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Mat 7.22 +

Mat 7.22

“Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? & in thy name have cast out devils? & in thy name done many wonderful works?

Any mantra (like the Catholic rosary) violates Christ’s command to

‘Use not vain repetitions as the heathen’ (Mt 6:7).”

 – T A McMahon

Divorce & Remarriage. Yes, I feel sympathy for the couple “caught” in D&R. Allow me to say, I feel little sympathy for the preacher who is not opposing (either behind the sacred desk & in private talks) this prevalent sin. He needs to Man Up! A man fearing spirit & being filled with God’s Holy Spirit, do not fit in the same soul! Better to have a smaller “membership” but clean, than man-satisfying-numbers & be winking at sin in pew even on the official board. – 6/10/22

Emerging Church Movement (ECM)…‘positiveSermons…top-forty style contemporary music, dramatic productions, foodcourts…rock-styleworship for the youth.”

– T A McMahon


For the Christian, The CURSE,

Ends at the hearse.

For the sinner, After the hearse,

It. Gets. Worse!

– eab,  6/15/10

ARK #2 Was it lonely for Noah & wife, for his sons & their wives on the ark. It could’ve been. And It Can Be Lonely For You (& For Your Wife) in the spot to which God has called you. Their salvation was, of course, in staying on boat. Your salvation & yes, your wife’s salvation (& your kiddos) may depend on YOU, sir, staying in the “lonely” pastorate or on that lonely mission field. God’s grace can keep you (& keep you *Joyful*) where He has called you. God bless you as you Serve Him in your station! – 6/14/22

“…The Spirit will unlock the truth & we shall find the Living Word

who is always behind the written word.”

– G Campbell Morgan

Dear deceased Christian now enjoying the Presence of God. I am happy, Happy, HAPPY for you. You’ve paid your last bill, had your last pain, made your last rent/house payment, won your last spiritual battle. Praise the Lord. I (of course) do not know your JOYS above but I’m glad, so glad you’re the other side of Heaven’s Portal. If you have a memory of earth (I rather doubt you have any or at least, not many) you’re *beyond glad* that you didn’t compromise with men or organizations. Blessings!!! – 6/14/22   

Act 2.47

“Praising God & having favor with all the people.

And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved.”

Dear deceased friend who professed to be a “christian” but were not. I am sorry you are forever damned. I may have seen shallowness & even prayed for you. Your position as pastor, deacon, org. board member was dangerous to that group. YOU SOLD FOR MORE THAN YOU WERE WORTH. Now there’s no place to repent of the worldly ideas to which you lower yourself (& family). You remember the very day (IMO) that you compromised & thot you’d get by. I’m sorry you deceived your eternal soul. – 6/14/22   

“Augustine supported military force

against those who were re-baptized…”  

– Dave Hunt

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