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Mat 7.23 +

Mat 7.23

“And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you:

depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

“If God can find a hungry heart,

He can do anything with that heart.”

– Steve Hight

junior church. Are you willing to examine it? Can you re-think this “invention”? (Should there be anything a congregation does besides Bible preaching at which you’re unwilling to take an honest look?) Does God get His highest glory by this activity with all its color & noise – or is it a “baby-sitting” service, a way to make the AM service more quiet?  Some, if not all, activities beyond the sanctuary walls could be handled by family units. Let the church be the Spiritual center, not the social center. – 5/30/22 

“Don’t make decisions

until decision time.”

– Gene Hood

Desire to be a good Dad? You should want to be – if God’s blessed you with children. (Not the “best Dad” in the church – that could be prideful.) The good Dad is the one who is a Child. 1.) He’s a Child of God – & from Him, Greatest of All Fathers – he learns how to be a good Dad. 2.) He’s still a child, i.e. still stops to admire sights & sounds he sees/hears by creek side or in a wood’s walk. 3.) He recalls some of his childhood as he plays with his kids/grandkids or as he shares from stories of his own childhood. – 6/15/22


Having (luxurious) food and (the latest) raiment

(With their intere$t and $ignificant payment)

Let us therewith be content,

Was NOT said by the Apostle Paul

(He wrote part – but not all)

Nor was this what he “really meant.”

– eab,  6/14/17

Laborers.  God has the ability (praise His name) to make a preacher out of any man who will yield himself the Almighty. He can use the younger & the older, the less educated & the more (provided the man is dead to his degrees), the poor or the wealthy. Please Christian Pray-er make the prayer to send forth “…Laborers into his harvest” a regular part of your Prayer Life. Do not limit the man God can use. AND do not limit your praying. We need new, holy men & yes, we need them now. – 6/15/22

Luk 10.2 Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great but the laborers are few:

pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest.”

“The highest level of Christian holiness

that the Bible teaches is forgiveness.”

– Richard Humble

Young Lady, let me to speak to you (I’ve 2 daughters &10 granddaughters). You’re in school with a guy you like & think he likes you. When he asks for a date where does he want to go? (Main destination & follow-up-spot tell something about him.) About what does he talk? (Don’t YOU talk too much.) Listen to his topics. Does he speak of his Bible reading or prayer? Is his talk about problems? (may suggest he’s  negative). His words are windows into his soul. Marriage is for life – don’t marry the wrong man. – 6/16/22

“You are no better

than that you give consent to.”

– Spencer Johnson

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