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Luk 6.31 +

Luk 6.31

“And as ye would that men should do to you,

do ye also to them likewise.

“One of the chief merits in expository lecturing is that it requires one to preach

about delicate subjects that one might otherwise dodge.

– Andrew W Blackwood

Love people. Love good people – & yes, as God helps you – Love bad people. This love is not, repeat, is Not, approval of their wicked deeds or words. Never. Christians can’t agree with sin. BTW, if you thought math’s division was hard let me tell you a division that’s harder – Dividing the sinner from his sin – hating his sin, yet loving him. That is one of the toughest problems Christians face. Love people. – 7/2/22 

The idea [in Bible Study] is to show the layman how to read the Bible,

not to show how much the pastor knows about it.”

– Andrew Blackwood


Too busy with velvets and materials of worth,

Too busy with pleasant little islands of mirth,

Too busy doing the “duties” of earth,

Too busy for Pretty Baby Jesus.

Too busy in commerce and trading of stocks,

Too busy in making and watching the clocks,

Too busy storing silver behind big locks,

Too busy for the Pre-teen Jesus.

Too busy buying and selling fishing boats,

Too busy sowing and reaping barley and oats,

Too busy sewing second and third coats,

Too busy for a Preaching Jesus.

Too busy getting the best rooms at the feast,

Too busy adjusting to ever spreading yeast, 

Too busy to care for the little and the least,

Too busy for the Prophetic Jesus.

Too busy calling others to mourn or dance,

Too busy lustily casting the side-ways glance, 

Too busy “counting chickens” in advance, 

Too busy for Pronouncing Jesus.

And when we’ve sowed all the wild stuff we can sow,

And we’re reaping it row after 100-fold row,

And sin finally has lost its false tinsel and show,

We may find the Christ for whom time was never made

Has left us.  We won’t be too busy in the tomb’s shade.   

– eab,  July ’05 

We were taught to trust the bank – Now, not so brilliant an idea.

We were taught to trust a government – Now, not such a good idea.

We were taught to trust teachers – Now turns out that wasn’t smart either.

The King James Bible we can Trust (& must) – but have to get beyond some preachers/schools to do so.

– July 2022

“Preach damnation

with the cross in the center.”

– Wm Booth

RITUAL 2. You don’t need a human by you to be Redeemed – many were saved unaccompanied. You need no one there when you’re filled with the Holy Ghost. And, untold saints have gone to Heaven with no one present. Rituals require the presence of another human. That fact alone gives reason to doubt them. If you were raised with rites you may totally disagree. On the other hand, I hope you’ll Think,  T. H. I. N. K.  about the caps above. I encourage you move closer to God, not to a ritual. – 7/12/22

Act 16.31

“…Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ,

& thou shalt be saved & thy house.”

DANGEROUS  1.  Do I see wives of “holiness” leadership with knees showing (sitting/standing), with hair shorter than God gave them, with dress necks too low, or lips a pink that belies paint? (Why the bowing to the world?). I also am sorry to see pics at professional ball game, or others places (races, fairs, etc.) to which the world gravitates for “fun.” But youth who really want the Holy Ghost to control their lives, hopefully figure out that these are *shallow souls. – 7/13/22

“If the Church of Christ had nothing to commend it but the stability of Christian homes

 in a divorce-riddled society that alone would be sufficient justification for the church.”

– Andrew Blackwood

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