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Joh 3.30 +

Joh 3.30

“He must increase,

but I must decrease.

“Abraham’s bosom is the promise & assurance of salvation & the expectation

of Jesus Christ; not heaven itself but the expectation of heaven.”

– Martin Luther

HIGHEST CALLING – Men. Regardless of your roots, regardless of your poorness, if God calls you to preach Him & His holiness, to preach the Word of God, to warn men of hell & encourage toward heaven HE is inviting you to the Highest Calling on this earth. Do not snub that. Never. Nor brag about it. Simply & humbly start witnessing to your family, fellow students, &/or fellow workers. Increase your praying & double up on your Bible reading. Learn to trust the Lord in a special, deep way. Preach! – 7/9/22

…All the emperors, kings & princes of the world could not raise a fit dwelling place for God

yet in a weak human soul that keeps his Word he willingly resides.”

– Martin Luther


Time is sliced into various divisions;

Each has it use, by man’s reasons.

Nanosecond, second, minute, hour,

Hold time in its swift fleeting power

“Tardes,” PM, night, AM, noon,

Come once a day, passing away soon.

A week seems long at its starting peak,

Tumbles across time, disappears as weak.

A month – who could ask for anything more?

Vacation’s soon gone – back to the store.

Months are grouped and make a stack

Called a year – what a giant sack.

Then years find themselves in a fade

Tied together in a progressing decade.

Ten years is (again) a time beginning long

Ending it seems, as a passing song.

Fifty years, imagine, wedding-to-now

“Not so long.” Celebrants would allow.

Most have no memory a century in length, 

Few have such body/mind strength,

But time stops not at the century mark,

Ten centuries, a millennium, bright or stark.

And only six millennia or so

Takes us back to Adam’s “bite” of woe.

And then, resting our toes on the brink

Of eternity (b-e-f-o-r-e), What do you think?

Forever stretching backward, beyond that first day,

Eternity is a chasm that stretches way, far away.

Man’s units of time, his slices so neat,

Find not place in that “land,” find not food or drink.

Time is never tangible, it’s elusive at best;

Eternity (future), dreaded or loved, is the test.

Eternity is decided by what man does within time.

Make it blessed, Friend, through Christ; make it sublime.

– eab, July 2011

Europe – A little Geography   >> Home School <<   (Please send me corrections.)

DENMARK shares borders with only one(1) country (Germany)

PORTUGAL shares borders with only one(1) country (Spain)

ESTONIA shares borders with only two(2) countries (Russia & Latvia)

MOLDOVA shares borders with only two(2) countries (Ukraine & Romania)

NETHERLANDS shares borders with only two(2) countries (Germany & Belgium)

SPAIN shares borders with only two(2) countries (France & Portugal)

SWEDEN shares borders with only two(2) countries (Norway & Finland) 7/28/22 

“…Whoso brings in a divine worship of his own, without God’s command is an adulterer…

it avails him nothing that he thinks he does God service herein…”

– Martin Luther

Scripture or “science” The following may “try someone’s patience;” please – become a seeker of Truth!

The sun was a “god” to many past souls 1000s of yrs ago. When modern “science” rejects the teachings of the Bible & embraces a from of heathenism, sun worship, is not surprising. [Sinners will be sinners.] Refusing to accept the moon as its “own light” & “making it reflect” the sun makes the sun more important. Open your eyes to sun “god” symbols. They surround us on signs, physical mail & electronic. – 7/29/22

Gen 1.16

“…God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day

& the lesser light to rule the night…”

Are we misled? That’s possible. Today we hear a lot about PR. [I’d guess 90-99% of readers knew for what those letters stood.] They’re (IMO) relatively new but familiar because of over-usage. PR, to many moderns, stands for Public Relations; many times a college quartet, trio etc. A “p” & “r” start two crucial words for the cause of Christ: P R eacher & P R ayer. We see too much PR. We see too little Holy Ghost PReaching & intercessory PRaying. “God, please, increase PReachers & PRayers.” – 7/30/22 

“If Christ be not God, then neither the Father

nor the Holy Ghost is God…”

– Martin Luther

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Joh 3.7 +

Joh 3.7

“Marvel not that I said unto thee,

Ye must be born again.”

“They loved being around Him (Christ),

He was no complainer.”
– Carl Eisenhart

Africa – A little Geography   >> Home School <<   (Please send me corrections.)

