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Joh 3.30 +

Joh 3.30

“He must increase,

but I must decrease.

“Abraham’s bosom is the promise & assurance of salvation & the expectation

of Jesus Christ; not heaven itself but the expectation of heaven.”

– Martin Luther

HIGHEST CALLING – Men. Regardless of your roots, regardless of your poorness, if God calls you to preach Him & His holiness, to preach the Word of God, to warn men of hell & encourage toward heaven HE is inviting you to the Highest Calling on this earth. Do not snub that. Never. Nor brag about it. Simply & humbly start witnessing to your family, fellow students, &/or fellow workers. Increase your praying & double up on your Bible reading. Learn to trust the Lord in a special, deep way. Preach! – 7/9/22

…All the emperors, kings & princes of the world could not raise a fit dwelling place for God

yet in a weak human soul that keeps his Word he willingly resides.”

– Martin Luther


Time is sliced into various divisions;

Each has it use, by man’s reasons.

Nanosecond, second, minute, hour,

Hold time in its swift fleeting power

“Tardes,” PM, night, AM, noon,

Come once a day, passing away soon.

A week seems long at its starting peak,

Tumbles across time, disappears as weak.

A month – who could ask for anything more?

Vacation’s soon gone – back to the store.

Months are grouped and make a stack

Called a year – what a giant sack.

Then years find themselves in a fade

Tied together in a progressing decade.

Ten years is (again) a time beginning long

Ending it seems, as a passing song.

Fifty years, imagine, wedding-to-now

“Not so long.” Celebrants would allow.

Most have no memory a century in length, 

Few have such body/mind strength,

But time stops not at the century mark,

Ten centuries, a millennium, bright or stark.

And only six millennia or so

Takes us back to Adam’s “bite” of woe.

And then, resting our toes on the brink

Of eternity (b-e-f-o-r-e), What do you think?

Forever stretching backward, beyond that first day,

Eternity is a chasm that stretches way, far away.

Man’s units of time, his slices so neat,

Find not place in that “land,” find not food or drink.

Time is never tangible, it’s elusive at best;

Eternity (future), dreaded or loved, is the test.

Eternity is decided by what man does within time.

Make it blessed, Friend, through Christ; make it sublime.

– eab, July 2011

Europe – A little Geography   >> Home School <<   (Please send me corrections.)

DENMARK shares borders with only one(1) country (Germany)

PORTUGAL shares borders with only one(1) country (Spain)

ESTONIA shares borders with only two(2) countries (Russia & Latvia)

MOLDOVA shares borders with only two(2) countries (Ukraine & Romania)

NETHERLANDS shares borders with only two(2) countries (Germany & Belgium)

SPAIN shares borders with only two(2) countries (France & Portugal)

SWEDEN shares borders with only two(2) countries (Norway & Finland) 7/28/22 

“…Whoso brings in a divine worship of his own, without God’s command is an adulterer…

it avails him nothing that he thinks he does God service herein…”

– Martin Luther

Scripture or “science” The following may “try someone’s patience;” please – become a seeker of Truth!

The sun was a “god” to many past souls 1000s of yrs ago. When modern “science” rejects the teachings of the Bible & embraces a from of heathenism, sun worship, is not surprising. [Sinners will be sinners.] Refusing to accept the moon as its “own light” & “making it reflect” the sun makes the sun more important. Open your eyes to sun “god” symbols. They surround us on signs, physical mail & electronic. – 7/29/22

Gen 1.16

“…God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day

& the lesser light to rule the night…”

Are we misled? That’s possible. Today we hear a lot about PR. [I’d guess 90-99% of readers knew for what those letters stood.] They’re (IMO) relatively new but familiar because of over-usage. PR, to many moderns, stands for Public Relations; many times a college quartet, trio etc. A “p” & “r” start two crucial words for the cause of Christ: P R eacher & P R ayer. We see too much PR. We see too little Holy Ghost PReaching & intercessory PRaying. “God, please, increase PReachers & PRayers.” – 7/30/22 

“If Christ be not God, then neither the Father

nor the Holy Ghost is God…”

– Martin Luther

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