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Mat 5.48 +

Mat 5.48

“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father

which is in heaven is perfect.

It is claimed that Geo. Muller…read

the Bible through more than 155 times…”

 – Gilchrist Lawson

MALE LEADERS. 2 “Bryan, you can be so old-fashioned – I knew Sis So-n-So & she preached.” These posts are not about knocking “So-n-So,” they’re about being Biblical. You may have had confidence in her. If she was in God’s will [Note I said “if”] that’s between her & God & I will say that IF it pleased God to make “her” an exception to His rule, that’s up to Him. I want to live not by exceptions (if such exist) but by plain teachings of the Word. Place “her” in a mystery bag & obey the simple New Testament. – May 2022 

When I read aloud two senses catch the idea: first I see what I read;

second I hear & therefore I can remember it better.”

– Abraham Lincoln


If you haven’t time for the God Lord

On the weekly commemoration

Of His unparalleled resurrection.

Don’t be surprised if He doesn’t “afford”

His time to you, on your final earth-day,

When life slips forever, slips forever a-way.

– eab, 6/3/18


“I ‘bout have to plant corn; the ground is just right.”

“I must mow the lawn; you know I work day & night.”

“Re-roof the house? Well, I can’t do it when it’s raining.”

“The shed? Have you not noticed it needs painting?”

On the Lord’s Day? He gave you six to work your might.

– eab,  6/3/18

Home School – History #2 You may not find a book on American/world history that pleases you – in fact, I rather hope you don’t. There’s been some re-writing of history (if you aren’t aware of this, learn about it). Histories are written by mere men. [This is one of the HUGE advantages of teaching ancient history based on the Bible – God wrote It.] You may need to seek-out older histories. I encourage you to not, NOT rely on any one(1) writer (or publisher) for history any more than you should for “news.” – 6/2/22 

“…A mind may be permanently soiled by unsavory conversations, books’off color’…some books are without any…bad pages…yet the subtle character of the writer thru his words damages the pure white of the young readers mind.”

– J M Ludlow

Young Pastor, who to call for your first “revival”?  Don’t call one of your chums. 1.) He’s likely to say “Bob” (naturally so) about you in the pulpit instead of “Pastor Smith.” 2.) He could without being “mean” use an illustration which could embarrass you. 3.) He may not be seasoned enough to take on the seriousness of seeing souls converted & sanctified. 4.) Fellowship between same/similar aged couples may be sweet, talks of old times fun but neither lend themselves to a true Break-Up of Revival. – 6/2/22

2Th 3.5

“And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God

& into the patient waiting for Christ.”

Walking away from money & its superficial “values” won’t save you. (It didn’t save the beatniks nor hippies of yore, though they saw through it & that their parents were duped.) The Bible does not put a premium on hating money. (It of course, warns not to love it.) The answer is not “hating” gold – the answer is LOVING Christ. Love Him so much that you obey Him. Love the Lord to the point of complete obedience. No, not 97%. Not 98%. Not 99%. Love God with *ALL* your heart. TODAY. – 6/3/22

“…Where the Holy Ghost dwelleth

he will not suffer a man to be idle.”  

– Martin Luther

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