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Joh 1.10 +

Joh 1.10

“He was in the world, and the world was made by him

& the world knew him not.”

“We are living in an age when people are strangling, smothering,

twisting, warping, & murdering their conscience.”
– U E Harding

LOVE NOT – the world. For some readers this means “die out” to Who is playing in pro-ball – 100 yrs from now it won’t matter! For some, it may mean stop dressing fashionably (or as near, as you dare & still be active at church.) Some may be addicted to banjo & the whine of a sad fiddle (& deep inside you feel God’s prick that you love it *too much). Others may need to die out to Bass Fishing. Whatever “the world” means to you, you *must leave it or heaven’s gate is barred to you. OBEY. – 7/17/22

“…If the enemy can’t defeat you any other way…he will get you

into the business of just looking around & watching people critically.”

– U E Harding

TV #3 Sadly, other people who read eab posts failed your kids. You brought in a TV, later a huge one. Has it helped made your home more holy? We both know the answer to that. Maybe One, Maybe Two of you, wish you’d NOT bought a TV – what can you do? Call the children in & sincerely apologize for corrupting their minds. Tell them you’re going to destroy it. Beg their forgiveness for having it. If you are 100% serious, hopefully your children will see that & appreciate it. – 7/25/22


Man can’t stop the Sun from sunning

Try as hard as he may try.

Nor stop the Rain from raining

Cry as loud as he can cry.

And the Wind will be a-winding

No matter how much men whine.

As Wave upon wave continue waving

Up & down God’s curved, coastline.

– eab,  7/27/22

Your mother, as I perceived her, was a Saint. Your dad is (IMO) also likely in heaven. Where are you headed? Does “fb” show you & your mate moving left? Did heaven have a holy standard for your folks but will let you in with less accountability? If you miss heaven, I have a theory (can’t prove but think it true) that Dad/Mom will not miss you [horribly sad]. But you in hell (see Luke 16) may well see them enjoying heaven F.o.r.e.v.e.r. Come back to the narrow way, even if you have to come alone! – 7/27/22

Mat 5.28

“…Whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her

hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.”

“When wise men see the Savior

they always go home a different way.”

– Steve D Herron

There appears no reason for Jesus to admonish us to Love our Friends. You like that guy because of his bright brain or unique vocabulary; you like that gal because of her whimsical personality. But the Lord does tell us to Love our Enemies. If you could see your enemy, minus his dislike for you or see him after dropping your old irritation with him, he really has one or more admirable traits. I urge you drop your hatred for X or Y. That ancient problem is not, NOT, worth you missing heaven. Nothing is! – 7/28/22

“You have a right to be wrong.”

(said ‘tongue-in-cheek’)

– Steve D Herron

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