of your business.” Yes, I hear that, & to some extent agree; but as a Friend (& minister) allow this probing question again, “Are you ready to die?” – 6/30/22

“When love is abounding

it produces a spirit of discernment.”

– Paul Pierpoint

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Mar 4.19 +

Mar 4.19

“…The cares of this world & the deceitfulness of riches & the lusts of other things entering in

choke the word & it becometh unfruitful.

“[Its] almost impossible to get Christians to attend a service

where God is the only attraction.”

– A W Tozer

FUNERAL PREACHER. The *deceased is not in the audience: if a saint he’s far above, if a sinner; far below. In either case, they don’t need your words. In front of you are the *living. They need to know that Jesus saves sinners & they CAN be saved. They need to know heaven is wonderfully real; also hell is unbelievably real. Your words about the dead won’t make a whiff of difference but God inspired words to the living can Make All the Difference for them! Preach to them. – 6/27/22

We are not diplomats but prophets &

our message is not a compromise but an ultimatum.”

– A W Tozer

we’ve been “we”

It seems incredible – can it be?

We’re married 50 years, you and me?

Let’s check the calendar and see.

Math seems right, down to the “T.”

Once single she, once only he,

Now a long time, we’ve been “we.”

– eab,  6/30/11 > NOTE DATE <

RAINBOW COLORS #2 Do the to-be-pitied-souls sold out to sodomy have a right to use “colors of the rainbow”? I wish they wouldn’t. Should we, as Believers in Christ, try to hold onto the colors; defying the perverted who insist on using them? I doubt we should. Too many are using “rainbow colors” in VBS (other “christian” functions?). A child may see the colors VBS colors as like what he sees on TV & actually accept sodom-flag *More because of what he saw at church. That is sad, SAD. S A D. – 6/27/22

“I God spare my life ere many years I will cause a boy that driveth the plough

shall know more of the Scripture than thou dost.” said to roman bishop

– Wm Tyndale

The word “state” is in Scripture but not as a political unit (with boundaries & laws). The word “president” is missing in the Bible. (Its plural is in Book of Daniel only & all in chapter 6.) The word “king” is in the Bible (at least) 1917 times, “kings” 309 times, “kingdom” 316 times & “kingdoms” 55. Moderns may think having a “president” is cool, but it’s definitely out of line with history. The longer I live the less I believe the American Revolution was right. Wonder how King George’s taxes & WDC compare? – 6/29/22

Col 2.6

“As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord,

so walk ye in him:”

Walk carefully thru life. Walk so others have no question your main goal is heaven – your greatest Friend Christ. Walk dropping grudges/hard feelings. Walk picking up friendships with God’s best. Walk (“as much as lieth in you”Rom 12.18) peaceably. Walk offering a helping hand, offering a monetary gift, offering a kind word. Walk also telling of pending judgment, of a coming day of doom, of a “bridge out.” And, by God’s grace, Walk so that it’s an easy Step on to Heaven’s pure shore. Blessings! – 6/29/22

“The only protection against compromise

 is a continual growth in grace.”  

(from Allegheny Wes.Meth.)

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Mat 26.41 +

Mat  26.41

“Watch & pray, that ye enter not into temptation:

the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

“Seeking the applause of men cherishes & gratifies human depravity

at the expense of divine displeasure. It is gross idolatry.”

– J A Wood

PHP 4.8 #3 “…Whatsoever things are HONEST…” Recently a secular “news source” said “Whats-his-name” (male name) was divorcing “So-n-So” (what appeared to be another male name). When I looked up the 2nd name it was a woman with a “man’s name” (& man’s spelling). Did the “news source” want me to believe 2 males were divorcing? I do not know but if so it was being dishonest. They were telling the Truth but (perhaps) wanting to be “trendy.” God’s men are not only Truthful – they’re honest. – 6/26/22

“When men are opposed to holiness

it is because holiness is opposed to them.”

– J A Wood

TWO WOMEN. A young man meets a young woman & is attracted to her. Within a short time he sees she’s Classy & could make a good life-companion. Later he meets a 2nd gal. Something about her he likes. Does he love the 1st & is just infatuated with the 2nd? Does he try to “date” both & not get found out? (A man who tries to keep 2 “girlfriends” knows he can’t marry both, but has “fun” seeing this 1, then that 1; being [whether he’ll admit it or not] on an Ego Trip; HE is the center of his life. – 6/27/22

mercies please

Who deserves the blessings of the Lord?

