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Mat 7.7. +

Mat 7.7

“Ask, & it shall be given you; seek, & ye shall find;

 knock, & it shall be opened unto you:

…Bible, the only infallible rule of faith & practice…

This Book & this Book alone has been the message of the church in all the ages.”

 – Carl McIntire

MATH. “Division” is in the Bible in the forms of: divide, divided, divider, divideth, dividing, division, divisions. There were mathematical divisions among the tribes. A very serious Judgment division is coming between sheep & goats (Mat 25.32-33). A sharp dividing takes place between soul & spirit and between thoughts & heart intents (Heb 4.12). But possibly the most important “dividing” is Paul’s “Rightly dividing the Word of Truth” (2 Ti 2.15). The great divide at the end is partly based on this. – 6/8/22

According to history, truth is more frequently

in the possession of the minority.”

– Carl McIntire


Why the painted finger nail; the painted toe?

Does paint make more healthy?  Is it for show?

Paint on the body draws cheap attention.

Let your mind & soul, be your best attraction.

– eab,  6/12/13

Divorce & Remarriage. At times a man who absolutely opposes D&R can be accused of being hard hearted. I feel sorry for people who where raised to accept D&R. I feel sorry for individuals who – all facts on the table – were less responsible than their straying mate. I write to warn. Heaven is forever. Please Do Not Remarry. It has to be hard, hard “as nails” to live a live of celibacy – stretched over yrs, decades, but IF you believe heaven & hell last for EVER you must to make heaven & at all costs miss hell. – 6/10/22

“More, not less;  simple, not complex;  powerful not weak

preaching of the Gospel is all this sin-sick world needs. It alone will save souls.”

– Carl McIntire

No one is “safe” from the prayers of Holy Ghost filled people. No fence is high enough, no wall thick enough, no mote wide enough to stop the prayers of God’s people. Pray On. The sinner can be made uncomfortable in the most plush bed. His expensive Forget-It-All-Cruise can be futile (as he’s daily reminded of his sins). Pray On. He is too big – too well-known to pray for! Really? God can jar the famous till they beg God for mercy. Pray On. Don’t listen to satan’s lies. Pray Believingly On. – 6/12/22  

1Co 7.39

“The wife is bound by the law as long as her husband liveth; but if her husband be dead,

she is at liberty to be married to whom she will; only in the Lord.”

One of the most dangerous places is a “church” which is supposedly holy but isn’t. Something about it suggests “holiness” (name, history, pastor’s background or a few saints still there) but the atmosphere has given way to compromise. “Dangerous” you ask? Yes, to the new convert or the person who’s duped into thinking he’s seeing true “holiness.” The pastor probably knows it’s no longer “holy” (tho unwilling to admit it) but he’s not deceived. The new, lied-to soul is in grave danger! FLEE – 6/13/22

“A departure from the faith leaves a person

nowhere else to go except to doctrines of devils.”  

– Carl McIntire

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