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Mar 10.12 +

Mar 10.12

“And if a woman shall put away her husband

& be married to another, she committeth adultery.”

“Adam, ye know, lost his human perfection in paradise;

satan lost his angelic perfection in heaven.”
– John Fletcher

There’s a delight in reading a Bible that’s old. A literal paper/ink binding some old saint (parent, grandpa, preacher) held in their hand. There’s a delight in reading an English Bible – the likes of which are centuries old – thus connecting with a bygone era, reaching back beyond much of what we call modernity. And, there’s a delight in being blessed by the same words of God which have blessed English readers on both sides the sea, but all of you seeking that Celestial Shore. Praise the Lord. O, read the Word! – 6/27/22

“Perfect love does not imply perfect knowledge;

but perfect humility & perfect readiness to receive instruction.”

– John Fletcher

There was a time (very hard, for us to conceive) there was not one(1) photograph in the world. No black & white, no color, no silent movie, no “talking” movie, no digital cameras, no “smart” phone pic. The world has embraced all the above. The church has embraced it all (with few exceptions). Are we better off for all these Images? Be honest! satan, his hollywood, disney, independent image-makers understand what they’re doing – they’re pulling/pushing us away from words & also The Word, Christ. – 6/27/22


Jesus never called her mother.

Was He rude, or did not other

Reason direct the words He said?

Wrong terms could have easily lead

To some pagan error or another.

– eab,      7/4/06


With power and persecution’s goad,

Saul went down the Damascus road.

Religious?  Yes, but incorrect,

He met One he did not expect.

Later, reaped some of what he’d sowed.

– eab,      7/4/06

HOME SCHOOL geography #2. Teach the “lay of the land” for your state & its relationship to the United States. “Johnny” needs to learn the major rivers in his home state, major mountain ranges/hills (or if it is “flat as a pancake” as Kansas). In what growing zone (garden planting/fruit tree planting info) does he live? It might interest him (& you as teacher) how much rain or snow falls in your state, the number of days of sunshine, & average January & July temperature. – 7/1/22

1Co 10.26

“For the earth is the Lords

& the fulness thereof.”

“…Your just grief vents itself in tears:

your zeal for God is attended with a proper anger at sin…”

– John Fletcher

“Do the worst First” I’ve said this for yrs. If a student – do your least-liked homework first. If a farmer – do the hardest chore first. In almost anything I’d say this advice – with one exception. Returned from picking black raspberries a while ago; always pick the ones closest to you (therefore easiest) first. If you don’t, you may knock them off reaching for the harder ones. This is the ONE exception (IMO) to “do worst first.” AND – Christian – God’s giving us are WORST now [“worst first”]. Wonderful – 7/4/22

“…I plead for the most precious liberty in the world, heart liberty,

for liberty from the most galling of all yokes, the yoke of heart corruption.”

– John Fletcher

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