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Mat 6.33 +

Mat 6.33

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God & his righteousness

& all these things shall be added unto you.

The tragic thing today is that so many men with a Christian ancestry

are creating a pagan posterity.”

 – Donald Sage Mackay

MATH. When teaching the idea of Subtraction a parent may often say, “Take Away.” (“If you have 5 apples & I ‘Take Away’ 3 how many apples do you have?”) The greatest (& most sad) “Subtraction Problem” is in the Bible, in last Book, last chapter. “…If any man shall Take Away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall Take Away his part out of the book of life & out of the holy city…”(Rev 22.19) [Caps added]. What a terrifying & impossible-to-reverse “Subtraction.” – 6/8/22

Above all books the Bible passes as iron into a man’s blood & gives vigor to his will

& he that lives with Jesus catches the infection of his aims & spirit.”

– Ian Maclaren

sing and rejoice

This is a day to sing and rejoice,

To lift up your hands, to lift up your voice,

A Day to again, acknowledge God, King.

Will you not then joyfully, royally sing? 

– eab,  6/10/07

Divorce & Remarriage. A main reason for the acceptance of D&R is a silent pulpit. A man of God needs, early in his preaching life, to ascertain what the NT (not OT but NT) teaches on this serious problem. He needs to search Scriptures – not commentaries; nor the minds of college profs; nor the preaching of contemporaries – Search the words of Christ & His immediate followers. When a pastor does not know what the New Testament teaches he’ll give an uncertain sound on D&R. – 6/10/22

“Every one who can preach the truth

& does not preach it incurs the judgment of God.”

– Justin Martyr

What’s wrong with sports? A huge part of sports is PRIDE. X or Y or Z is done to be admired. There a huge desire to see one’s name in print. They love to glory in what they can do. True, Christians have see what’s wrong in the realm of modesty, of strong drink associated with sports, & of God’s Day being desecrated but Pride is present in sports nearly all the time. Pride can be very present even when modesty, alcohol, or The Lord’s Day is not disregarded. God hates Pride. Sports loves Pride. – 6/10/22

Pro 16.18

“Pride goeth before destruction

& an haughty spirit before a fall.”

Do not think *for *a *moment that a sincere reader (& heeder) of the King James Bible will miss heaven “because” he read the KJV. But the soul who purposely rejects this Classic & tries believing a lesser “bible” MAY miss heaven. “Bryan, you’re overstating things.” I doubt it. If the KJV says “yea” & a imitation “bible” says “nay,” or the imitator says “X” but the faithful KJV said “Y,” they can’t BOTH be correct. I’ll take the Classic over modern stuff, any time. I urge you to do the same. – 6/11/22

“Tis by our quarrels

that we spoil our prayers.”  

– Cotton Mather

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