LESOTHO shares borders with only one(1) country (South Africa)

EGYPT shares borders with only two(2) African countries (Libya & Sudan)

MOROCCO shares borders with only two(2) countries (Algeria & Western Sahara)

TUNISIA shares borders with only two(2) countries (Algeria & Libya) – 7/28/22

“Absolutely nothing matters

quite so much as pleasing God.”

– O L Fay

Scripture or “science.” Why did “science” choose (many moons ago-pun intended) to oppose Scripture? That’s a question eab posts can’t fully answer. Suggestions: 1.) Paul saw the danger of “science falsely so called”(1Ti 6.20).  2) The only other place “science” is found in the Bible is in Daniel (1.4) where it’s distinctly part of heathen education. 3.) There’ve been scientists who believed in God but enough (the majority?) have desired to make their field look good – willing for it to openly oppose God’s Book -7/29/22


The claim to fame

Is all very lame,

If in heaven, there’s no record

Of your name.

– eab,  7/30/06      

Want to be a popular pastor’s wife? [sarcasm] Wear hems just barely long enough to suit the careful- dressing ladies of the church but short enough that the immodest gals see you as “almost” one of them. Make sure necklines are nearly high enough to please that “fastidious” group but low enough & broad enough to look in style with worldly souls. Have conservative shoes to wear to the prayer meeting but some stylish (dare I type “sexy”) shoes when socializing with the younger set. – 7/30/22

Psa 119.11

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart,

that I might not sin against thee.”

“Legalist –

a carnal man trying to do right”

– Paul W Finch

Friend, oh my friend, please stop “YOU deciding” what God will allow inside His Pearly Gates & come back to a literal reading of the Bible. I fear some of you’ll have a terrible awakening at death. That you will find out TOO late just how “cheap” your cheap religion was. Seemed (sin is so deceptive) to be OK when Young & Healthy & Having “fun.” But when the doctor says there’s nothing else he can do, when you’re making funeral arrangements FOR YOURSELF – you do not want cheap religion then. – 7/30/22 

“I have lived these 15 yrs in a part of Eng. where a multitude of potters make all manner…I never saw or heard of 1 so excessively foolish as to make, even in a drunken fit, a vessel on purpose to break it, to show that he had power over the work of his own hands.”

– John Fletcher

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Joh 3.6 +

Joh 3.6

“That which is born of the flesh is flesh;

& that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.

“If, in your judgment, you cannot be an honest lawyer,

resolve to be honest without being a lawyer.”

– Abraham Lincoln

TV #4 Too many who wish to defend owning this “god,” speak of getting worse stuff on computer. (How do they know that?) It seems to me if worse is on computer, one has to search for it. TV can “throw an ad” in front of you without permission. I’m in charge of what I see on computer. (BTW do not believe the “news” you see on either.) This may change but so far (been on fb since 2008) I’ve been allowed to speak of Christ, Salvation, Holiness, Heaven, & Hell – which I doubt you see much on TV. – 7/25/22

He has a right to criticize

who has a heart to help.”

– Abraham Lincoln


Every leaf on yonder tree

Has an underside, we do not see

Except when pre-storm wind

Tilts and turns it on its end.

It’s as important as the top side

But prefers itself to hide.

People also have a side unseen

Till storm reveals it: gentle or mean.

– eab,  7/29/11 

BE FREE. You’re going to die. You may not want to think of it but it IS true. You can – Praise the Lord – be *ready to die* through the sacrificial death/resurrection of Christ. After you’re ready to die it shouldn’t matter when God permits that death; nor HOW He allows it. Live free; free in Christ. You do not have to fear. Do not allow one man or any group of men control you. Be Free. Your freedom comes from the Lord. Live so He is pleased – that really is ALL that matters. – 7/29/22

“…The devil’s cunning…if he cannot hurt by persecuting

& destroying, he doth it under color of correcting & building up.”

– Martin Luther

Asia – A little Geography   >> Home School <<   (Please send me corrections.)

SINGAPORE shares borders with only one(1) country (Malaysia)

SOUTH KOREA shares borders with only one(1) country (North Korea)

MONGOLIA shares borders with only two(2) countries (Russia & China)

NORTH KOREA shares borders with only two(2) countries (China & South Korea)

YEMAN shares borders with only two(2) countries (Saudi Arabia & Oman)  – 7/28/22

Rev 22.19

“…If any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life…from the things which are written in this book.”

