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Mat 6.10 +

Mat 6.10

“Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

…This is the proper office of an apostle,

to set forth the glory & benefit of Christ.”

 – Martin Luther

Home School – History #4  Now, do a repeat of #3. Don’t shy away from evangelical preachers in teaching Am. or world history, but don’t feel you must include any cult. Don’t leave out famous women but make no attempt to do “50-50” God’s had many more men leaders (that’s His plan) some of whom had worthy mothers, wives, even sisters (Wright brothers) who strongly supported them. Men of other colors should be included (thank God for Dr Geo Washington Carver) but avoid being “political correct.” – 6/2/22

To do so no more

is the truest repentance.”

– Martin Luther


Empty, cold, decaying alone,

The “has-been,” at the cross roads;

Boards for windows, pigeons for choir,

Once place where men laid down their loads.

Once the pastor burned the pulpit;

Fire from heaven that he preached

Filled the pews and spilled beyond them

Beyond the door, others were reached.

Why such empty, hollow churches

Why the grown-up parking lot

‘Cause a people that once knew Him

Act now, as though they “knew Him not.”

– eab,  June 1993

“Scouting” an evangelist Suggestions. 1.) Don’t tell the pastor (where evangelist is) that you’re coming. 2.) Go, if possible 1st night; see how he “starts” a meeting. 3.) Arrive alone & just on time (evangelist doesn’t “meet you” before service. 4.) Note the Bible he uses. 5.) Don’t laugh at opening humor. Say “amen” (if truth is good) but not overly so. 6.) If un-impressed with man or message but circumstance requires a comment you can simply say, “Thank you for interesting thoughts” & slip away. – 6/3/22

“The Greek tragedies

are not to be compared with the history of David.”

– Martin Luther

It matters not the denomination tag on church or camp meeting, you should not have a woman singing “the scheduled Special” (sole or in group) with her knees or cleavage showing. Period! There is no excuse for this lapse of respect for God in His “so-called” house. Change whoever slates people to sing. If that’s “impossible” you may need to change churches. “That’s drastic.” Maybe not as much as you think, but insulting God, by pretending immodesty is OK is worse. Bring it to a finish. – 6/4/22

1Ti 2.9

“In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness

& sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array”

Never gamble. Do not pitch pennies, do not “play marbles FOR KEEPS” do not “buy a chance.” Do not learn “how to play cards.” Never gamble. But these are the cheap things. Some;  Many;  The majority of men & women, gamble with something far more valuable than pennies – they Gamble with their SOULS. They take a chance that they’ll awaken another morning. They hope God will spare them to “Pray Thru” tomorrow. Please, dear friend, come to Christ – your soul is an awful thing to lose. – 6/5/22

“Men judge the worker by the work;

God judges the work by the worker.”  

– Martin Luther

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