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Mar 8.35 +

Mar 8.35

“For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life

for my sake & the gospel’s, the same shall save it.”

“The best way to get your faith strengthened

is to have communion with Christ.”
– C H Spurgeon

Why do you go to church? Architecture? There are some pretty buildings but that’s not enough.

Friends? Probably there’s no better place on earth to meet new friends – but – that’s not enough.

Music? Some gravitate to Pipe Organs, some to strings/drums – neither is enough to go there.

Even a man who preaches the Word of God – Glad you have one – is not THE reason to go there.

Please Sir, Please Ma’am hie yourself to God’s House to meet GOD – that’s why we go to church!              -6/28/22

“…We should feel only pity to the sinner. 

If we are angry at the person as well as the fault, we sin.”

– John Wesley

Dear female friend. I notice your hair appears shorter. If this loss of “glory” (1Co 11.15) is due to a disease, I hope you’ll seek & find a remedy for this ailment. If, however, If, this shortening of your hair is due to your scissors or some beautician (may be a wrong name for such a soul) you ARE suffering from a worse “disease.” Is it pride? Is it a desire to look younger? Is it wanting to hear your women friends say “O, your hair looks so nice”? Please, sister, O Please, allow God to heal your heart. – 6/29/22 


You were carried to church the first time

Guess you’ll be carried there the last

After death has come; life is all past.

In between are the times to go on-your-own

To love Christ & make that love publicly known,

– eab,  6/30/19

Fact or Fiction? Libraries often have a section marked “Fiction.” You know if you rummage those shelves/stacks you’ll find stories which are not true. Some are near enough real life they COULD have happened; some are so blatant they couldn’t. Certain souls love “Boy-meets-girl-lives-happily-ever-after” so much they don’t care if its fiction or not. *Entertain me.* Allow me (have a major in Literature & MA in Biblical Literature) to encourage you to read the Bible – It. Is. A. Fact. – 6/30/22

Heb 9.27

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die

but after this the judgment:”


is one of God’s methods of writing history.”

– L L Pickett

Are you, Friend, ready to die? I know that’s a serious question – some may resent it being on fb – but it’s a question you (& I) need to face. The hearse is always for someone else; *Until. *It’s.  *Not!  Someday another will live in your house – where will you be? Someday another will be seated in your favorite church pew – where will you be? “Bryan, it’s none of your business.” Yes, I hear that, & to some extent agree; but as a Friend (& minister) allow this probing question again, “Are you ready to die?” – 6/30/22

“When love is abounding

it produces a spirit of discernment.”

– Paul Pierpoint

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