Scripture or “science” #1 Moon is first mentioned (Gen 1.16) with the name “lesser light.” Is that what your state school teacher said? (Even “christian” teacher?) Possibly your state (or “christian”) instructor used the word “reflector” saying the moon was “reflecting” light from the sun. I hope it interests you that the words “reflector” & “reflecting” are not even in the Bible. The idea that the Moon is merely reflecting light is foreign to Scripture but it has “science’s” nod. Choose God’s Word!!! – 7/29/22     

“If God had not hell, or did not punish the wicked

he should be loved & praised of men.”

– Martin Luther

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Joh 1.10 +

Joh 1.10

“He was in the world, and the world was made by him

& the world knew him not.”

“We are living in an age when people are strangling, smothering,

twisting, warping, & murdering their conscience.”
– U E Harding

LOVE NOT – the world. For some readers this means “die out” to Who is playing in pro-ball – 100 yrs from now it won’t matter! For some, it may mean stop dressing fashionably (or as near, as you dare & still be active at church.) Some may be addicted to banjo & the whine of a sad fiddle (& deep inside you feel God’s prick that you love it *too much). Others may need to die out to Bass Fishing. Whatever “the world” means to you, you *must leave it or heaven’s gate is barred to you. OBEY. – 7/17/22

“…If the enemy can’t defeat you any other way…he will get you

into the business of just looking around & watching people critically.”

– U E Harding

TV #3 Sadly, other people who read eab posts failed your kids. You brought in a TV, later a huge one. Has it helped made your home more holy? We both know the answer to that. Maybe One, Maybe Two of you, wish you’d NOT bought a TV – what can you do? Call the children in & sincerely apologize for corrupting their minds. Tell them you’re going to destroy it. Beg their forgiveness for having it. If you are 100% serious, hopefully your children will see that & appreciate it. – 7/25/22


Man can’t stop the Sun from sunning

Try as hard as he may try.

Nor stop the Rain from raining

Cry as loud as he can cry.

And the Wind will be a-winding

No matter how much men whine.

As Wave upon wave continue waving

Up & down God’s curved, coastline.

– eab,  7/27/22

Your mother, as I perceived her, was a Saint. Your dad is (IMO) also likely in heaven. Where are you headed? Does “fb” show you & your mate moving left? Did heaven have a holy standard for your folks but will let you in with less accountability? If you miss heaven, I have a theory (can’t prove but think it true) that Dad/Mom will not miss you [horribly sad]. But you in hell (see Luke 16) may well see them enjoying heaven F.o.r.e.v.e.r. Come back to the narrow way, even if you have to come alone! – 7/27/22

Mat 5.28

“…Whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her

hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.”

“When wise men see the Savior

they always go home a different way.”

– Steve D Herron

There appears no reason for Jesus to admonish us to Love our Friends. You like that guy because of his bright brain or unique vocabulary; you like that gal because of her whimsical personality. But the Lord does tell us to Love our Enemies. If you could see your enemy, minus his dislike for you or see him after dropping your old irritation with him, he really has one or more admirable traits. I urge you drop your hatred for X or Y. That ancient problem is not, NOT, worth you missing heaven. Nothing is! – 7/28/22

“You have a right to be wrong.”

(said ‘tongue-in-cheek’)

– Steve D Herron

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Joh 1.3 +

Joh 1.3

“All things were made by him & without him

was not any thing made that was made.

“Frances Havergal (‘Take My Life & Let It Be’) was able to recite by heart

the entire NT (except Acts) when she was only 22.”

– Gilchrist Lawson

TV #2 Several readers (I think) were also blessed with parents who had the good sense to not bring a BIG garbage can into the middle of their living room. And, some of you who were so blessed to also have had no TV in your own homes. (Martha & I have never had a TV.) The abstinence from this very addicting device was a blessing to your children – they did grow up “Having to watch” some actor doing his false riding, falling, actions. Thank You. You treated your child as your parents treated you.- 7/25/22

He will not therefore look at the lives of Christians to learn how he ought to spend his estate but he will look into the Scriptures & make every doctrine parable precept or instruction that relates to rich men a law to himself in the use of his estate.”

