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Act 16.31 +

Act 16.31

“And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ,

& thou shalt be saved & thy house.”

“Wesley at Leatherhead…discoursed on…‘Seek ye the Lord while he may be found,

call ye upon him while he is near.’ It was his last sermon.”
– Able Stevens

God uses individuals; very individualistic Individuals. (Bible is full of them.) Socialists try to herd you into groups. For many this herding began with school (born between date x & date y you were assigned your grade). Refuse to be labeled. [You’re not a “protestant,” that’s someone’s label. You’re not “straight,” that’s someone’s label.] Be the individual Child of God, now & forever. August 2022

“The evening came on [Wesley is dying]. ‘How necessary is it “he exclaimed” for everyone to be on the right foundation. I the chief of sinners am, But Jesus died for me.’ We must be justified by faith & then go on to full sanctification.’”

– Able Stevens

HOME SCH. PLUS 1. A major benefit of Home Schooling is the improvement of Parent’s Minds. You read that right, PARENTS. As Dad, Mom (or better, both) teach the child, they – the Head & Mate of the home – become more knowledgeable. In some cases they’re getting “refresher courses.” In other cases parents are learning new material. When the field is new to them they may only be a chapter or two ahead of child but they’re learning. Home School parents are some of the smartest parents alive! – 8/19/22

God Every Circumstance

There is God in every circumstance,

There is God in every trial,

There is God in every fast advance,

And He’s there in each slow mile.

You can count on God and count correctly,

Not  too  much will He have you do.

You can count on Him (said respectfully)

The question is – can He count on you?

– eab,  August 2010             

Hope you have seen a 2-3 yr old son or daughter sitting on their loving dad’s lap; each thoroughly enjoying the presence of the other. (It did not matter that you were an on-looker.) He/she was looking up into his eyes with their big brown ones & can pretty well get anything they wanted from him. Child of God – obey Christ, obey Him perfectly. Love Him with all your heart & you too can expect your prayers to be answered. God loves to please those who love to please Him. Blessings. – 8/30/22

Heb 5.9

“And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation

unto all them that obey him;”

“Fanaticism is never charitable.”

– Able Stevens

A painter may try to tell what his painting “means.” He wants to interpret it for you. The same is true with a guy & his sculpture – he senses it needs interpretation. The man who writes music may also be constrained to say, “This means…” eab is neither painter, sculptor, nor musician. I feel rather sorry for all three. They’re considered “artists” & art is (by some) highly respected. As I’ve aged & given more thought to these, I think they’ve had too much influence in the Lord’s work. God uses words! – 8/30/22

“…Our main doctrines which include all the rest,” said Wesley

“are repentance, faith & holiness.”

– quoted by Able Stevens

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Act 15.29 +

Act 15.29

“That ye abstain from meats offered to idols & from blood & from things strangled

& from fornication: from which if ye keep yourselves, ye shall do well…”

“ ‘There is no harm in it.’

You are just about half gone when you admit that.”

– Steve D Herron

No Source – mere book of man or worse flimsy film – can ever, hear it, EVER give spiritual insight into your walk like the HOLY BIBLE. The Book is here on earth, now, ready for you to read, study, yea memorize (in part) yet It is a heavenly Book – its Author far above the clouds. God may someday question why you treated His Text so casually. Question why you memorized baseball/football stats instead of It. Lessen the time you spend with the earthy; Increase time spent with His Heavenly Book. – 8/26/22

“What Moses could not show, what the thunderings of Sinai could not reveal

…Jesus revealed. He came to show us the Father.

– Steve D Herron


The was a young lady named Ruth,

Who, though Moabite, desired the truth.

Her mother-n-law, started to leave,

To her, Ruth did lovingly cleave.

Not ALL young “is wasted” on youth.

