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Mat 24.30 +

Mat 24.30

“…then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven & then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn & they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power & great glory.

…We are rewarded for ‘the deeds done in the body.’

In other words we are rewarded only for what we do while we are still alive.”

– Oswald J Smith

WOOD #2. “I’m afraid if I go wood heat I won’t have enough firewood.” Part of that depends on where you live. If possible, move to the country or a small village. Part of that depends on what you’re willing to burn. Tree limbs & twigs fall. Save & saw them up (I’ve sawn scores – if not 100s of limbs to firebox size with a Dewalt circular saw using an extension cord & a “saw horse”.) Ask a neighbor for his fallen limbs. Ask the nearest park for permission to remove their down wood. Talk to a farmer Search for it. – 6/25/22 

What the sunshine is to that flower,

the Lord Jesus is to my soul.”

– Alfred Lord Tennyson


He arose in “the church” as risers rise

(With a smattering of knowledge & a lot of compromise).

He said “I do” and he did.

Separation from the world?  Of that he got rid.

It’s leaders like the broad road

(It has no Calvary load.)

And he joined them in the downward trend

Once a Bible college prof, he had a sad end

How did it start?  This churchy/worldly “prize”?

With a cooled-off soul & growing compromise.

– eab,  6/27/13

Watch you aren’t prideful if peers or younger people start calling you “a scholar.” It could be even more dangerous when you see yourself as “scholarly.” Maybe God has given you a mind above average – thank God. Be humble. Maybe you’re able to remember more facts than many can – thank God. Be humble. Because, if you’re truly wise, you know there are 1000s of things you don’t know, 100s of languages you can’t decipher, & that God could give you a stroke & you become a “vegetable” overnight. – 6/27/22

“If there be no Providence

there will be no future judgment.”

– Isaac Watts

You awoke to daylight this AM. Good. Happy for you. Enjoy today *To *The *Fullest. Squeeze joy out of every fluffy cloud o’erhead. Sing with each songbird you hear sing. Rejoice that you have “beans & taters” to eat. Compliment a near person (relative, friend, even one-time foe) on their outfit, or their hair, or how they can whistle. Most of all Thank God for sending His Son & that He is Your Savoir (if He is not, seek Him today). Be exceedingly glad to be alive! Many Blessings, My Friend. – 6/27/22 

Psa 10.4

“The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God:

God is not in all his thoughts.”

RAINBOW COLORS #1 Christian Friend, don’t get hung up on “the colors of” or concept of “a rainbow.” Please know the word “rainbow” only occurs twice in the Bible (Revelation 4 & 10). What we call a “rainbow” (Genesis ch.9) is not called that but is “bow in the cloud.” As to colors, famously learned in grade sch, there’s no orange, indigo, or violet in Scripture therefore rainbow colors, as such, are missing. Pray & use wisdom in your use of the term or “colors” of the rainbow. – 6/27/22 

“Education is useless

without the Bible.”  

– Senator Webster

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