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Luk 13.24 +

Luk 13.24

“Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you,

will seek to enter in & shall not be able.”

“Compromise, modernism is the antiseptic the devil uses

while your religion is being removed.”
– J Belvin Green

HOBBY Is a hobby wrong? Personally, I say no. Let me add, some souls (invalids, retired folks) have more “need” of a hobby than others. Life – as Dad, Mom, “breadwinner,” full-time servant of God, may leave little-to-no time for a hobby, yet to snatch a few minutes once-in-a-while may be the very therapy you need. Another word. Make sure the hobby STAYS a hobby. Too many Christians may be less than God wants, because of a hobby or “piddling around” or tasks they do unnecessarily. Be watchful. – 7/15/22

“…Scholar who has no God, no unction, & not freedom,

no message on his heart & no earnestness in his soul.”

– Glenn Griffith

HOMESCHOOL – Plants 1. Your child could benefit from a thorough study of plants. If teacher (you) & pupil (him) would begin crossing your land (&/or neighbor’s – with permission) East-West then cross North-South [a grid or 3’ to 5’] you may be surprised the many edible plants (“grass…herbs…trees” Gen.1.12) you find. Borrow books from library (3-4 for comparisons) so you’re both happy that x is “x.” This could be the most satisfying science class you teach. It can also benefit your table. – 7/18/22


Love God more than you do parent, husband/wife or child.

Love Him when life is calm, & quiet, & mild;

When your horizon is not crowded by a storm

When things are near to if not at, a “norm.”

Then, when life turns you up on your head

When you know you’ll soon be dead

That main issue – your relationship with God

Is ready. You’re ready to slip beneath the sod.

Because it’s settled – God is Who you love the most:

The Father, the Son, the Blessed Holy Ghost.

– eab  7/18/18 

Why do you want to dress like a sinner (male/female)? You need to answer this “Why” in your soul. Why do you desire to talk like a sinner? Why? Why drink what they drink (or on holidays buy “sparkling” drinks in imitation hard-drink-looking bottles)? Will you answer this Why? Why do you want your “church music” to sound like sinner’s “music”? Why? If an old man (eab) asking you these “whys” makes you uncomfortable how will you feel if Jesus asks you? Please repent  T.O.D.A.Y!  – 7/18/22

Tit 3.9

“But avoid foolish questions & genealogies & contentions,

& strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable & vain.”

“The only sin that can be forgiven

is a fully confessed & fully forsaken sin.”

– Glenn Griffith

Some may dislike even resent discussion of differences between the Testaments. Re-read Mat 5. Jesus said:

21 “Ye have heard…” 22. “But I say unto you…”  Dealing with anger

27 “Ye have heard…” 28. “But I say unto you…”  Dealing with adultery

31 “It hath been said…” 32. “But I say unto you…”  Dealing with divorce

33 “Again ye have heard…” 34. “But I say unto you…”  Dealing with swearing

38 “Ye have heard…” 39. “But I say unto you…”  Dealing with resisting (“2nd” cheek, garment, mile)

43 “Ye have heard…” 44. “But I say unto you…”  Dealing with love of enemies.  – 7/18/22

“I’ve already bowed-I’m glad I have;

I’ll bow then too & enjoy every minute of it.”

– Larry Grile

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