Not you. Nor you. Nor me.

Who needs the mercies of the Lord?

We do, we do, all three.

– eab,  6/22/11

TWO WORDS. A Christian meets the Authorized Bible & is attracted to It. Within a short time he sees It is a Classic & could make a good Bible for life. Later (through left-leaning pastor or prof) he meets a 2nd bible. Something about “it” he likes also. Does he love the 1st & is just infatuated with the 2nd? Does he try to “date” both? (A Christian trying to keep a real Bible & a “newby” can’t. The guy who thinks he can be true to the AV & true to a lesser version is kidding himself.) “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one & love the other; or else he will hold to the one & despise the other…”(Mat 6.24). – 6/27/22

Joh 17.17

“Sanctify them through thy truth

thy word is truth.”

“It [sin] pays wages in 3 installments: 1) it kills the conscience,

2) Drys up the fountain of emotion, 3) Breaks the power of resistance.”

– Glenn Griffith

HAPPY? What does it take to make you “happy”? Of course, you needn’t tell me (or post on fb) but it will do you good to search your soul. Are you easily satisfied? Or are you hard to please? Is your “happiness” related to what you “see” (with your eyeballs), “hear” (your own ears), other senses? Or do you crave & from time-to-time get from God [Praise the Lord] a “sense” of His presence – beyond, above, better than the 5 senses with which you were born? Don’t be satisfied with this world Alone. – 6/28/22

“The glory of God

brings a burden for souls.”

– Glenn Griffith

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Mat 24.30 +

Mat 24.30

“…then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven & then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn & they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power & great glory.

…We are rewarded for ‘the deeds done in the body.’

In other words we are rewarded only for what we do while we are still alive.”

– Oswald J Smith

WOOD #2. “I’m afraid if I go wood heat I won’t have enough firewood.” Part of that depends on where you live. If possible, move to the country or a small village. Part of that depends on what you’re willing to burn. Tree limbs & twigs fall. Save & saw them up (I’ve sawn scores – if not 100s of limbs to firebox size with a Dewalt circular saw using an extension cord & a “saw horse”.) Ask a neighbor for his fallen limbs. Ask the nearest park for permission to remove their down wood. Talk to a farmer Search for it. – 6/25/22 

What the sunshine is to that flower,

the Lord Jesus is to my soul.”

– Alfred Lord Tennyson


He arose in “the church” as risers rise

(With a smattering of knowledge & a lot of compromise).

He said “I do” and he did.

Separation from the world?  Of that he got rid.

It’s leaders like the broad road

(It has no Calvary load.)

And he joined them in the downward trend

Once a Bible college prof, he had a sad end

How did it start?  This churchy/worldly “prize”?

With a cooled-off soul & growing compromise.

– eab,  6/27/13

Watch you aren’t prideful if peers or younger people start calling you “a scholar.” It could be even more dangerous when you see yourself as “scholarly.” Maybe God has given you a mind above average – thank God. Be humble. Maybe you’re able to remember more facts than many can – thank God. Be humble. Because, if you’re truly wise, you know there are 1000s of things you don’t know, 100s of languages you can’t decipher, & that God could give you a stroke & you become a “vegetable” overnight. – 6/27/22

“If there be no Providence

there will be no future judgment.”

– Isaac Watts

You awoke to daylight this AM. Good. Happy for you. Enjoy today *To *The *Fullest. Squeeze joy out of every fluffy cloud o’erhead. Sing with each songbird you hear sing. Rejoice that you have “beans & taters” to eat. Compliment a near person (relative, friend, even one-time foe) on their outfit, or their hair, or how they can whistle. Most of all Thank God for sending His Son & that He is Your Savoir (if He is not, seek Him today). Be exceedingly glad to be alive! Many Blessings, My Friend. – 6/27/22 

Psa 10.4

“The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God:

God is not in all his thoughts.”

RAINBOW COLORS #1 Christian Friend, don’t get hung up on “the colors of” or concept of “a rainbow.” Please know the word “rainbow” only occurs twice in the Bible (Revelation 4 & 10). What we call a “rainbow” (Genesis ch.9) is not called that but is “bow in the cloud.” As to colors, famously learned in grade sch, there’s no orange, indigo, or violet in Scripture therefore rainbow colors, as such, are missing. Pray & use wisdom in your use of the term or “colors” of the rainbow. – 6/27/22 

“Education is useless

without the Bible.”  