– eab,  8/28/09

Be careful, very careful what “proverbial feather” you stick in your hat. “They’re considering making ME assistant…” or “if I take that position I’ll be 3rd in command.” Youth, Midler, even Senior guy/gal that feather up in the air will make you much more of a target for satan or his blood-thirsty men. Better to be lower & make it into heaven, as to be “Somebody” in the eyes of carnal church members & find at the end of life’s road, heaven’s gate is locked to you. – 8/29/22

“Jesus never refused little faith. The only thing that ever

hindered the Lord from doing anything was unbelief.”

– Steve D Herron

Will there be Lutherans in heaven? I believe there will. Presbyterians? Again, I’d say yes. Baptists? Methodists? Congregationalists. There’ll be people (IMO) from most (if not all) of the old Biblical evangelical churches. Will they be there because they belonged to these? No. Every soul will be in heaven ‘cause they believed on Jesus & were filled by the Holy Spirit (groups may have called these experiences different names). Only Holy people enter God’s Holy Heaven. Prepare Friend, Prepare. – 8/29/22  

Mat 5. 8

“Blessed are the pure in heart:

for they shall see God.”

If you have a degree of discernment you see the “landscape” is changing. If you have more discernment you know it’s changing quickly. I fear once holy churches where pastor/people were separate from the world & had the “shine & shout,” are turning away from God. This is seen in their appearance, in their insistence on the “Right” to worldly entertainment (“Don’t tell ME its wrong to go to X.”), in a shallowness of a VBS/youth camp & in their LACK of Revival. – 8/29/22

“…You know what happened that first day when Adam & Eve sinned?

God didn’t send thunderbolts from heaven. Instead He came & looked them up.”

– Steve D Herron

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Act 15.9 +

Act 15.9

“And put no difference between us and them,

purifying their hearts by faith.”

“The first great & primary business of which I ought

to attend every day, is to have my soul happy in the Lord.”

– George  Muller

BEWARE 2. Bible readers run into “images” & see God’s opposition to them scores of times (Gen 31.19-Mic 5.13). Scripture uses “idols” even more (Lev 19.4-Rev 9.20). Image(s), idol(s) become (to some) substitutes for the True God. Millions of people (not all of them in heathen lands) are fascinated by stone, metal, wooden replicas of Buddha (thought to have existed) or of other gods which are figments of evil imaginations: ancient & very modern. Christian – avoid ALL of these. – 8/22/22

“…Paganism survived…in the form of ancient rites & customs condoned…by an often indulgent Church…Statues of Isis & Horus were renamed Mary & Jesus.

Will Durant, told by Dave Hunt


Dad, don’t worship the god of football

Or its puny “sports-peers” on your shelf.

Mom, don’t bow to the god of fashion

Or similar “stuff” – centered on self.

You have a small son watching

Who still thinks you do no wrong.

Your daughter sees your god, Mom

Hears you “sing” the earthy song.  

You know better than your compromise.

Know you are wrong in a pure God’s eyes.

Stop. Don’t lead your child astray.

Stop. Come back to God. Today!

– eab,  8/27/22

There’s a baptism with water – practiced by John the Baptist. There’s a baptism by fire – initiated by Jesus Christ. There’s a huge difference between John & Jesus. There’s a huge difference between water & fire. OBVERSATION – water baptism has never been as popular among “holiness” people as now. Why? Is this a sign the Baptism with Fire & the Holy Ghost is less sought after??? Please think. Carnal churchmen gravitate toward “the outward.” Holy men are more interested in the inward. – 8/25/22

“In each expanded edition of his Institutes Calvin

quotes & relies upon Augustine more than ever.”