– Wm Law


The Lord came down to earth that day

His head was pillowed on Bethlehem hay

He walked the earth and healed and taught

Till by the Pharisees murderously caught

He arose, as He said that He would

Ate; showing His glorified body could

His feet walked to, then lifted, from Olivet

To which He hasn’t returned – not yet

But He will in His Father’s perfect time

Ah, future with Him defines “Sublime.”

– eab,  7/27/19 

GROWING # 2. The above two are VERY important – this post about the mental is not nearly as important. Yet, there are places of overlap between “growing in Christ” & maturing in the mind. The adult mind may question the educational world. It may ask why this or why that about the world of money. There’s a place to question “science says” – Oh, who made science a “god”? The mentally mature reachers beyond blind patriotism. And materialism. Be willing to look at the other side of almost everything. – 7/25/22

“Let a clergyman but be thus pious &…will no more think

& talk of noble preferment than of noble eating or a glorious chariot.”

– Wm Law

Girls become cheerleaders because parents allow it. Boys play ball because dad/mom allow – even push them. Are you as willing to take them to Prayer Meeting, kneel beside them (or in same room) & plead God for an awakening in your town? When was the last time the entire family wept together in Family Altar praying for a lost cousin? Please parents, look down the road. Cheerleaders too often become immoral. Ball players too often are injured For Life. God or the “god of sports”? Which? – 7/26/22

Joh 15.19

“If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world

but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.”

When the Holy Ghost is helping the preacher bear down on sin (naming them) & in the same message or another, helps him expose the putrid traits of carnality there is nothing, repeat Nothing, entertaining about it. Anyone guilty of the named sins whats to get out of the meeting or to get sins out of his life. He is serious. When a soul, still plagued with the Old Man, hears how horrible carnality actually is, he wants God to rid him of it. Now. He is very serious. “O God, give us Holy preaching again!” – 7/27/22

“Alhough Sir Walter Scott…was surrounded by a library of 40000 books on his death-bed he said… ‘Bring me the Book.’ When asked what book…he replied ‘There is only ONE Book…’”

– Gilchrist Lawson

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Joh 1.1 +

Joh 1.1

“In the beginning was the Word & the Word was with God

& the Word was God.”

“Every sanctified experience

has a reverse gear in it.”
– Earl Newton

Everybody in Heaven believes the Bible. Everybody in hell believes It. It’s only on the middle ground, earth, between high Heaven & the low pit, that men waver in accepting the truth of Scripture. God allows this. Earth is where we decide to do right or do wrong. Its here we make up our minds to obey the Spirit of Christ or the spirit of antichrist. It’s in this world we make up our minds to be rational & go up or be very irrational & drop. Friend, stop wavering. Begin to believingly read the Holy Book. – 7/25/22

“The Bible nowhere tells us

that a Jew will be the antichrist.”

– L L Pickett

GROWING 1. Do you remember having Dad/Mom or sibling make a mark on the door jam showing you’d grown? You were happy to be taller. Have you grown in your soul? Can your mate, child or parent see you’re spiritually getting bigger? Salvation is the “birth” point. Sanctification is the “circumcision” point (“…circumcision made without hands…”Col 2.11). Beyond these crucial events is a live-time of “growing up” in Christ. Maturing involves putting aside ‘x’ – taking on ‘y.’ – 7/25/22  


Let your eyes take deep pleasure

In “word pics” His Word portrays;

Of earliest stone-walled cities

And of old agricultural ways.

Of a man & his dear life-mate

Of the father with his new son,

Of kings galore & lowly subjects

Both the good & wicked the one.

Enjoy this most Ancient of Books;

Yet – the most accurate tome too.

What breadth of earth-bound experience!

A snatch of hell – a glimpse Beyond-the-Blue.

And as you begin daily readings

Of the greatest Literature known to man,

Ask the Author to help – so you can understand.

The Bible is for us, in our era, in our day

Cherish It. Love It. AND It’s words obey!

– eab,  7/26/19 

ACTOR #2  Do you want your wife to pretend she is something she is not? Would you be happy to find out your husband is deceiving you? Do you want the mayor to be false? The school teacher to be fake? The pastor to just be putting on a “good show”? If you’re craving to watch Make Believe on TV, at a local theater, on a college stage, maybe you’d like the Banker to pretend to hand you money but it be counterfeit? Moderns, even professed “christians” spend too much time with Make Believe. – 7/25/22

Psa 119.104

“Through thy precepts I get understanding:

therefore I hate every false way.”

“It [holiness] is not a completed experience but admits of unending growth.