– Senator Webster

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Mat 24.24 +

Mat 24.24

“For there shall arise false Christs & false prophets & shall show great signs

& wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

The difference between Jesus Christ & Mahomet. Mahomet was not foretold; Jesus Christ was foretold. Mahomet slew; Jesus Christ caused His own to be slain. Mahomet forbade reading; the Apostles ordered reading.”

– Blaise Pascal

Divorce & Remarriage. Some people are happy that folks “dress right” BUT willing to ignore that Mrs X has 2 living husbands or Mr Y is still married (in God’s sight) to a different woman than the one with whom he lives. [If you read my post you KNOW I’m in favor of holy modesty.] Others may take a good stand against carnality & preach a close line on being sanctified, yet ignore the sexual sins of D&R. We need clear preaching on Heart Purity. That, BTW, includes being faithful to your original mate! -6/10/22

The Gospel only speaks of the virginity of the Virgin up to the time of the birth of Jesus Christ.

 All with reference to Jesus Christ.”

– Blaise Pascal


Atheism is a mental disorder:

When a Being, is being denied,

But it uses the very name of

That Being it’s trying to hide.

– eab,  6/25/18 

So x & y & z met for 1 year (or 3) & produced a new “bible.” What inspired that? Maybe I should type “who” inspired that? Why *re-invent the wheel*?  “But I wanted a different wheel.”  Millions (only the Lord knows how many) have read the Classic King James Bible. Millions or 100s of thousands have memorized portions of It. It’s BEEN read to the dying, the sick, the battle-field wounded for decades yet It’s not good enough for some “scholar.” Watch out, modern man – you play with fire. – 6/21/22   

“If I am even with my enemy, the debt is paid;

but if I forgive it I oblige him forever.”

– Wm Penn

Worldliness.  Another way worldliness can easily enter the church is via the “bell sheep” i.e. leading (elected or “non-elected”) member. Maybe the most important “member’s” daughter has sung specials at church for yrs & used to be modest. Recently her dress neck has lowered or hem has raised (or both) but he/she still expects the pastor (or whoever schedules the singers) to include this immodest “miss.” Will the pastor “cave”? Will the board back platform rules? Worldliness Comes In! – 6/24/22  

Rev 22.19

“…If any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life & out of the holy city & from the things which are written in this book.”

WOOD. Now, June 2022, is a good time to consider heating your house *this fall with wood. If your subdivision doesn’t allow wood-heated houses Pray about selling & moving where you CAN use a wood stove. (Always choose a tight wood-burning stove over a fireplace.) I’m not a greenie. I’m not concerned about “saving the earth” but wood grows this yr & will grow again next yr – it’s “renewable” energy which has been used since the first fires. Gas & electric may go up. Heat (& yes cook J) with wood. – 6/25/22

“The truest end of life

is to know that life never ends.”  

– Wm Penn

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Mat 21.22 +

Mat 21.22

“And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer

believing, ye shall receive.”

“You can’t be good without helping others to be good

& you can’t be evil…without helping others to be evil.”

– Earl Newton

If a man preaches a good sermon, makes a decent post, publishes an admirable book it’s not a sin to thank him. The higher, yea highest praise, however goes to God, his Master. If the man is truly the servant of the Most High, he wants God to be praised for what little he may produce. (If he is not a Christian – just professing to be – he may resent you Glorifying God for “his” efforts but that clearly shows his true “colors.”) God’s men want God to be glorified: Now & on into Eternity. – 6/23/22

“Die to live, Lose to save,

Give to have.”

– G I Norman

PHP 4.8 #2 “Whatsoever things are TRUE” As a teacher of many yrs I’ve given test-upon-test & used numerous True & False questions. My students were told that if part of it was false – it was all false. Do you, Reader, understand that? Much “news” is false – therefore do NOT think on it. Much of what’s called “entertainment” is false – don’t waste time going to it. Sadly falseness has entered the church in the form of some VBS or “Junior Church” programs. Do not disregard Paul’s advice. THINK! – 6/23/22

THANK YOU  (song) [1] 

We thank You Lord, for Your goodness,

To the human race.

Your light and Your mercy,

Your holiness and Your grace.

A beautiful world in which to live,

A beautiful life because of the life that You give;

Oh, we thank You for Your blessings on this place.