– Dave Hunt

From time to time I see 3-4 crows in the grass across the road from us. This morning there were 7 big black crows enjoying the bright green “field.” There was not a robin, bluebird or dove among them. Now. Watch what kind of preachers your pastor likes to associate with. Are the guys with whom he “pals” men of Scripture & Scriptural living, or are they moving left? Does he want godly men for close friends or is he comfortable with compromisers? These are SERIOUS questions. Think! – 8/26/22

Mat 19.14

“But Jesus said, Suffer little children & forbid them not,

to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

You dad, You mom, are now placing your child’s feet on the upward trail that, if they obey the Father, will lead them to their home in heaven with God – or – you’re starting their feet down toward the most horrible prison house of time or eternity. How you dress them (allow them to dress, as they age), the music they hear (home or in your car), the gods of sports you permit on radio (or worse), the immediate obedience you require (or allow to slide) are shaping their lives THIS.  VERY.  DAY. – 8/27/22    

“The apocrypha was never quoted by Christ or by His apostles,

though the Old Testament is quoted in the New more than 250 times.”

– Dave Hunt

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Act 15.8 +

Act 15.8

“And God, which knoweth the hearts, bare them witness,

giving them the Holy Ghost, even as he did unto us;”

“Often when he [C.Wesley] returned to the city Road parsonage did he leave his pony in the garden & enter crying…‘Pen & ink! Pen & ink!’ Supplied these he would finish the composition before recognizing or saluting anyone who might be present…When the inspired task was done, no man could be more courteous.”
– Able Stevens

A lady can always, ALWAYS wear a dress or skirt/blouse. And WHY should she not ??? (Please Mom, do not lower yourself to pants even if your married daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, granddaughter does.) Look like a Lady. Feel like a Lady. Walk like a Lady. This is your privilege. This is your right as the Daughter of the King. God chose to make two(2) genders & you, as a Lady are clearly in His plan. Rejoice in your Ladyship & pray until you’re the VERY Lady God needs you to be! – 8/24/22

“All unnecessary conversation in the chapels

before or after public service was forbidden.”

– Able Stevens

Please pray as God would have YOU pray. We must take His “…Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest”(Luk 10.2) seriously. I try to pray for Asia (largest population) on the Lord’s Day, Africa (2nd in pop.) on Mon., Europe (3rd in pop.) on Tue., North America (4th in pop.) Wed., South Am. (5th in pop.) Thur., Oceania (last in pop.) Fri., & pray for grandchildren (born & married into fam.) on Sat. I encourage you to pray for a bigger pic than you now do. – 8/25/22


Two groups preach holiness:

The seekers and the possessors.

Two groups ignore holiness:

The unenlightened & the holiness rejecters. 

– eab,  8/26/09


Juice came up to the end of the shoot

From kin below, the hid, lowly root;

Living, life-giving juice.

“What do I do with this sticky stuff?”

“I’ll make a leaf, I’ve more than enough.”

So the tinniest leaf came to be

Up there – nigh impossible to see.

Spring seen the deepening of the green

June made it the darkest ever seen

Then fall. Then fall, turned it light yellow

Like it’s same-stem, same-high-tree fellow.

Cold & wind made it loose.

Today it fell to the awaiting sod.

One of millions of miracles of God!

– eab,  8/25/22

You want to learn? You can for nearly no money (libraries abound). Oh!?! Someone told you, you need a degree? Would that, by chance, be the same people who’re *offering the degree? “But I want to meet a pretty girl (or handsome man) & college provides a place for that.” Or, at the library, as you’re acquiring knowledge, you may meet that gal (or guy) who is as smart as you are, avoiding the high costs but being “educated” also. Christians pray about EVERYTHING. Pray before you go to college. – 8/26/22

Joh 1.1

“In the beginning was the Word & the Word

was with God & the Word was God.”

“Clarke to Wesley ‘Sir I wish to do & be whatever God pleases.’ Wesley laid his hands on Clarke’s head, prayed a few minutes & sent him to Bradford circuit. Clarke called that his ‘ordination’ & never wished any other.”

