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Luk 17.32 +

Luk 17.32


Lot’s wife.”

“School & church are outgrowth

of the teaching & temple of the home.”
– Steve D Herron

PRAY #2. Do you pray Scripture “back to God”? (It’s hard to pray verses when you have not memorized them – a real advantage in memorizing parts of the Word.) Be careful to not be brash. Do not pickup the language (or attitude) of those who “COMMAND” this or that. But so live that you (an obedient child) can winsomely ask Your Father for favor “A” or petition “B.” Improve your prayer life. – 7/19/22

“The surest way to lose a truth

is to exaggerate it.”

– Steve D Herron

Some find the idea of “holiness” brand new (when they first hear of it) & do not know what to think. That’s understandable. If they’ll be honest with God & with themselves, He can/will lead them aright. But when you see a person is Opposed to holiness & speaks against It avoid their company. They are a Holiness Fighter. Such poor souls will miss heaven because IT is “The Height of Holiness.” – 7/20/22


Spiritual, mental, physical

The Maker of all knows the mix.

Be honest with your condition;

You’re not that hard for God to fix.

– eab,  7/22/09


The greatest golden, Gospel story

Has a lot to say about the glory.

Do Christian women any more care?

One Type of glory is her long hair.

– eab,  7/22/09

When the community thinks of your church: 1.) Do they “see” your fancy float in the city/county parade? 2.) Do they envision the uniforms of your ball team? 3.) Do they remember your “live nativity” last December? 4.) Do they re-visit the scene of a riverside baptismal they drove by? Or (“Lord, help me to ask this kindly”) Or, have you had a Sin-Killing, Carnality-Stirring Revival when a town drunk got soundly saved? Is the church being God’s House, or has it become less, much less? – 7/21/22

Mat 5.14

“Ye are the light of the world.

A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.”

“Constantly, carefully

reject tendency to rely on the flesh.”

– Steve D Herron

BIBLE #1 “I don’t believe the Bible.” You have just uttered a very stupid statement. The Bible is the most reliable source of info – a vast variety thereof. The most important truth in the Word of God is how to become His child. The Lord created you to Go To Heaven. He’s given you a Road Map on how to reach the Pearly Gates. satan (if the rascal is ever happy [which I doubt]) is happy to hear you say you don’t believe the Bible – he does; “…devils also believe & tremble…”(Jam 2.19) – 7/22/22

“The antichrist is not going to say

he is the antichrist.”

– Steve D Herron

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