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Joh 3.7 +

Joh 3.7

“Marvel not that I said unto thee,

Ye must be born again.”

“They loved being around Him (Christ),

He was no complainer.”
– Carl Eisenhart

Africa – A little Geography   >> Home School <<   (Please send me corrections.)

LESOTHO shares borders with only one(1) country (South Africa)

EGYPT shares borders with only two(2) African countries (Libya & Sudan)

MOROCCO shares borders with only two(2) countries (Algeria & Western Sahara)

TUNISIA shares borders with only two(2) countries (Algeria & Libya) – 7/28/22

“Absolutely nothing matters

quite so much as pleasing God.”

– O L Fay

Scripture or “science.” Why did “science” choose (many moons ago-pun intended) to oppose Scripture? That’s a question eab posts can’t fully answer. Suggestions: 1.) Paul saw the danger of “science falsely so called”(1Ti 6.20).  2) The only other place “science” is found in the Bible is in Daniel (1.4) where it’s distinctly part of heathen education. 3.) There’ve been scientists who believed in God but enough (the majority?) have desired to make their field look good – willing for it to openly oppose God’s Book -7/29/22


The claim to fame

Is all very lame,

If in heaven, there’s no record

Of your name.

– eab,  7/30/06      

Want to be a popular pastor’s wife? [sarcasm] Wear hems just barely long enough to suit the careful- dressing ladies of the church but short enough that the immodest gals see you as “almost” one of them. Make sure necklines are nearly high enough to please that “fastidious” group but low enough & broad enough to look in style with worldly souls. Have conservative shoes to wear to the prayer meeting but some stylish (dare I type “sexy”) shoes when socializing with the younger set. – 7/30/22

Psa 119.11

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart,

that I might not sin against thee.”

“Legalist –

a carnal man trying to do right”

– Paul W Finch

Friend, oh my friend, please stop “YOU deciding” what God will allow inside His Pearly Gates & come back to a literal reading of the Bible. I fear some of you’ll have a terrible awakening at death. That you will find out TOO late just how “cheap” your cheap religion was. Seemed (sin is so deceptive) to be OK when Young & Healthy & Having “fun.” But when the doctor says there’s nothing else he can do, when you’re making funeral arrangements FOR YOURSELF – you do not want cheap religion then. – 7/30/22 

“I have lived these 15 yrs in a part of Eng. where a multitude of potters make all manner…I never saw or heard of 1 so excessively foolish as to make, even in a drunken fit, a vessel on purpose to break it, to show that he had power over the work of his own hands.”

– John Fletcher

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