– Able Stevens

Days ago I started a list of Bible words which show the “expression of words” without saying the word “word.” When I started I never expected the list to be this long (& growing). This AM as I read my Bible I saw: “praise” “confess” “persuaded” “condemn” “reproach” “Scripture” & several more all of which require “words” to make the thought fully known. The Bible is truly a Book of words in a deeper way than any other book. It’s NOT a Book of images. Flee images – Move more into Words. – 8/26/22

“…All preachers were to be home

by nine o’clock at night…”

– Able Stevens

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ACT 14.17 +

Act 14.17

“…He left not himself without witness, in that he did good & gave us rain from heaven

& fruitful seasons, filling our hearts with food & gladness.”

“Yoga is the very heart of Hinduism.

It is sold in the West as science but in fact is religion.”

– T A McMahon

You perhaps have scratched your head (figuratively, if not literally) & asked yourself “What is going on?” Let me assure you – tho I, of course, do not know the details of your life – repeat, let me assure, God knows exactly what He’s doing. He is trying to get you to heaven. He WANTS your “company” in that Land of Endless Day. Walk on. Walk on in faith. You can trust God. No one, ah, no one loves you as much as God, the Father does. Walk on – – – until you join Him above. – 8/23/22

“The early church knew nothing of this [rituals, ceremony, candles, incense, prayer stations, & images] idolatrous & sense-oriented worship.

– T A McMahon


God was there, everywhere,

Before earth had an anywhere.

And when earth’s everywhere,

Disappears into thin air,

He’ll be here, & there, & everywhere!

– eab,  8/25/06

As we get closer to the end of the age expect the leftish churches to cooperate more & more – until they join as a One World Church. Don’t for a moment imagine this is good. They, tho religious, will oppose the True Christ (because He is totally left out of their humanistic formalism). By contrast, HOLD on to any & all friends (they may become more scarce) you have who are holy. The narrow way is unpopular. Jesus Christ was “so popular” they killed Him. He wasn’t ecumenical – neither should you be. – 8/25/22     

“..Accuracy is an impossibility in a theatrical film. A movie that attempts to recreate a historic event or time period is at best a creative reproduction that depends more up on the talents of the production team for credibility than with concern for historic precision or truth.”

– T A McMahon – he holds a master’s degree in communication

Women with uncut hair? – Yes! It is sooo Biblical & I like it. Can your long hair become a subject of pride? Again, Yes. (satan’ll use anything he can to cause Pride: a favorite weapon of his.) Allow me to caution two ways. 1.) Mom – find a way to wear your hair which fits with a.) Your age, b.) Your face shape, c.) Your color of skin & color of hair. 2.) Mom (or Dad) with daughter – be patient as your teen (pre-teen) tries this style & that BUT encourage her also to apply a.b.c. (above). Avoid Pride in Hair! – 8/25/22

Rev 22.19

“If any man shall take away from the words…God shall take away his part out of the book of life

& out of the holy city & from the things which are written in this book.”

Paul & Barnabas used the expression “…Judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life…(Act 13.46). In modernity there are scholars (if judging by degrees) & “scholars” (as they wish to see themselves – albeit more likely pseudo-scholars) who’ve politely (or not so politely) *dismissed the Classic King James Bible. There’s a sense in which they’ve make a decision to “counted themselves unworthy of” the Greatest Book in the entire English Language. I’m sorry for their dangerous miscalculation. – 8/25/22

“…I think our future will also require us to join humbly & charitably with people of other faiths -Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, secularists…” >> Rick is SO wrong. <<

– Rick Warren, as recorded by T A McMahon, Berean Call, April 2010

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Act 11.16 +

Act 11.16

“Then remembered I the word of the Lord, how that he said, ‘John indeed baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost.’”

