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Joh 4.35 +

Joh 4.35

“Say not ye, There are yet four months & then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you,

Lift up your eyes & look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.

“We who formerly delighted in fornication now strive for purity.

We who used magical arts have dedicated ourselves to the good & eternal God…”

– Justin Martyr

Have you come to realize that earth is temporary? “…Earth shall pass away…”(Mat 24.35). Heaven is also transitory: “Heaven…” (IMO He here speaks of the vast dome overhead) “shall pass away”(same verse). Now – Brace yourself – Christ says, “…My words shall not pass away”(same reference). The sky which some all-but-ignore & earth upon which we pour too much attention are short-lived. Please Take Heed to the Bible. START giving more thought to The Book – It is L-O-N-G lasting. Love It. – 8/1/22

…Fear is the darkroom

in which negatives are developed.”

– seen on marque


Once you wanted to go here & there

Liked the train, the plane, the boat

Wanted to see that island pair

To travel to mountain’s away, remote

And did as God lead & funds appeared.

Now the wanderlust as waned

The desire to see the actual sight is down

You’ll probably not now see “the Dane”

Nor visit that Rhine straddling town

Age has come (unbidden) but “as feared”

So – how do you travel, cause to share

Without ticket, baggage or hype?

The best way now is via prayer

Daytime or if you’re the night type

Heaven’s airwaves remain all cleared.

Don’t need visa or punched passport

To visit a land in intercessory prayer

Desert or a mountain or a seaport

Or other scenes with days of intermission

Prayer “travel” costs less & is God “cheered.”

– eab,  8/3/18

NO MAGIC 1. A man who (as I understand) sees himself as a “holiness evangelist” used the word “magic” (“magical”?) describing Christ’s Birth. If he’s ignorant of magic’s satanic roots, he needs to learn. “Magic” has no place in a Christian’s life. To use it is, to-some-extent, to empower it. No Christ-follower should say anything which makes satan’s kingdom appear stronger. But to use them about the Miracle of our Lord’s birth borders on or IS blasphemy. May God shake this man to his boots. – 8/2/22

“Cursed be all that learning

that is contrary to the cross of Christ.”

– James Madison

Some try to tell you “Once Saved – Always Saved.” Doesn’t work that way with money (“once rich -always rich”?); doesn’t work that way with weddings (“once married – always married”?) both of which can be important. But they want to preach/teach that with the MOST IMPORTANT, the soul, this works. No. They’re wrong. If they truly believe their liar – that’s sad. If they’re building a following using this lie, it is worse. Please Friend, run from all such preachers. RUN. – 8/3/22

2Ti 4.10

“…Demas hath forsaken me,

having loved this present world…”

Instead of God 1.  Are sports a substitute for the Trinity to you? Instead of the Father is it football? Instead of the Son is it soccer? Instead of the Holy Ghost is it golf? “Bryan, don’t be ridiculous.” Can you tell me length/breath of a football or soccer field? How far is it to 1st green at your course? Who was just traded from x to y team? How much did “what’s-his-name” turn down to not play with the new association? Do you [be honest] know a lot (& crave to know more) about sports? It is a “god?” – 8/3/22

“Some do not want to hear the whole story

because it disturbs them & they do not want to be disturbed.”

– Carl McIntire

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