It…places us in a condition where the obstructions to growth are removed.”

– J M Pike

If you, parent/legal guardian, take youngsters to churches which handle the term “in the spirit” loosely your child may think it normal. If you, Dad/Mom, take youth to ball games (pro or collegiate) your kid may think all “christians” go to such worldly amusements. If you, the adult who’s responsible to “bring them up in the nurture & admonition of the Lord”(Eph 6.4) include a circus, fair, big drama in “upbringing” your child, he may be fooled to think these OK. Where would JESUS go? Please answer that. – 7/26/22

“He will only come to a heart

that is aflame with ardent desire for His presence.”

– J M Pike

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Luk 21.8 +

Luk 21.8

“…Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying,

I am Christ; & the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them.

“Methodists & Baptists may not agree but they agree

that the Bible is true, whatever it says.”

– Bob Jones, Sr. (quoted by Al Janey)

BIBLE  The Bible is not a Book of tangible pictures. Picture books have a place with a young child but even then should be use to associate a wagon (bed, handle, 4 wheels) with the word on the page “wagon.” We read to our kiddos to encourage them to read. Let me encourage YOU to read the “word pics” in God Holy Book. Learn to cherish words. In an age riddled with images – some “stills,” some “movies,” some even actors dressed as animals/weird people, be a mature Christian – Love Words. 7/22/22

The greatest trial of humility is a humble behavior

towards your equals in age estate & condition of life.”

– Wm Law


The ship is crowded by the crowd,

The airplane to the last seat,

The bus is loaded down,

The train’s capacity is beat,

The car is jammed with people,

The cab can hold no more,

The wagon has no room,

And bikes aren’t made for four.

Be you one of many souls

On whatever conveyance

On a vehicle’s travel zone

In final, full reality

You  /  I travel life’s trail Alone.

Alone we were born to our fair mom

Alone we’re born to dad

Alone we’ll always feel

When happenings are so sad.

Alone we learn to ride the bike

Alone we learn to swim

Alone we clamber up the hill

And roll down its side, on a whim.

Alone we pass the last hard class

Alone we run the race

Alone we jump the creek’s broad span

(Successful or on our face).

Alone we apply for that job

Alone we learn to drive

Alone we gather living skills

By which we hope to thrive.

Alone we feel when we fail

Alone and taking the blame

Alone even when at the top;

Loneliness is a part of fame.

Alone we get the news from home

Alone we read the letter

Alone we also read the Good Book

To guide us, make us better.

Alone we answer the call

Alone we serve our stay

Alone we leave in truck or plane

And feel alone as we pull away.

From what I see, we’ll die alone,

Alone I say – but let me quickly share

Through the above we were not alone.

God loves us; He was always there!

– eab,  7/25/12

TV #1. Dad & Mom did themselves the favor of never bringing a TV into their house. Thank God, they did me (youngest child) a great favor also. I have no memory of a living room all dark except the glare of a one-eyed-monster reaching out for our minds, affecting our buying habits, polluting our vocabularies, warping our imaginations with what it labeled (or perhaps insinuated) were “facts” & worse, feeding us fictional tales. (Note: I didn’t even mention sex in which it specialized.) – 7/25/22

“If I hate or despise any one man in the world

I hate something that God cannot hate & despise that which he loves.”

– Wm Law

ACTOR #1  Do you have a favorite actor? I hope if you testify to being a follower of Christ the answer is No. Even more emphatically ‘NO’ if you say the Holy Ghost dwells in His fullness. Actors are pretenders. They ARE fake. They feign they’re something they’re not. They try to make you think they’re So-n-So when they’re no such person. Bluntly, they ARE liars. “But he is SO good at acting.” Do you mean he is so good at deceiving you? Please Sir, Ma’am flee the world of Make Believe. – 7/25/22

1 Ti 6.20

“O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane

& vain babblings, & oppositions of science falsely so called”

Science is not going to “save” you. Not now. Not later. It’s time you awaken to the fact that science wants to be your “god.” No. Do not bow to it anymore than Hananiah, Mishael, & Azariah bowed on the plain of Dura. Scripture, of course was first. Science is a johnny-come-late. It’s trying to make a big show, it’s fooling many non-thinkers but, Praise God, you do not have to be one of them. Science has tried to discredit Scripture. It will lose. Walk away from false science. – 7/25/22

“If we are to follow Christ

it must be in our common way of spending every day.”

