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Joh 4.24 +

Joh 4.24

“God is a Spirit: & they that worship him

must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

“It is only in God’s light

that we can clearly discover our blindness.”
– John Fletcher

An institution gives a man a doctor’s degree after they think he is sufficiently *indoctrinated with the “ideas” of which said school approves. By contrast, the Blessed Holy Ghost fills a man after he is emptied of his carnal nature; he is still human (in fact more so now than ever before) but now has perfect Love, Joy, Peace, etc. “O Father we need more men filled & preaching this fullness of Holiness.” – 7/31/22

“…Mystic Babylon…they all ‘commit sin’ & ‘receive the mark of the beast’

secretly ‘in their right hand or openly’ in their foreheads.”

– John Fletcher

VARIETY #1.  If you’ve lived near (or often visited) the sea you’ve seen it blue, greenish-blue, gray, grayish-blue (even greenish-gray?) or other hues. These are attempts to give colors. But how does one describe sea shapes? It can be peaceful as “a tea cup” rising only slightly in swells; it can be raging as wind piles white-cap after white cap, as far to sea, as you can see. Its shape in AM may be different by noon, & different yet as the sun finds his west. Love God’s variety at sea. – 8/1/22

INK – not the pen

I am a pen the Lord can grip

And write as He would will.

His is the ink that flows through me,

His the message: strong or still.

When writing’s done the pen is gone,

The quill’s not remembered.

The ink remains across days,

Readily read, unhindered.

May no pen: larger or smaller

Take pride in what it has “written.”

May no quill: shorter or taller

Think IT the heart has smitten.

After the pen is packed away,

What remains is the bold ink.

Long after the pen’s “had its small day,”

The ink’s what makes readers think

– eab,  8/1/07

The greatest thing you can do is change from sinner to saint. The Worst is to slide from sainthood back to the dregs of sin. WARNING – you’ll never be happy again (once you’ve known salvation’s cleansing) unless – I don’t want to type this – unless you slip on down into apostasy & there call black “white,” call white “black.” In this horrible state one tends to laugh at what he once revered, even “make fun” of holy things. He tries to think he’s free when he’s LOST. BTW in this condition he may still preach. – 8/1/22

Isa 5.20

“Woe unto them that call evil good & good evil;

that put darkness for light & light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet & sweet for bitter!”

“How could Mr Henry…contradict himself & write for & against truth? Why, he was a moderate Calvinist: as moderate, he wrote glorious truths; & as a Calvinist, horrid insinuations.”

– John Fletcher

A man “wife shopping” may see qualities he wants in a mate. Hopefully after the wedding he finds “wow she’s better than I thot.” That man is blessed. Harken – come to the Lord God & after being saved by His Divine Grace, we find that He (the Savior of our Souls) met, nay, more than met, nay again, He surpasses what we expected in God. He far, Far, FAR exceeds all we (unworthy souls we are) could have imagined. ENJOY Him today. ENJOY Him tomorrow. ENJOY Him to ALL Eternity. – 8/2/22

“No reward can be justly bestowed, no punishment justly inflicted

upon him who is good or bad by necessity & not by his own choice.”

– Tertullian, quoted by J Fletcher

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