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Luk 10.2 +

Luk 10.2

“…The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few: pray ye therefore

the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest.”

“Anything to be a temptation must have a natural power to awaken impulse toward it

& sin does not reside in a mere impulse of nature.”
– R S Foster

Thank God for every musician who prays – I don’t refer to a quickie, back-room, 3 sentence “prayers” before going “on stage” – I mean really prays. I’m not a music guy, therefore may I not be too hard on them. Having said that, where is the singer who prays as long as he/she practices? If such exist I dare say their AM church solo has a holy weight most songsters lack. “God, I do not ask for more singers – I’d ask instead for more singers who live holy, i.e. separate from how the world lives. Amen.” – 7/7/22

“Any sinful act will not simply find no acquiescence

but will awaken immediate recoil…”

– R S Foster

DANGEROUS 2. The most Dangerous man in a “holiness” church doesn’t openly compromise but he doesn’t preach against it. It’s in his heart though his outward appearance still “fits holiness.” Oh, Youth & some not so young – ask God for discernment. These dangerous men are in our midst. I don’t suggest you name him, but please avoid his preaching. Avoid his counseling sessions, his writings, his pod-casts. He, it seems, WANTS to cheapen the “holiness” way. Do not take your family near these guys. – 7/13/22


Our Lord is God of all *beside the sod

Every rivulet you see, running away to sea.

Every tiny country creek, its own level gone to seek,

Every middle-sized branch, by a town, through a ranch,

Every muddy or clear river, free or irrigation “giver,”

Every mighty “Mississip,” running low or to the lip,

Every Nile heading north, flowing for all its worth, 

Every Amazon miles broad, full of uncaught “cod,” 

Every ocean near and far, under southern or north star,

Every creature in the brine, often found on hook and line,

Every mammoth of the deep, dark down where wrecks “sleep”

Everything in water’s wet, He’s God of it all. Yet.

– eab,   7/14/09  

Do not feel sorry for me – I love the King James Bible. My BA has a Literature major – It is the Best of English Literature! My MA is in Biblical Literature (60 sem. hrs.). I’m not a Greek or Hebrew scholar but studied both (several sem. hrs. each) on seminary level. The King James I read in high school, as a Bible college man, as teacher, as pastor, as seminary student (started seminary at 44), as associate prof in Bible, as pastor again & retired. I’ve found no reason to stop Loving It. It is *THE CLASSIC.* – 7/14/22

Luk 16.23

“…In hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments,

& seeth Abraham afar off & Lazarus in his bosom.”

“Success is the progressive fulfillment

of the will of God for your life.”

– G R French

If you KNEW that in 3 days your body would be found dead – who would you call to apologize? What text would you send? What item would you return to its owner? A name came to mind? Please, PLEASE get off of fb & start to straighten up life. Three days? You *may have three decades but you’ll be happier after getting things clear with that estranged brother/sister (in the flesh or in the church). Your apology, your return of an item, could help someone else start amends in their life! Start an awakening! – 7/14/22   

“How can one be holy on the inside

 & sexy on the outside?”

– H Robb French

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