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Mar 13.26 +

Mar 13.26

“And then shall they see the Son of man coming

in the clouds with great power & glory.”

“…What becomes of God’s infinite power if He cannot make free agents…endued with freewill & what of His boundless wisdom…if He knows not how to rule, overrule, reward & punish them.”
– John Fletcher

I would like for my children & grandchildren to live healthy lives, to be happily married, to have children. Like for them to maybe build something or invent something that would better their fellowman. Above these, I’d like them to be followers of Jesus Christ, living holy lives in a very unholy world. But most of all I want all my kids/grandkids to love God so much that they enter heaven. Good marriage or bad, invention or no THE IMPORTANT THING is being with God forever. THAT counts. – 6/9/22

“…The council of Trent…the pope called

to stop the progress of the reformation…”

– John Fletcher

patriotism 3.  Christians have too easily registered for the draft. They’ve too often been afraid of names (one is “un-patriotic”). Bro., Sis. no one was saved to promote any earthly kingdom – we were saved to promote God’s Kingdom. Stop supporting the US trying to police the world. Too many pastor’s sons have ended up in uniform (one of the biggest “sales-pitches” the military has is its fancy clothing) & they may influence others. Many return different from military training in body & mind. – 7/6/22    


The picture-less plain folk may have seemed odd

When we first heard of them, perhaps.

No younger “dad & mom” on the wall

Nor grandparents with *you on their laps.

Those of us who once accepted photos had a few

Seemed to us it was kinda-sorta “OK”

Now we’re inundated with pictures (images).

We have to *see what was for “supper” yesterday.

We see the dog/cat that just passed away.

And half-dressed grandkids in the summer park.

Some shots are good photography

Other are too light, too blurry, too dark.

“Well” ( humph ) “I don’t worship these pics.”

Good, I’m really glad you do not

But I notice that you keep hundreds

And know where they are – the very spot!

We’re so effected by photos, drawings, CGI’s

Images, cartoons & comic book women & men

Funny paper strips, doctored photos, films

We have addiction to them. A Modern Sin?

– eab, 7/8/18

That little change you made in your hair, that modification in your clothing, that song you decided you’d listen out (when once you’d have cut it off) – those are bigger than you may want to admit. Your worldly friends may hardly notice, a church friend may say nothing, but you *Purposely stepped toward the gates of hell. God (IMO) was saddened – satan was happy (if that despicable character is ever happy). Please, friend WAKE up. You compromised. Plead for Heaven’s mercy. Do it NOW. – 7/7/22

2Pe 3.10

“…The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise & the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also & the works that are therein shall be burned up.”

“Let us then peculiarly beware of inordinate self love.

It is too often the real source of our divisions…”

– John Fletcher

Please Friend, don’t try to make a “heaven” on this earth. (You can’t.) You can buy a whole island – a big one. Plant what you want, build anything your heart desires, have a multi-million dollar yacht. It will not be “heaven” You, or that billionaire who comes to mind, do not have enough “money.” Heaven is not “about money.” But if you’ll fully, allow me to say again FULLY, mind God, He can give you a little of heaven here (Love, Joy, Peace) & the amazing promise of Heaven yet to be – – – for Eternity! – 7/7/22  

“It is the property of error to be inconsistent.”

– John Fletcher

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