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Mar 12.17 +

Mar 12.17

“And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s,

& to God the things that are God’s. & they marveled at him.”

“…We believe that no child of Adam is a ‘natural man’ in the Calvinian sense of the word [i.e. absolutely destitute of all saving grace] except he who has actually sinned away his day of grace.”
– John Fletcher

PREACHER. The best History teachers are those who LOVE History – I hope you understand that. If that’s true [I’m convinced it is] are not the Best Bible Preachers those who LOVE the Bible? Some men enjoy talking – please sir – move beyond that to A Deep Love of Bible Truth. Some men may enjoy making alteration – please sir – move beyond that to Loving God’s Word. One of the greatest ways to have a new (or re-newed) love for the Bible is to Love It’s Author more. Love God; Love His Book. – 6/26/22

“What are Gospel ministers? Men that ‘bear witness to the truth’…‘rightly divide the word of truth’…‘fellow helpers to the truth’…‘spread forth the words of truth’…are valiant for the truth…’”

– John Fletcher

HOME SCHOOL HISTORY #1. Teach child as much as you can find out about 1492 & maybe the Vikings. Learn & learn to love (yourself so you can better teach it) the story of the Mayflower & its historic Compact. What was the next boat over? Try to fill in your own blank spots from 1607 & 1620 till the mid 1750s. Learn what Bibles the Pilgrims had. What other Bibles came from England & when. Study how THEY educated their children & *why* they taught them to read. – 7/1/22 


The years have come to ninety and eight

That’s a lot of chronological “weight”

For your slimness to shoulder

Today Mom, you’re one year older.

Memories of youth I could not have known

But the wild world’s “oats” were not sown

God instead made you a lot bolder

Today Mom, you’re one year older.

Married you were to Clyde D., my dad

Children made your “mother heart” glad

(Though death now has some in its “folder.”)

Today Mom, you’re one year older.

– eab,  7/6/2005       

My MOM was born 7/6/1907  >>> Note DATE Note DATE <<<

CHANGE IN THE CHURCH. You’re the leading or one of several leading families in your church. What are the goals for your house of worship? Are your goals the same as God’s goals? Are your desires being “set” or strongly influenced by those of a “sister” church (of your same stripe or one very different in theology). It is too easy for a once strong Evangelical even Holiness congregation to backslide. There’s a “little” change in the Sun.Sch. or a new idea is added in worship & the slide is on. – 7/5/22

Mar 12.30

“And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart & with all thy soul,\

& with all thy mind & with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.”

“Three capital truths only—‘God is—God is love

—God is mine in Christ’…”

– John Fletcher

patriotism 1. With July 4th gone let me speak of patriotism: “love for or devotion to one’s country” -Merriam-Webster. Can you be Christian & love your native land? I think so. Can it have the highest place on “your list”? No! What place CAN it hold? It’s a serious question where you place patriotism. If it’s above God, He will judge you. If it’s below where some people think, they’ll judge you. I’d far rather face man’s disapproval (for time) than His disapproval (forever). – 7/6/22  

“…Truth next to God

is the most powerful thing in the world…”

– John Fletcher

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