– Wm Law

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Luk 19.10 +

Luk 19.10

“For the Son of man is come to seek & to save

 that which was lost.”

“How much better to be possessors of the Make

of gold & silver instead of the metal!”
– M W Knapp

HOMESCHOOL – Plants 2. In the above grid search you were looking to edible plants. But you probably ran across poison ivy or poison oak. A second cross could be beneficial to identify the plants NOT to eat. (BTW some plants have leaves you can eat but maybe a berry or root you should not eat – this adds to the fun of knowing which plant is which.) Unless you have a VERY GOOD way to separate the good from the bad (in your child’s mind especially) I suggest TWO(2) different studies (Good & bad). – 7/18/22

“Christian perfection is derived

& wholly dependent on the merits of Jesus.”

– Wm McDonald

PRAY 3. “…Lift up your eyes & look on the fields…”(Joh 4.35). I urge you to pick a country, learn about it. Learn what evangelists (careful evangelicals or careful holiness) labor there. Memorize the Capital name & location. Learn what their money is called (& what its worth). If you like cars-what are there? If you’re into foods-what do they eat? If you design houses-in what do they live? Pray for that Land every day. Pray for them every Lord’s Day (or some other day). Pray for Revival there! – 7/19/22

Heaven” or HEAVEN?

Sinners are trying to make their

Carnal concept of a “heaven” on earth

Which, if it weren’t so sad

Could bring a bit of mirth.

Mansions with “x” hundreds square feet

Their Arabians are sleek & so fleet

While Olympians at their pool oft meet.

But of their “heaven” they are the center.

(Both when they leave & when they enter.)

The true Heaven resting far, miles above

Is not “fixed on items” but on Perfect Love.

It’s God’s Eternal, Ethereal, Enormous home

He allows us His “adopted kids” to roam

Read about it in God’s Classic Tome.

God the Father, God the Spirit, God the Son;

Heaven centers on Them: The Three-in-One.

– eab,  July 2019 

BIBLE #2  The Bible is not a movie. It is horribly sad the way evangelicals, yes, even “holiness folk” have become fans of movies. People place words with decent meaning on fb, but have them with a pic of some hollywood character (who may or may not have said them). Please, if you love Jesus stop your “love affair” with movies. Two people “acted” in Acts (5.4) & were killed for lying. God was not impressed by their acting. Friend, if you are God’s child you are not thrilled with acting. – 7/22/22

Dan 6.22

“My God hath sent his angel & hath shut the lions’ mouths, that they have not hurt me: forasmuch as before him innocency was found in me; and also before thee, O king, have I done no hurt.”

“Going on unto perfection

is the only safeguard against backsliding.”

– Wm McDonald

It’s fickle to live to please men, to seek their approval, to crave their applause. What difference (really) do the “cheers” of our fleeting friends mean? Humans all – make that ALL – pass away. Our kind words to each other are so temporary. May we (You & I) work toward the day when we hear The Eternal God say “…Well done good and faithful servant…”(Mat 25.23). That day may be closer than we think AND it is closer than it’s ever been before. I want YOU to hear those words & I want to hear them too. – 7/24/22

“…John Calvin who justifies Christians getting angry

is historically known for his disposition & exhibition of anger.”

– Warren McIntire

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Luk 17.32 +

Luk 17.32


Lot’s wife.”

“School & church are outgrowth

of the teaching & temple of the home.”
– Steve D Herron

PRAY #2. Do you pray Scripture “back to God”? (It’s hard to pray verses when you have not memorized them – a real advantage in memorizing parts of the Word.) Be careful to not be brash. Do not pickup the language (or attitude) of those who “COMMAND” this or that. But so live that you (an obedient child) can winsomely ask Your Father for favor “A” or petition “B.” Improve your prayer life. – 7/19/22

“The surest way to lose a truth

is to exaggerate it.”

– Steve D Herron

Some find the idea of “holiness” brand new (when they first hear of it) & do not know what to think. That’s understandable. If they’ll be honest with God & with themselves, He can/will lead them aright. But when you see a person is Opposed to holiness & speaks against It avoid their company. They are a Holiness Fighter. Such poor souls will miss heaven because IT is “The Height of Holiness.” – 7/20/22


Spiritual, mental, physical

The Maker of all knows the mix.

Be honest with your condition;

You’re not that hard for God to fix.

