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Luk 3.16 +

Luk 3.16

“…I indeed baptize you with water; but one mightier than I cometh, the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to unloose: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire:”

“True Christians are distinguished from Jews, Mohammedans,

& all other worshippers by that spirit of universal love…”
– John Fletcher

Please Sir, Please Ma’am, there are eyes watching – they should be (to you) the most important human eyes – your children’s. Are they seeing you satisfied with Christ & His church? And, for relaxation, are they seeing you happy with His creation or things He provides FREE OF man’s contaminating “gods” – hollywood, disney, broadway-style shows, races, ball games, “thrills” (at animal level)? If not, they may do as you do, PLUS. Please stop the “lusts of other things…”(Mar 4.19) before it’s too late. – 7/1/22

“The more the god of this world exalts himself in opposition to truth

the more he disposes every sincere heart for the reception of it.”

– John Fletcher

eab is a teacher, later pastor or combination as Paul says (in plural) Eph 4.11 “pastors & teachers.” A reader may not like (perhaps strongly so) what I post. Please, Sir/Ma’am these aren’t here to “raise dandruff.” I want you to THINK. I try to stay within the lids of the New Testament. Many ideas you see here were taught by Christians here/there in history. If they seem “new” it’s partly because of silent pulpits, dumb professor desks. Pray, Think, Search Bible. Repeat!  Please. don’t. miss. heaven. – 7/11/22


What if heaven has, on its huge slate

Your soon, expected arrival date?

What if today’s your day to step on shore

The most lovely place you’ve ever seen

And you get to live there forevermore?

Be ready, O be ready, my Friend

For this temporary, short life to end.

– eab, 2022

DRIFT 2. There’s a danger of sliding to the left. Don’t! There’s also a danger – a real danger – of not having “love” (“patience” if you like that better) with Compromisers(those moving left). The changes I see (on social media/in person) are hard for me. I made up my mind on issues XYZ decades ago. I’ve seen no reason to change. When I see Compromising I have to pray. I hate sin but – as God helps me – I dare not hate the sinner; that’s what a Compromising singer/preacher is. “God give me nothing but love.” – 7/11/22 

Joh 8.36

“If the Son therefore shall make you free,

ye shall be free indeed.”

“The second Epistle of St. Peter was written for the confirmation of the weak

& the establishment of the strong.”

– John Fletcher

RITUAL 1. The memories I have of attending Nazarene, then Free Methodist, then Pilgrim Holiness churches are not plagued with rite or ritual. Sadly, in the last few decades, I’ve seen an influx of ritualistic “stuff.” As Holy Ghost control of services goes down, control by shallow men comes up. Carnality seems to love “formality.” The late, great Steve Herron said, “How formal do you have to be to be formal?” If we want God back in our services we must increase time with Him *at home.* – 7/12/22

“…For the sake of the sincere Christians in Judea

he shortened the great tribulation spoken of, Matt xxiv,22.

– John Fletcher

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