“The ‘Task’ (Cowper) has…been celebrated as marking…the transition from the poetry of the 18th to that of the 19th century…but it is more important both historically & morally as marking the era of the Methodistic resuscitation of religion in England.”
– Able Stevens

HOME SCH. – BOTANY 5. Trees – where does one start? You can divide the huge forest into: 1.) Domestic/foreign, 2.) Edible/non-edible (might, push-come-to-shove, be debatable), 3.) Fruit/nut bearing, 4.) Construction/trees not used for building, 5.) Woods useful for furniture, handles, fencing, etc. 6.) Best for firewood. Teach child to identify tree: 1.) By leaf, 2.) By bark, 3.) By wood-grain, 4.) By seed. They need to study trees & know it’ll take a life-time to grasp them well. Happy Studying! – 8/19/22

“Wesley’s theology was strict but he never despaired of any man who,

‘Called upon the name of the Lord.’”

– Able Stevens

What is the advantage of compromising?  What are you profited that you can NOW go to your football game?  What good does it really do you that you NOW wear shorts?  So you NOW buy a meal on the Lord’s Day – is this worth the coolness you feel between you & the Lord?  A little letting-up Here, a shift left over there – be honest, Friend, it’s doing you no real good BUT heaven is further away than it used t be L.  – 8/20/22


God made the world without a hammer or saw

In fact, He used the most unique “tool” of all,

He used His powerful Word.

Enjoy His peaks & lush valleys galore

Love His lavish, curving, sandy seashore

But love Him & His Word more & more.

Make It the best thing you ever heard.

– eab,  8/24/22

Any organization a man can induct you into, he or another man, can “kick you out of.” Good news? No; but a fact. Don’t be too elated by invitations to “high-brow” clubs, insider groups, even churches. (Nor feel too crest-fallen when you’re “excommunicated.”) Such are the ways of fickle men. BY CONTRAST, Jesus Christ invites you into His Church. He died that you be Born Again. Make the best decision of your life; join Jesus. No man can “kick you out.” You can be the LORD’S forever. – 8/24/22

Joh 6.37

“All that the Father giveth me shall come to me;

& him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.”

“While he [Rankin] was giving this statement [i.e.report] Fletcher stopped him 6 times…broke out into prayer to God for the prosperity of the American brethren…This was an hour never to be forgotten…while memory remains.”

– Able Stevens

“A picture is worth 1000 words” is too widely accepted as true. So- – -put up a pic of TRUTH. Show us a pic of Honesty. Where is a pic of True Love? (List could go on.) Please don’t accept a popular saying because it’s “popular.” You can show a pic of a car but that image may not prove it a Chevy or what yr it was made or what “style line.” But the words “57 Chevy, 210” needs no pic to many older readers or younger car buffs. Learn to think about clichés. Don’t buy all you hear – – – even in church. – 8/24/22

“The people of God were remarkably blessed in hearing of his [Robt Wilkinson] dying testimony;

the worldly people & backsliders were cut to the heart.”

– Able Stevens

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Act 6.4 +

Act 6.4

“But we will give ourselves continually to prayer

& to the ministry of the word.”

Please Listen; the Holy Ghost does Not Need  1.) Extra Lights on the “stage.” 2.) Nor lights in color.

3.) Nor lights moving & flashing. 4.) The Lord doesn’t need smoke or mist rising from dry ice (or whatever) – this approaches too close to imitating the glory in the Jewish tabernacle or smoke in Rev (15.8). 5.) The Holy Spirit doesn’t need “worship teams” up front (even if all are properly clothed & have no jewelry) swaying back & forth clapping. Don’t support such with attendance or offerings. – 8/19/22

“…Viewers now have scenes in their minds that they believe are scriptural. Even worse…millions of lost souls whose only ‘biblical insights’ have come from a Hollywood production of God’s Word.

– T A McMahon

chunks of time

To say all men have equal money

Is so false, it’s not even funny.

Some men are fabulously rich,

Some men are fantastically poor,

Some own room after room,

Some don’t even own one door.

But all men alive on this earth,

Whether of royal, common or poor birth,

Have an equal amount of one thing.

It’s an item simple, yet sublime

(You can’t weigh it, or smell it, or see it)

All men have equal chunks of time.

