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Joh 6.48 +

Joh 6.48

“I am that bread of life.”

“They do not receive reproach with gentleness; no nor even reproof. Nay they are not able to bear contradiction without the appearance at least of resentment. If they are reproved or contradicted though mildly they do not take it well; they behave with more distance & reserve than they did before.”
– R S Foster

VARIETY #2. Perhaps a reader has never seen the sea. (If you wanted to & have not, I’m sorry – it’s a sight not forgotten.) Look Up. There’s a “sea like space” domed over your head – right now! “Why look up – its always blue.” Look again. The sky can also be grayish. It can dark gray, light gray & a medley of shades between. The variety of sky colors would rival (surpass?) the sea colors. Does the sky have textures? The cloud, mist, fog, “overcastness” of sky is different yet could be seen similar to the sea. 8/1/22 

“Faith…that mysterious hand by which the holy soul clings to God

amid temptation & so is kept from sin…”

– R S Foster

Instead of God. Do you go to a theater & watch hollywood movies? Or do you feel better (more separate from the world) by just renting & watching the filth at home? Do you watch disney garbage or even visit one of their parks? (Have you asked yourself *why you desire such? You need to.) Or, are you into “christian” wanabees? Hopefully less skin is seen & less questionable words heard. Friend, why not take the family on a hike? What not play croquet before Family Altar? Movies are dangerous. – 8/3/22 


I’m not building a church or other org

This side tomb, this side the morgue

Trying to bring you in or shut you out

Because of doctrine you hold (or you doubt).

But the Savior who died for your sin

(Both those outside & those within)

Is building His Church & it has rules

(His ways separate wise from the fools)

He even left us a Book to instruct –

So we don’t need to feel sad or “stuck.”

Love God with all your soul & heart

Toward your neighbor do a rightful part

And, if heaven you hope to joyfully sight

Walk now, Brother, walk in ALL your light.

– eab,  8/4/21

The husband & wife stop living together. Whether there is “official” paper work or not, the marriage is damaged. She remains in church circles so the church hears her side. Does he have a side? Almost definitely. (“50-50”?) I didn’t say that but 99% of the time he has a side we should hear – especially if we continue to use her as a S.S.teacher, piano player etc. Please pastor, leading members, awaken to this fact. Love him (as well as her). Pray for him, yes them. A broken vow is no light thing! – 8/4/22

Mar 10.7

“For this cause shall a man leave his father & mother

& cleave to his wife;”

“Walking in the light,

or balking in the light?”

– C Ponder Frederick

Raise chickens? Good; now you have a supply of (hopefully free-range) eggs. Have a cow? Good; now you have WHOLE milk & cream & (if an abundance) home-made cottage cheese/hard cheese. Do you raise dogs? Not good IMO (unless you’re eating dog J). “But I can sell a pup for $xxx.xx.” That’s just money. New owner pays money for only pleasure (or worse “pride” if he’s weak). Sell chickens – he has eggs. Sell cows – he has milk. Selling dogs is about $ (or heaven forbid; pride). See the difference? – 8/4/22


produces a certain kind of harvest.”

– H Robb French

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