– eab, June 1971  

Blessed is the pastor (or evangelist) with a wife whose appearance matches his biblical preaching on modesty. He ought to thank her. Additionally, blessed is the man whose wife supports his Scriptural look with the children. [Cursed – strong but perhaps not too strong – is the preacher’s wife who encourages their daughter to dress masculine or son to dress effeminate.] The pulpit is just part of a man’s ministry; his wife & children show if he REALLY means it, or he’s “just preaching.” Amen? Ouch? – 6/24/22

1Ti 3.4

“One that ruleth well his own house,

having his children in subjection with all gravity”

“What Scripture tells us that the Spirit

will be withdrawn in the tribulation? None.”

– L L Pickett

Worldliness. Worldliness is creeping make that *running* into some “holiness” churches. How? Sadly it’s often the pastor. 1.) His reading, 2.) His “furthering his education,” 3.) His association with left-wing “holiness” men 4.) Or with backslidden preachers in the village, tease him left. Do NOT “buy” all a pastor wants to do – ask yourself, “Is This Biblical?” Then ask the pastor, “Is This Biblical?” Don’t be obnoxious but if Bro Pastor is headed to the left REFUSE to let the church go with him. – 6/24/22  

“Ignorance is a handmaiden

 of superstition.”

– L L Pickett

[1] Sixth song, think this was written during a lunch hour when working construction that summer for Larry Kaufman, doing a residence in OH. Paul, his brother, James Joyce “Joe” McVey & a Deets were on crew.

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Mat 18.20 +

Mat 18.20

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name

there am I in the midst of them.

Humility seeks not the last word

 not the first place.”

– Wm Penn

Only one History is paramount. If you claim to “love history” even see yourself as a “historian” & have not studied the Bible, you are kidding yourself. God was THERE when *all* history happened. He could correctly be called the Author of History (as He is the Author of all else that is good). God saw what x man/woman DID (seeing more deeply & from angles than man can) AND He saw what was in their heart/mind as they scribbled their little paragraph of history. You Can Trust God. – June 2022

…It [Bible] has swayed a greater amount of mind(sic) than any other volume the world has known.

It has the singular faculty of attracting to itself the thinkers of the world.”

– Austin Phelps


We live in a age of deception

At school, in church, on all the earth

It’s beyond most soul’s conception

At work, in state, & over most mirth.

Awake sinner.  Awake saint.

See what lies behind that screen of lies.

Falseness in not rare nor even quaint

It’s most everywhere man walks or flies.

You’ve been deceived from near birth

So-few-things are what they seem.

Seek truth – its at a level near dearth

God’s Word & faith alone can redeem.

– eab,  6/1/18 

Some people having wide influence today, should NOT. Perhaps they wouldn’t, IF those going to hear them “preach or sing or play an instrument” were willing to look at the compromise of the “performer.” Some others are selling recordings of music or books or doing other deeds which would not be being bought or “enjoyed” if believers had Discernment. Look up details. Follow the red thread back through history. Become a THINKER. It will save $, save time, & could save hour soul! – 6/21/22


has never lost ground by inquiry.”

– Wm Penn

Ever weeded your garden? (Not your parent’s – your’s, there’s a difference.) He who likes eatable plants does not like weeds. Flat & simple. Weeding is work. (Just did a bed: ½ eggplant, ½ yellow squash, this AM.) Work; but there’s almost a pleasure in pulling that weed. And, Friend, there’s a pleasure in ridding your life of wrong i.e. that which is the enemy of Right. Going to heaven is not easy (few things of value are) But. Pull. That. Weed. Ask God for help & He will help as you weed your life. – 6/23/22

Mat 7.16

“Ye shall know them by their fruits.

Do men gather grapes of thorns or figs of thistles?”

PHP 4.8 #1  Want a Spiritual Challenge? If God’s already saved/sanctified you, THIS may be the greatest Mountain Climb of your life – it is Php 4.8.  > Hold tight.<  “Finally brethren, whatsoever things are TRUE, whatsoever things are HONEST, whatsoever things are JUST, whatsoever things are PURE, whatsoever things are LOVELY, whatsoever things are Of GOOD REPORT; if there be any Virtue, and if there be any Praise, think on these things.” (Caps added.) – 6/23/22

“To be proud of learning

is the greatest ignorance.”  

– Jeremy Taylor

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Mat 16.26 +

Mat 16.26

“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world & lose his own soul?

or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”

“The fact that a man is tempted is not proof that he is sinful…unfelt trial is no trial

& pain on mind…is no more sin than pain of body.”

