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Mat 7.15 +

Mat 7.15

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing,

but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

“Prayer is like work –

it moves something.”

– Tillman Harris

Waste not – Want not. I hope those words have a familiar sound. Moms – do not cook more food than your family will eat in one or two meals. Dads – (if you still have a stack of plates by your plate & do the formal serving of the food) do not serve too much. All of us – we need to try to clean up our portions. – 6/7/22

“The convictions that really count are not the convictions you hold

[but] the convictions that hold you.”

– Steve D Herron

Do you crave to be truly educated, OR to be “seen” as educated? Do you wish to know, OR really want to be “KNOWN as knowing”? The desire to know can be dangerous (be careful not to be too curious about some areas). But the hunger to be known as “knowledgeable” is carnal & unless removed by the power of the Holy Ghost, will damn you – Please sir, please ma’am come to Christ & be saved. – 6/12/22


Be concerned, even radiant,

About cause “A” or “B” or “Q”

If the cause is of real worth,

If the cause is true.

But never let a minor cause

Partially or fully heist,

The greatest Cause of all

The “Cause” of Jesus Christ.

– eab,  6/14/13  

Men who do not believe in a Second Work of Grace & who’ve never been sanctified holy (or lost the Spirit due to disobedience) can pay “lip-service to holiness.” They might say something about Pentecost in sermons or write it in a book. Neither proves that they have God’s Holy Spirit within or that they desire (hunger after) Him. Do not be fooled by any occasional mentioning. The man FILLED with the Holy Ghost preaches about Him, exalts Him, & lives by His guidance & His “checks.” – 6/13/22

Act 4.31

“…When they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together;

& they were all filled with the Holy Ghost & they spake the word of God with boldness.”

“We only enjoy what we share.”

– Steve D Herron

 [eab addition “We share what we really enjoy”]

ARK #1.  Shem, Ham & Japheth’s wives were saved (very literally) by their marriages. Husband – Does your wife have a “better chance” of going to heaven because she married you? Hello?!? If you profess to be a Christian the answer should be “yes.” Please don’t drag her to sinful places of “entertainment.” Don’t bring drinking, gambling “buddies” into her presence. Get right with God yourself. Start the Family Altar (God’s church right in your living room, you the “pastor”!) & help her be saved for eternity. – 6/14/22    

“It takes God time

to make a man.”

– Steve D Herron

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