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Mat 6.9 +

Mat 6.9

“After this manner therefore pray ye:

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.”

“…What is holiness but the reverse of sin?”

– John Fletcher

Home School – History #3  Who is your favorite man since the NT closes? (checking: Should he be?) What did he do, write, invent, etc. that places him in this high position? Where was he born? Month, day, year of birth? Of death?  When/where did he do that which makes him famous to you? Do you know a favorite quote? Was he married? To whom/when? Have you read a bio of him? Now – – – if this guy is important to you, he should be introduced to your child. They need to know this Historical man. – 6/2/22 

“…All Christian believers are who either stand in it or press after it.

And if they do neither we are ready to prove that they rank among fallen believers…”

– John Fletcher

You & the Good Book – is It really a GOOD BOOK to you?!? Is It the best Book you’ve held in your hand? (Or was Shakespeare or, heaven forbid, a Harry Potter book?) Your relationship with God above is highly reflected in your love for (or lack of love for) His Book as you walk this sod. Please – do not lie to yourself – do you love the Inspired & Preserved Word of God more today than you did a yr ago? You can lie to me or your preacher, or mate but God knows what importance you place on His Bible. – 6/2/22

But who really killed the King of Glory,

Was it Judas with his kiss? Jewish leaders so amiss?

Roman soldiers with their fists?

It was ME with all my greed. It was my religious pride.

My self-reliance brought the deed,

And for my sins He was crucified.  [part of a larger poem]

– eab,  6/4/84        

A few parents expect too much from their child (perhaps forgetting they once were young). Too many parents expect too little from their’s. God, our wonderful, heavenly Father, know exactly how much to expect from us. He made us & He “knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust”(Psa 103.14). If you feel that you’ve “come-up-short” don’t be too hard on yourself – God knows/KNEW what you could do. But if you’re not doing as you could/SHOULD, improve! God knows what you can do. – 6/3/22

Rev 21.3

“…The tabernacle of God is with men & he will dwell with them

& they shall be his people & God himself shall be with them & be their God.”

“…as satan & Adam fell into sin…without any previous bias inclining him to corruption; so may…believers depart from the faith & fall so low as to ‘account the blood of the covenant wherewith they were sanctified an unholy thing’.”  

– John Fletcher

You perhaps have had the experience. You missed the boat. Or you missed the train. Or you missed the airplane. Tears, frustration, maybe carnal anger, phone calls. It seemed like the “end of the world.” So Disappointed!  O, Friend multiply the above times 10? No. Times 10,000? No. It is TOTALLY impossible to compare any crisis we know with missing Heaven. Another boat, train, plane went another day. If you or I, miss Being with God in heaven  *It.  Will.  Be.  FOREVER.*  “O God help us.” – 6/4/22  

“None make so much use of Christ’s blood

 as perfect Christians.”

– John Fletcher

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