– J A Wood

If a pastor reads a modern “translation” he should TELL you he’s reading “x.” That’s basic honesty. (A preacher who’s not honest needs to leave the ministry or get “saved.”) He should – out of courtesy – tell you WHY he’s reading such & give reason(s) for polluting your minds with lesser “bibles.” Ask him not to use anything but the Classic KJV, Greatest Book in English. If he refuses (or ignores you) pray for his removal. (God can do that.) The Right Bible is IMPORTANT so – – – as last resort you can leave. – 6/20/22

“We have records of professions of perfect love in all the journals of the old Methodists

…the golden pot of Methodist biography is brimful of the manna of sanctified experience.”

– J A Wood

All wickedness, all sin, all rebellion has at its deepest root the “finger prints” of satan. But it’s a good day when you realize the devil works a lot through some political crowds, religions, cults. When you look at the history of such groups & see satan’s long influence you know to expect wickedness from them again. Avoid their ideology. Stop quoting their spokesman. If “they” espouse X, you move the opposite direction. – 6/21/22

H a u s m a n S

H             Hobe is where they met – in her home state.

A             A young man wondered – is her room neat?

U             Ultimately he “knelt” at her feet.

S             Southern “Luziana,” a June date.

M            Ministries?  US, Russia (not south)

A             And Romania (new “shapes” for mouth)

N             Natasha, Brittany, Darla, Bryan

S             Six Hausman? Six from two? No ly’n.

– eab  6/22/09

PASTOR.  There’s a certain thrill (maybe too light a word, maybe not), a certain joy, to stepping on the platform for the first time after being called to pastor (& that confirmed by the Holy Spirit). The future is bright. The calendar unmarked (by either lead pencil or smeared eraser). Even the Sky is not the Limit –you (with God’s help) can go above it in both for your own soul or those in the flock God has just given you. I’ve enjoyed this pleasure several times & in memory, have good from every congregation. – 6/21/22

Psa 1.2

“But his delight is in the law of the LORD;

& in his law doth he meditate day & night.”

“Men cannot be public sinners

& then become private saints.”

– J A Wood

How, Sir, Ma’am, is your Bible reading? Is it becoming more & more enjoyable? Or, OR is it a chore? If you want your reading of Scripture to turn for Drudgery to Delight ask God for help. He, your Father is One (the only One) to which you can talk about *anything. Yes, Anything! Sooo – you can be honest (He already knows) with Him about the dryness you experience when reading His Book. Ask Him & then apply yourself with greater vigor. His Word can become a Delight. Let It. – 6/22/22

“…Perfect love excluding hatred

perfect faith excluding unbelief

perfect humility excluding pride.”

– J A Wood

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Mat 16.16 +

Mat 16.16

“And Simon Peter answered & said,

‘Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.’

There are only three kinds of persons; those who serve God having found Him; others who are occupied in seeking Him not having found Him; while the remainder live without seeking Him & without having found Him. The first are reasonable & happy, the last are foolish & unhappy; those between are unhappy & reasonable…”

– Blaise Pascal

Laborers. If its been a while since you read Luke 10.2 allow me to encourage you to Read and Heed it. Christ spoke of  “laborers” – He didn’t mention CEOs. Christ did not say “big wigs.” He’s looking for a man who knows HOW to work & does. A man who know HOW to listen & then do as he’s told. Do you know of such a man? (Are you praying God will send “X” into his service?) Are *you* such a man? A man to preach? Are you a woman who can & will *labor in prayer? – 6/15/22

Men often take their imagination for their heart & they believe they are converted

as soon as they think of being converted.”

– Blaise Pascal


My God is the God of the Sacred page

He, ageless, is the Lord of every age

He pre-dates the gods of sports and stage

He’ll out-live all gods of war and rage

His love can make “heaven” of a cage

His grace has no adequate gage

His reward exceeds every earthly wage

He has no equal – my Lord of Sacred page.

– eab,  6/21/11


You have no right to send ANYONE to their Tomb.

That includes the little one in his God-given Womb.

– eab,  6/21/22

There is no present man with whom you *need* agree 100%. None. There is only one past Man (the God/Man, Jesus Christ) with Whom you MUST agree 100% (His Words/Works). Cult leaders want (may try to demand) that you agree with their list. Don’t but leave. There are “semi-cults” or groups more cult-like than they want to admit, whose leaders push you to agree with their opinions. ALWAYS ask Is It Biblical? – 6/20/22

“Men never do evil so completely & cheerfully

as when they do it from religious conviction.”