– eab,  7/22/09


The greatest golden, Gospel story

Has a lot to say about the glory.

Do Christian women any more care?

One Type of glory is her long hair.

– eab,  7/22/09

When the community thinks of your church: 1.) Do they “see” your fancy float in the city/county parade? 2.) Do they envision the uniforms of your ball team? 3.) Do they remember your “live nativity” last December? 4.) Do they re-visit the scene of a riverside baptismal they drove by? Or (“Lord, help me to ask this kindly”) Or, have you had a Sin-Killing, Carnality-Stirring Revival when a town drunk got soundly saved? Is the church being God’s House, or has it become less, much less? – 7/21/22

Mat 5.14

“Ye are the light of the world.

A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.”

“Constantly, carefully

reject tendency to rely on the flesh.”

– Steve D Herron

BIBLE #1 “I don’t believe the Bible.” You have just uttered a very stupid statement. The Bible is the most reliable source of info – a vast variety thereof. The most important truth in the Word of God is how to become His child. The Lord created you to Go To Heaven. He’s given you a Road Map on how to reach the Pearly Gates. satan (if the rascal is ever happy [which I doubt]) is happy to hear you say you don’t believe the Bible – he does; “…devils also believe & tremble…”(Jam 2.19) – 7/22/22

“The antichrist is not going to say

he is the antichrist.”

– Steve D Herron

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Luk 14.33 +

Luk 14.33

“So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh

not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple.

“…Seize the one truth which the parable is intended to set forth…& let the parts

of the parable that are explained be explained in harmony with this one truth.

– Samuel Green

The “new” item ages & turns “old.” This law of chronology has been acting since Adam. It’s almost without exception. But – hear it, BUT God makes a most Notable change at the Birth, Death, & Resurrection of Christ. Jesus Christ is followed by many things New. In fact after a list which includes NEW bottles, cloth, commandment, covenant, creature, doctrine, earth, garment, heaven (& heavens), Jerusalem, lump, man, name, sepulcher, song, Testament, tomb, tongues, way, & wine, God says, “Behold, I make all things NEW (Rev 21.5). In order to enjoy these, YOU need the NEW BIRTH. – 7/17/22

I am sure that when Christ made doors & windows

in Nazareth they did not jam & misfit.”

– Wilfred Grenfell, MD


Much of the days of a working man

Are spent fulfilling another’s plan

Make sure your “free time”

Is spent for God and family’s use, sublime.

– eab,  7/20/13


Don’t spend your life removing dust,

It simply falls again.

Spend it – turning daughters into ladies

And sons into stalwart men. 

– eab,   7/20/13

WEED EATER. 1. The physical “weed eater” is a relatively new invention. It (if handled by an experienced lawn-man) can make a place look nifty, in – a – jiffy. Weeds, unwanted grass, even small “starts” of a shrub/tree are leveled to the ground. Gone. – – – Or are they? No, because next mowing time they have to be “mowed down” again. The tops were cut off but the root stayed. Neatness was only until the shoot shot back up again. – 7/21/22 

“Never say ‘Will you accept Christ as Lord?’ but ‘When will you accept Christ as Lord?’

 > every knee WILL bow < ALL will accept but some too late.”

– Vance  Havner

WEED EATER. 2. The Spiritual “weed eater” is as old has man’s religions. Reform comes & the top of sin is cut off. People look better, feel better, talk better with the weeds gone. But the weeds return. Some confess their sins (as I understand) every Saturday. Some (I hear) ask God to forgive them every night for that day’s sins. God, my friend, wants to pull out the root of that weed. His plan is not a weed eater – He wants you to live ABOVE sin. He can remove the root of bitterness. Let Him. – 7/20/22

Heb 12.15

“Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God;

lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you & thereby many be defiled.”

There is no such thing as a lazy Christian. Granted, we have different levels of energy, different back- grounds (ideas & ways of working), different speeds, but it will take manhood/womanhood on our part to get to heaven. Any sluggish bum can go to hell – basically all one has to do is  n.o.t.h.i.n.g. If your parents failed to teach you motivation; I’m sorry. But you can take “hold of your own collar” & make yourself DO what you *know* is right. Please Sir, Please Ma’am, become active in Christ. – 7/21/22 

“In the age of television,

image becomes more important than substance.”

[ “Sadly. -eab]

– S I Hayakawa

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