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Mat 21.22 +

Mat 21.22

“And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer

believing, ye shall receive.”

“You can’t be good without helping others to be good

& you can’t be evil…without helping others to be evil.”

– Earl Newton

If a man preaches a good sermon, makes a decent post, publishes an admirable book it’s not a sin to thank him. The higher, yea highest praise, however goes to God, his Master. If the man is truly the servant of the Most High, he wants God to be praised for what little he may produce. (If he is not a Christian – just professing to be – he may resent you Glorifying God for “his” efforts but that clearly shows his true “colors.”) God’s men want God to be glorified: Now & on into Eternity. – 6/23/22

“Die to live, Lose to save,

Give to have.”

– G I Norman

PHP 4.8 #2 “Whatsoever things are TRUE” As a teacher of many yrs I’ve given test-upon-test & used numerous True & False questions. My students were told that if part of it was false – it was all false. Do you, Reader, understand that? Much “news” is false – therefore do NOT think on it. Much of what’s called “entertainment” is false – don’t waste time going to it. Sadly falseness has entered the church in the form of some VBS or “Junior Church” programs. Do not disregard Paul’s advice. THINK! – 6/23/22

THANK YOU  (song) [1] 

We thank You Lord, for Your goodness,

To the human race.

Your light and Your mercy,

Your holiness and Your grace.

A beautiful world in which to live,

A beautiful life because of the life that You give;

Oh, we thank You for Your blessings on this place.

– eab, June 1971  

Blessed is the pastor (or evangelist) with a wife whose appearance matches his biblical preaching on modesty. He ought to thank her. Additionally, blessed is the man whose wife supports his Scriptural look with the children. [Cursed – strong but perhaps not too strong – is the preacher’s wife who encourages their daughter to dress masculine or son to dress effeminate.] The pulpit is just part of a man’s ministry; his wife & children show if he REALLY means it, or he’s “just preaching.” Amen? Ouch? – 6/24/22

1Ti 3.4

“One that ruleth well his own house,

having his children in subjection with all gravity”

“What Scripture tells us that the Spirit

will be withdrawn in the tribulation? None.”

– L L Pickett

Worldliness. Worldliness is creeping make that *running* into some “holiness” churches. How? Sadly it’s often the pastor. 1.) His reading, 2.) His “furthering his education,” 3.) His association with left-wing “holiness” men 4.) Or with backslidden preachers in the village, tease him left. Do NOT “buy” all a pastor wants to do – ask yourself, “Is This Biblical?” Then ask the pastor, “Is This Biblical?” Don’t be obnoxious but if Bro Pastor is headed to the left REFUSE to let the church go with him. – 6/24/22  

“Ignorance is a handmaiden

 of superstition.”

– L L Pickett

[1] Sixth song, think this was written during a lunch hour when working construction that summer for Larry Kaufman, doing a residence in OH. Paul, his brother, James Joyce “Joe” McVey & a Deets were on crew.

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