– eab,  8/23/06

ATTENTION YOUNG MAN. You saw a pretty face & as you talk with her – she seemes nice. BUT if she wants to compete with you (out-run you, race her car with you in your car, other competition) pay close, *very close attention. You want a wife (someday-not rushing you) who wants to be by your side not in-your-face. [I speak not of playful competition.] When you see a glint in her eye saying “she’ll win or else” I strongly encourage you to not waste time on her. There’re more fish in the pond.” – 8/19/22

“Avatar (a Hindu term for an incarnated spirit or god)…Avatar [promotes]

the largest non-centralized & non-structured religion in the world: shamanism”

– T A McMahon, Berean Call, Dec 2016

HOME SCH. – BOTANY. You, as the Home Sch. parent, decide if botany is all yr or only a semester. Fall is a good time to study “grasses” what are native to your locale, what were native to Bible lands, what were most nutritious, etc. Teach your child to recognize grass shapes, colors, & what animals tend to eat which. Learn what herbs are around you. Show child what you eat & why. One, with help from library books, could spend a semester on grasses & herbs to the benefit of your child’s future eating. – 8/19/22 

Exo 20.4

“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath…”

BEWARE 1. satan wants to capture attention with images & sadly, he’s had much help from hollywood & disney. Give yourself an assignment: make a list of all the cartoon characters YOU can visualize & name (without a pic before you). These are characters who never lived. They’re “people” (“Elmer Fudd”) & “animals” (“Donald Duck”) yet your can “see” them in your mind’s eye or even “hear” them in your inner ear. Christian please. PLEASE God by decreasing your belief/acceptance of images! – 8/22/22

“…Freud was a cocaine addict who lusted for his own mother. Jung was suicidal & communed with a demon. Rodgers ended his…life…assisted suicide”

– – T A McMahon, Berean Call, April 2003

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Act 5.29 +

Act 5.29

“Then Peter & the other apostles answered & said

‘We ought to obey God rather than men.’”

“As I passed through t company dejected & disappointed it occurred to my mind what is all this immense multitude assembled for? To see a few horses gallop 2-3miles round a course as if the devil were both in them & their riders! Certainly we are all mad…if we imagine that t Almight made us to seek happiness in such senseless amusements.”
– Geo. Story, told by Able Stevens

BEAR WITH ME #4. Some want their son to be able to cook, bake, clean etc. Again allow me to disagree. [I speak not of chefs.] If/when a man needs to “fend for himself” most won’t die of starvation. We (define “we” anyway you wish to) don’t need more men who fastidiously clean/cook/bake. Do not make a feminine guy out of the Son, God wants you to turn into a man. A little help in the kitchen is fine but please Mom, please Dad, raise a man. Oh, how we need more M.E.N. OF GOD. – Aug. 2022

“He now became an assiduous student of the Bible keeping it before him on the counter of the shop

in which he was employed…His mind was quickeded…His aspirations for knowledge became intense”

– John Smith, told by Able Stevens

You could die today. “Don’t try to scare me; I’m young.” My only brother was killed at 17. A man who stood up in our wedding was dead at 20. Jesus Christ was crucified in His 30’s. You may (probably do) know someone who passed away in 40s, 50s, 60s. Many to not make their “three score & ten.” And – – – after you die? “Oh, I was baptized in So-n-So Creek” Or “I joined the church last week” Or “I’ve never done x y or z.” If you have not believed on the Lord Jesus Christ you are Lost. Be saved today. – 8/22/22


What would you do TODAY

If you knew it were your last?

Would you “watch” what you say?

Straighten up a smutty past?

Or admit that you were wrong?

(Which you’ve known all along.)

– eab,  – 8/22/22

Is something coming “Down the Pike”? Yes – 0 Yes. I can’t tell you *what* except as the Bible does. [Nor can the Bible “scholar” you hear (radio/podcast) or whose last book you devoured.] But there’s wonderful Good News – God’s in charge (as He always has been J). satan & social planners would like you to worry – they can control you better that way – but God said “Fear Not.” He said that to Abram (Gen 15.1) & He said it over & over & over until Revelation (1.17) a last time. He Means It! Obey Him. – 8/22/22     

Rev 1.17

“…He laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me,

‘Fear not; I am the first & the last’”

“You have taken each other for better & for worse;

the worse came first & it will now be all the better.”