– Blaise Pascal

1.) Allow yourself to “think outside the box.” (Who even said there was or IS a box?) 2.) Restrict yourself from thinking outside the Bible – especially the New Testament. Depending on personality & background #1 may be hard for you; I strongly encourage it. AND #2 it’ll perhaps take more effort than you think to stay inside the NT. “Christianity” (so-called) has picked up ideas from the heathen, from TV, from sales/motivational stuff, etc. which aren’t Biblical. Move away from them. – 6/21/22

Gen 1.8

“And God called the firmament Heaven.

& the evening & the morning were the second day.”

Heaven will have authentic people. That’s the only kind who will be there. Millions of authentic souls will be there. Let us (you & me) strive to be real. To be genuine. Ask God as you go through life to bring you in contact with a few people who would rather be real as rich, rather be factual, as famous. And, ask the Lord to give you *Discernment* so you’ll easily recognize the fake, in contrast to the faithful. Hell will be full of frauds, full of shallow lives. Avoid hell –at –all –costs. – 6/21/22   

“How vain painting is—we admire the realistic depection of objects

which in their original state we don’t admire at all.”  

– Blaise Pascal

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Mat 11.29 +

Mat 11.29

“Take my yoke upon you & learn of me; for I am meek &

lowly in heart: & ye shall find rest unto your souls.”

“…If the Holy Ghost cannot extirpate this impurity now

He can never do it for Omnipotence does not admit of possible increase.”

– Wm Jones, MD

You compromised your appearance (went left) decades ago. Now, sadly, your worldly life seems “normal” to you. Your living is NOT as the New Testament teaches, it’s NOT what careful Christians practiced for yrs., but you “blend in” with your sinner friends. Being in-step with your flesh family is more important to you than being ready for death. Please Return. Death is coming, Friend, Death is coming. June 2022

“Christian perfection is derived & wholly dependent

 on the merits of Jesus.”

– Wm McDonald

He was great. John was in a category All. His. Own. So, forgive making even the slightest comparison to John the Baptist. He was a “Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness.” eab is attempting to be a “Voice Crying in the WilderNET.” I’m trying to warn. Some pulpits aren’t speaking truth. Some men may fear getting voted out. Some may fear a salary cut. Some may say “I feel lead” to preach Love. I’m trying to yell, “Bridge Out! Bridge Out!” Nice talk? No. But it also is Love – – – it may save your soul. – 6/20/22


You want to be known? Oh. By whom?

Mere men also headed to a tomb?

Men whose lives will be so brief

Who soon in death find relief

Or, at death drop to the place below

Where all reap (but none now sow).

You seek the applause of fleeting men

Guys addicted to, yea, rolling in sin

Men whose moment of hollow fame

Was ALSO their disgrace, their ugly shame

Stop. Stop seeking admiration from peers

(With similar weakness, similar fears)

Seek the smile, yea, the high, grand “nod”

Of the Creator, Almighty Lord, Maker, God.

Seek Him to know, & by Him to be known.

His Spirit & His Son have always shown.

He loves today & when tomorrow is past

His “nod,” His approval will for ever & ever last.

– eab,  6/20/18 

What Difference  “What Difference does it make which Bible I read?” Here’s one example – (List could go on) Jam 5.16, Classic KJV has “Confess your *faults one to another…” American Standard version has “Confess therefore your *sins one to another…” Bible in Basic English: “So then make a statement of your *sins to one another…” Christian Standard Bible: “Therefore confess your *sins to one another…” English Standard version: “Therefore confess your *sins to one another…” New American Standard: “Therefore confess your *sins to one another…” – 6/20/22

Rev 22.19

“…If any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy God shall take away his part out of the book of life & out of the holy city & from the things which are written in this book.”

“Purity is a proper preparation for growth; maturity is the gradual perfecting of growth.

Purity is instantaneous, maturity is gradual. Purity respects quality, maturity quantity.”

– Wm McDonald

What Difference (con’t)  New International version: “Therefore confess your *sins to each other…” New Living Translation: “Confess your *sins to each other…” Revised Standard version: “Therefore confess your *sins to one another…” The Message: “Make this your common practice: Confess your *sins to each other…” Twentieth Century New Testament: “Therefore confess your *sins to one another…” There’s a HUGE difference between a SIN & a Fault. No human is Faultless. We can all be Sinless (by God’s Grace). Stop, PLEASE stop reading all lesser versions! – 6/20/22

“…The church will succeed in proportion

that she corrects the spirit of the age.”

– G Campbell Morgan

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