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Mat 11.29 +

Mat 11.29

“Take my yoke upon you & learn of me; for I am meek &

lowly in heart: & ye shall find rest unto your souls.”

“…If the Holy Ghost cannot extirpate this impurity now

He can never do it for Omnipotence does not admit of possible increase.”

– Wm Jones, MD

You compromised your appearance (went left) decades ago. Now, sadly, your worldly life seems “normal” to you. Your living is NOT as the New Testament teaches, it’s NOT what careful Christians practiced for yrs., but you “blend in” with your sinner friends. Being in-step with your flesh family is more important to you than being ready for death. Please Return. Death is coming, Friend, Death is coming. June 2022

“Christian perfection is derived & wholly dependent

 on the merits of Jesus.”

– Wm McDonald

He was great. John was in a category All. His. Own. So, forgive making even the slightest comparison to John the Baptist. He was a “Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness.” eab is attempting to be a “Voice Crying in the WilderNET.” I’m trying to warn. Some pulpits aren’t speaking truth. Some men may fear getting voted out. Some may fear a salary cut. Some may say “I feel lead” to preach Love. I’m trying to yell, “Bridge Out! Bridge Out!” Nice talk? No. But it also is Love – – – it may save your soul. – 6/20/22


You want to be known? Oh. By whom?

Mere men also headed to a tomb?

Men whose lives will be so brief

Who soon in death find relief

Or, at death drop to the place below

Where all reap (but none now sow).

You seek the applause of fleeting men

Guys addicted to, yea, rolling in sin

Men whose moment of hollow fame

Was ALSO their disgrace, their ugly shame

Stop. Stop seeking admiration from peers

(With similar weakness, similar fears)

Seek the smile, yea, the high, grand “nod”

Of the Creator, Almighty Lord, Maker, God.

Seek Him to know, & by Him to be known.

His Spirit & His Son have always shown.

He loves today & when tomorrow is past

His “nod,” His approval will for ever & ever last.

– eab,  6/20/18 

What Difference  “What Difference does it make which Bible I read?” Here’s one example – (List could go on) Jam 5.16, Classic KJV has “Confess your *faults one to another…” American Standard version has “Confess therefore your *sins one to another…” Bible in Basic English: “So then make a statement of your *sins to one another…” Christian Standard Bible: “Therefore confess your *sins to one another…” English Standard version: “Therefore confess your *sins to one another…” New American Standard: “Therefore confess your *sins to one another…” – 6/20/22

Rev 22.19

“…If any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy God shall take away his part out of the book of life & out of the holy city & from the things which are written in this book.”

“Purity is a proper preparation for growth; maturity is the gradual perfecting of growth.

Purity is instantaneous, maturity is gradual. Purity respects quality, maturity quantity.”

– Wm McDonald

What Difference (con’t)  New International version: “Therefore confess your *sins to each other…” New Living Translation: “Confess your *sins to each other…” Revised Standard version: “Therefore confess your *sins to one another…” The Message: “Make this your common practice: Confess your *sins to each other…” Twentieth Century New Testament: “Therefore confess your *sins to one another…” There’s a HUGE difference between a SIN & a Fault. No human is Faultless. We can all be Sinless (by God’s Grace). Stop, PLEASE stop reading all lesser versions! – 6/20/22

“…The church will succeed in proportion

that she corrects the spirit of the age.”

– G Campbell Morgan

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