– Hodgson Casson (to newly saved couple)

What To Do?  12 POINTS  1.) Make sure all sins have been forgiven & you’re living TODAY above sin

2.) Ask the Holy Spirit to remove all carnal nature & Fill you with His “Love, Joy, Peace…”(Gal 5.22)

3.) Read Bible everyday. Memorize from It. Pray for the salvation of relatives, friends & enemies

4.) Get out of debt; pay off credit cards. Hide part of your cash (small denominations). Buy cash only

5.) If feasible move to rural location; down sizing your home, making it less visible to all passersby

6.) Store durable food, water. Grow food. Learn what roots/shoots/leaves/fruits for which to forage

7.) Acquire wood-burning stove. Gather wood/keep dry. Learn how to build small fire & keep it going

8.) Save rainwater. Have filter system for it. Have hand well. Learn to use less (waste none) water

9.) Insulate house. Install thermo windows. Have plan to shut off rooms where there is no water

10.) Keep warm blankets/quilts – the more body heat you save at night the less wood you need to burn    

11.) Spiritually prepare to have no phone, computer, electric. Millions have lived yrs. without them

12.) Refuse to Fear. Lean on God. Praying about x, y & z, expand prayer list & believe God – 8/22/22

“Dying & death…are distinct things; there is something gloomy in & melancholy about dying; whereas death is nothing, but as it opens the way to glory.”

– Richard Watson

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Act 5.20 +

Act 5.20

“Go, stand & speak in the temple

to the people all the words of this life.”

“Students keep the sch. afloat financially. If the sch. does not offer psychology, ‘the number-two most popular major’ the students will go elsewhere…the sch. sinks economically.”

– T A McMahon, Berean Call, Nov. 2012

HOME SCH. – BOTANY 3. As a strong believer in Christ & the Bible I’d encourage you to study plants, in part, from a Biblical prospective. Men have studied plants & made categories. But the oldest division is found in God’s Word. He divided all vegetation into 1.) Grass,  2.) Herb(s) &  3.) Tree(s) (Gen 1.11). The simplicity of this appeals to me (I’ve taught biology several times). Note an easy reference: three types of plants & three “1’s.” Also SEE “…Whose seed is in itself…” a definition of Fruit. – 8/19/22

“Fellowship is precious in the Lord.

He alone gives it. It is an unspeakable gift.

– Carl McIntire


Right on His time, every spring

God does a miraculous thing;

Inspires a plant to send up a shoot

(From its hidden but powerful root).

That shoot on a given hour

Puts out a colorful flower;

Said flower, from it tiny heart

Creates a seed that will do its part:

Produce again life’s “wonder thing”

Another plant, in another spring.

– eab,  August 2015

BEAR WITH ME #3. Teach your daughter how to be seated. [One of the curses of wearing pants is girls aren’t taught to keep their knees together (wearing PJ ‘too much’ adds to this).] If a lady wishes to cross her legs it’s *always* at the ankles. If you Mom, do not do, this please start. “But I see So-n-So sitting on a platform with her legs crossed at the knee.” Pardon my honesty – she’s wrong. There’s some unlady-likeness in our midst. Teach your daughter to be above this. She‘ll be better for your training. – 8/19/22

“The enemies of the Gospel have come into the church as angels of light. Infiltration & esponage have been successful…posses[ing]the field by…pleasant phrases & deceptive use of Christian terminology..”

