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Joh 14.2 +

Joh 14.2

“In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so,

I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.”

“The way we behave toward other people

indicates what we believe about God.”
– Ken Rice

Laborers 1. God wants Laborers. “I’d kind-a-sort-a-like to help Jesus but I want to be a leader not a *mere* laborer.” I’m glad you’re honest about it but the supposed work of God already has a lot of men/women who want to lead. 1.) They enjoy being clapped onto “stage.” 2.) Enjoy perks of heading up a para-church org. 3.) Enjoy “look at me & how well I can do this *for Jesus*.” Allow me to repeat, the Lord needs Laborers: people who can do what His will, following HIS leadership. Available? – 8/11/22

“The professional ‘show’ business started in ancient Greece

So foul & defiling to society did they become that at one time they were outlawed in Athens.”

– Paul Rees

Every so often a post shows up (on my fb) called “Just Cabin Life.” At times the cabin in pic has a lovely setting. Other times the setting may not be so wonderful but the actual building has appeal. I enjoy seeing these – I also am aware God has given my wife & me a nice little bungalow & we love it. Let me also say – my Lord has gone to prepare a home in the Ever After. He knows exactly what “setting” & what “street appeal” that home will need. I trust Him, Oh how I trust Jesus. Praise God! – 8/11/22  


Carnal man likes to be seen,

Likes you to know his fair worth,

Wants to stand out in his crowd,

Longs for acclaim on this earth.

Holy hearts want the Lord seen,

Lift up His name for acclaim,

Readily give up “lime light,”

Backing away from cheap fame.

Carnal man takes pride in self,

Always demands his own way,

“Thought of it first,” knows “what’s best.”

Argues black night is broad day.

Holiness yields to the Lord,

Gives up its claim to be right,

Wants still God’s perfect, pure will,

Walks happily in God’s light.

The carnal centers “on me,”

“I am the important one,”

Sees no way other than his,

Answers to no one – that’s NONE!

Holy hearts center on Christ,

Focus on the Son of God,

Easily know His way goes

Perfect on Sea or on Sod.


Which way will it be for you, For me?

Our way or God’s sovereign will?

We can know the thrill,

In both valley and hill,

Of being wholly given to God.

– eab,  8/12/2005

After you pray I strongly encourage the use of sources like consumers report. Need a refrigerator – look up (at library) which one is best. Must have a wood burning heat stove – look up who makes one that lasts the longest. Are these sources perfect? No, but they’re a good place to start. In 87 I bought (upon recommendation of such source) a Toyota Camry – source gave it high marks but said exhaust system was weak. I gave the car away when it had 334K; had replaced the exhaust system 3-4 times. – 8/12/22

Mat 7.19

“Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down

& cast into the fire.”

“You do not take your daughter to see my play.  You are right.  Let me say once & for all that you must not take your daughter to the theater.  It is not merely the work that is immoral it is the place.”

– Dumas, playwright written to a friend”

Some readers insist on a dichotomy. They want to believe one can dress, do hair, wear jewelry (makeup) like the world on the outside but be holy (ready for heaven) on the inside. Why? Why do they want to accept this? [>Could such a “christian” be guilty of “false advertising”? Looking like they’re one thing outside but being another inside?<] Friend the outer & the inner are more connected than the modern “holiness” church preaches. Sin is sin. Ask God to make you consistent. He CAN. – 8/12/22

“Lord I thank You for letting me see the sights of NY

& Lord I thank You that I didn’t see anything I wanted.”

– Uncle Buddy Robinson

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