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Mat 26.41 +

Mat  26.41

“Watch & pray, that ye enter not into temptation:

the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

“Seeking the applause of men cherishes & gratifies human depravity

at the expense of divine displeasure. It is gross idolatry.”

– J A Wood

PHP 4.8 #3 “…Whatsoever things are HONEST…” Recently a secular “news source” said “Whats-his-name” (male name) was divorcing “So-n-So” (what appeared to be another male name). When I looked up the 2nd name it was a woman with a “man’s name” (& man’s spelling). Did the “news source” want me to believe 2 males were divorcing? I do not know but if so it was being dishonest. They were telling the Truth but (perhaps) wanting to be “trendy.” God’s men are not only Truthful – they’re honest. – 6/26/22

“When men are opposed to holiness

it is because holiness is opposed to them.”

– J A Wood

TWO WOMEN. A young man meets a young woman & is attracted to her. Within a short time he sees she’s Classy & could make a good life-companion. Later he meets a 2nd gal. Something about her he likes. Does he love the 1st & is just infatuated with the 2nd? Does he try to “date” both & not get found out? (A man who tries to keep 2 “girlfriends” knows he can’t marry both, but has “fun” seeing this 1, then that 1; being [whether he’ll admit it or not] on an Ego Trip; HE is the center of his life. – 6/27/22

mercies please

Who deserves the blessings of the Lord?

Not you. Nor you. Nor me.

Who needs the mercies of the Lord?

We do, we do, all three.

– eab,  6/22/11

TWO WORDS. A Christian meets the Authorized Bible & is attracted to It. Within a short time he sees It is a Classic & could make a good Bible for life. Later (through left-leaning pastor or prof) he meets a 2nd bible. Something about “it” he likes also. Does he love the 1st & is just infatuated with the 2nd? Does he try to “date” both? (A Christian trying to keep a real Bible & a “newby” can’t. The guy who thinks he can be true to the AV & true to a lesser version is kidding himself.) “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one & love the other; or else he will hold to the one & despise the other…”(Mat 6.24). – 6/27/22

Joh 17.17

“Sanctify them through thy truth

thy word is truth.”

“It [sin] pays wages in 3 installments: 1) it kills the conscience,

2) Drys up the fountain of emotion, 3) Breaks the power of resistance.”

– Glenn Griffith

HAPPY? What does it take to make you “happy”? Of course, you needn’t tell me (or post on fb) but it will do you good to search your soul. Are you easily satisfied? Or are you hard to please? Is your “happiness” related to what you “see” (with your eyeballs), “hear” (your own ears), other senses? Or do you crave & from time-to-time get from God [Praise the Lord] a “sense” of His presence – beyond, above, better than the 5 senses with which you were born? Don’t be satisfied with this world Alone. – 6/28/22

“The glory of God

brings a burden for souls.”

– Glenn Griffith

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