– Carl McIntire

There is a “…Falling Away…”(2Th 2.3) in progress. In my observation of the last 65 yrs I’d say it IS INCREASING. Churches who once had no members with TVs now have (I’d fear) key board members who have TV-like-movies they watch “to relax.” Churches who once welcomed the most careful evangelist, now bring in only the man they’re sure WON’T preach against their favorite college/pro sports. Churches who…you fill the blank. Please friend, seek God – avoid the Falling Away. – 8/20/22

Jer 17.9

“The heart is deceitful above all things,

& desperately wicked: who can know it?”

What, dear Friend, resides in your heart? Do you really know? Are you some-what afraid to honestly look into the “crannies & corners” of your inner self? I strongly encourage you to explore 1.) Why do you want to do certain actions?  2.) Why do you desire/demand that you be called “Prof” or “Reverend” or “Doctor” “_ _ _ _” (other)?  3.) Why do you insist on dressing in super casual garb (or for that matter, in some officious outfit)? Does pride [All pride is unholy.] control the center of your soul? – 8/21/22

“…Modernists…are…happy to talk about Jesus but they do not want the Jesus

who denounced the Pharisees & told them they were of their father the devil.”

– Carl McIntire

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ACT 4.12 +

Act 4.12

“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name

under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”

“First…pardon (salv.begun) is received by faith producing works, 2nd…holiness (salv.continued)

is faith working by love, 3rd…heaven (salv.finished) is the reward of this faith.”
– Able Stevens

Old School. There was a day no piano (or organ) was played after an Altar Call closed. Saints gathered around seekers & a volume of prayer was sent toward heaven. Now, sadly, I see/hear the guy/gal on the keyboard playing while some are trying to help those at the altar to pray. Please get off the bench & help lift in prayer. IF you’re a pastor (other leader) & have actually requested the key board “artist” to continue, I urge you to ask Jesus for forgiveness for this modern trend. We need Prayers not Players! – 8/19/22

“Pulpit buffoons…can never claim sanction from his [Whitefield] example;

it is doubtful whether he ever made a congregation laugh…”

– Able Stevens

HOME SCH. – BOTANY 2. As you start to teach botany look for “handles.” A word to drop is “weed.” The great botanist, George Washington Carver is famous for stating “There’s no such thing as a weed…” You & I man not want to go that far, but we’ve not gone as far as Carver in our plant research either. There are, of course, plants we can’t eat & plants that cause skin problems when touched (we therefore call them poisonous) but students need to know about them to avoid them. – 8/19/22  


Somewhere in Ohio’s a little tike

(Who’s already learned to ride a bike.)

She’s the last of a “litter” (JK) of six

The tail-end, grand finale, “the fix.”

Happy Birthday, dear Abigail

May it be sooo sweet – without fail.

– eab,  8/20/19 

BEAR WITH ME #2. Teach your daughter to cook. No. Not just READ a cookbook but cook “from scratch.” Part of this (a bigger part than you or I may see) is learning to LOVE TO COOK. If you, Mom, don’t like to cook, if you beg your husband to eat-out all you dare, see if grandma, or aunt of your daughter can/will be willing to “school” her in the kitchen. And – baking – – – is it becoming a lost art? Making a “sweet” by combing This commercial candy with That pretzel is (pardon me) NOT baking.  – 8/19/22 

Psa 119.11

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart…”

“He was [Whitfield] the original of popular preaching

& all our popular ministers are only he copies.”

John Newton

You’ve seen something like “Live here free a yr but can’t watch football.” Let’s pretend you can go to a cabin (mountain or beachside) without bills or family responsibility for a yr. You’re permitted to take food, clothing, paper/pen but no electronic device (it’s off grid). You’re allowed books but are limited to 5 – – – what will they be? (These are the only 5 you’ll read for 12 months; you’ll read them or nothing at all.) Again, what will those 5 books be? Got the 1st one? The 2nd? Is the 3rd harder? Lost on the 4th? – 8/20/22

“There goes John Newton, had it not been for the grace of God.”

– Newton exclaimed to a friend…as they passed a criminal on his way to execution

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