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Mar 13.13 +

Mar 13.13

“And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake:

but he that shall endure unto the end the same shall be saved.

“A little knowledge makes men irreligious

but profound thought brings them back to God.

– Francis Bacon

Do those who experiment with new “translations” moving from this “bible” to that “bible” see things clearly? Are they comparing (probably not consciously) this to a “preference?” Do they look at it similarly to the old Chevy vs Ford struggle; “both get you” from A to B but one with less pushing? Friend, which bible you use is FAR more important than which auto you drive. And one MAY not get you to a perfect understanding of our God. – 6/29/22

 “What India most needs

is not Chriistianity but Christians.”

– J H Barrows, Dr


God “Spoke.” What Power there is in speech.

Be mindful of your words, seek to measure each,

Never think a word, “crummy” or weak

Pay close attention to what you speak.

A word can heal, or can cause a breech.

It can b bring a smile, or a tear to the cheek.

Can show you proud, or rightfully, meek.

It’s not “just a word.” Think. Don’t be absurd.

– eab,  5/6/22

HOME SCHOOLER. If you *love grammar* & have a grasp of it better than you’ve ever had – please consider posting some tips. Maybe you’ve an insight into Nouns or Pronouns – please tell other Home Schoolers how to better understand (& thus better teach) these parts of speech. Someone else may love verbs & know more about them than another. The same applies to other elements of grammar. We need to help Home Schoolers enjoy & overcome shortcomings in our mother tongue. Thanks. – 6/26/22

“There are times when nothing a man can say

is nearly so powerful as saying nothing.”

– Bruce Barton

patriotism 2. When a country’s big wigs want to go to war they push being “patriotic” – wanting fighters for elitist’s ideas. If you refuse to join, they tend to call you un-patriotic – a label you should refuse! You didn’t have sons to become “cannon fodder.” Be strong against all calls for carnage: in the womb or on some ungodly battlefield. Don’t help “the select few” carry out *reducing the population* so the privileged can more readily have their “wine, women & song.” – 7/6/22  

Mat 4.10

“Then saith Jesus…Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written,

Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God & him only shalt thou serve.”

Are you asking God for an AWAKENING at your house of worship? Are you hungry to see/feel the Holy Spirit moving in your services? When – be brutally honest – is the last time you had that “holy quietness” settle into the AM meeting? No one wanted to speak; it was so sacred. A saint quietly wept over on the right. Another saint stood with raised hands & glowing face but voiceless. These kinds of special times are wonderful & with little doubt brought by souls getting down & staying down before God. – 7/7/22 

“Of two duties we must choose the greater

though of two sins we must choose neither.”

– Richard Baxter

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