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Mat 7.1 +

Mat 7.1

“Judge not,

that ye be not judged.”

“It takes a broadminded person

 to find the narrow way.”

J Belvin Green

MATH. Does the Bible use the word/concept of “Multiply”? God wanted His creatures to Multiply (Gen 1.22, first usage). Later His inerrant Word speaks of not just animals being “multiplied” & not just human offspring “multiplied,” but of the disciples being “multiplied.” The last uses of  “multiplied” deal with “grace…& peace” being “multiplied” (1Pe & 2Pe) & even “mercy…&…love” being “multiplied.” Souls “multiplied” in Christ’s Kingdom & virtues “multiplied” are better than math numbers. – 6/8/22

“God is looking for somebody

that’s looking for God.”

– Glenn Griffith

Many have been disappointed in their governments the last yrs. Corruption has expanded or, OR politicians have been more brazen in letting us know of their sins/crimes. Want to change Citizenship? Impossible. (Did I hear you whisper or groan?) No Sir, no ma’am, you can become a Christian & therefore loyal to Heaven’s Wonderful Government, which is not only sound financially (streets are gold) but It is Eternal. Flee the wrath coming upon evil, earthly states – Come to Christ. – 6/11/22


When you enjoy what the world enjoys.

When you drink what the world drinks.

When you go where the world goes.

When you think like the world thinks.

Do all – – –  Or only one.

It HAS you, girl / son.

– eab,  6/12/12

When you have limited money its wise to be tight – use it sparingly. When you have limited strength (due to age or illness) it’s sensible to use it wisely. We have – You have, I have – One(1) Life. It’s limited. There won’t be a “second run at it.” Please Sir, Please Ma’am stop. Consider HOW you should spend your One Life. Want a suggestion? Spend this earthly “three score & ten” getting right with God, serving Him here, & then go Above to live with Him UNLIMITED. Be wise. Be holy. – 6/12/22

1Jo 4.1

“Beloved, believe not every spirit but try the spirits whether they are of God:

because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”

“In the spiritual realm in this day you can find many

who have left Sodom but God could never get Sodom out of them.”

– Glenn Griffith

If a church, school, mission org. is careful, determined to stay separate from worldly drift, they bring in preachers who (as best as they know) have this same desire. When you see them bringing in lesser men you know backsliding is happening. The opposite is also true – when a church, sch. etc decides to move left they bring in men which they’ve seen won’t preach against items of the world they NOW say are “OK.” Who is being “used” & Where, tells you the condition of both group & the preacher. – 6/12/22 

“Never has God’s plan

been in jeopardy.”

– Larry Grile

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