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Luk 11.13 +

Luk 11.13

“If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more

shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?

“Faith is what makes a Christian.

Love & peace are blessings from God that follow after faith.

– Andrew W Blackwood

RITUAL 3. The doing of rites, the learning of how to “march in” & “march out,” the wearing of the right “robes,” & a proper-colored stole are part of the formality of religious *display.* This Display may be very satisfying to the artist whose “dream” it is. The Display may make those who love formal religions HAPPY. But don’t think for a moment that The Father Who is full of originality, Who has names (not numbers) for all the stars o’erhead, is the *least impressed* with men’s repetitious “shows.” – 7/12/22

What shall it profit a man if he shall gain all the learning

of the schools & lose his faith in God?”

– Wm J Bryan

town – City

A man’s world begins in his province,

His country-side, his town.

His perimeters? His parents arms.

His sun or cloud? Their smile, their frown.

He learns the language of his clan

Their unique call or hoot;

He travels his childhood world

On sled or boat, in sandal, or boot.

Parents send their lad to class

Or teach him under their roof

Train him when to be communal

When to properly, stay aloof.

A trade, if learned by hand

And by his foot and eye,

Acquires a means of livelihood

For adulthood bye and bye.

A maid he meets, arranged per chance,

Or by parents: hers or his,

Or on the village bridge he met

His “Mary, Jean, or Liz.”

The country parson approves the match,

(At least the parson’s wife J)

A knot is tied – no slipknot this,

For living and for life.

They make a home of a lonely house

In the northern glade

Its thatch soon shelters three

In its fair summer shade.

This first lad, this first lass

Is joined by two or more

Who wear the threshold down

An inch, passing oft through the door.

Soon, too soon, to suit the parents

They pass out on their own

With plans to draw, truth to explore,

Or barley to be sown.

The man’s world expands

As his children spread

They advise, counsel, hope

Listen and pray, with a bowed head.

His life has blossomed, ripened up,

Produced its own sweet fruit.

His step has slowed, his vision changed

He wears a “grandpa suit.”  

Yes, his mind has children’s names

And grand-ones and his mate

He prays God’s mercy on the bunch

Prays early and prays late.

He’s aware he’s had a great life

And aware it is passing by

He’s prepared to enter the Celestial City

When its his turn to die.

He believes God’s Word; believes he’s seen

His smile and not His frown,

And has a Perfect World above

When he leaves his province, and his town.

– eab,  July  2012   

1.) Do not lie to your wife. She’s your best earthly friend. (If not, it’s probably your fault.) 2.) Do not lie to a small son/daughter. You are (to them, “god” – note small “g.” 3.) Do not lie to your older children. It can ruin any friendship you hope to ever retain with them. 4.) Don’t be so foolish as to think you can lie to God. He knows you better than you know “you.” 5.) AND do not lie to yourself – there’s grave danger you might “believe you” & thus lose (HEAR IT, LOSE) your eternal soul. In short – Do Not Lie. – 7/15/22

“The preacher should be the boldest of men

because of the unselfish character of his work.”

– Wm J Bryan

The word  “word”  occurs in 678 vv of Scripture. Its first time is “…The word of the LORD came unto Abram in a vision saying, Fear not…”Gen 15.1). That is a wonderful “word.” The last time is “…Souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus and for the Word of God and which had not worshipped the beast…”(Rev 20.4) [cap added]. Those are challenging yet, precious words about the “Word.” O, ask God to increase your love for His Word. And for HIM, the Living Word. – 7/15/22

1Co 14.32

“And the spirits of the prophets

are subject to the prophets.”

Holiness people shouldn’t cooperate with “tongues” churches; whatever strip: “Apostolic” “Assemblies” or “church of God.” Your holiness church shouldn’t go to a “Community Thanksgiving Service in their building or when their preacher/singer is up front. We shouldn’t attend their camp meeting, buy their books, attend their school, quote their preachers. One of their men may win the attention of your daughter (or visa-versa) & you be sorry the rest of life. They’re false. Pray for them but stay away. – 7/15/22

“…Love is the weapon

for which there is no shield.”

– Wm J Bryan

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