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Joh 14.6 +

Joh 14.6

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth & the life:

no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

“…If he should voluntarily kill himself by refusing to eat & drink

every one would own that such a one was a rebel against God…”

– Wm Law

WORSHIPING #2. If by the wonderful grace of Jesus you & your family member both end UP in heaven how much greater that will be than the above (Worshiping #1 – some days ago). If heaven’s arrangements are so that we can see others as we gather to Adore the Almighty – how great it will be to see part of your human family Adoring God. Pray for your family. Don’t allow anything to cool your love for them. -8/6/22

“…The more we conform to his will the more we act according to his wisdom

& imitate his goodness by so much the more do we enjoy God…”

– Wm Law


I was there when I was earth-born

(That night, “tardes,” or bright morn)

But have no memory of the event.

And I’ll be there the day I die;

And rise (only by His Grace) Up High

Life’s final cord severed; rent.

Will such a dark deed as earthly-death

Be remembered when we draw Heaven’s breath?

I doubt such, will much remembered be,

On the shores of God’s crystal, Holy Sea.

– eab,  8/13/22


Have you taken thought? Are you willing to think?

A chain truly is “no stronger than its weakest link.”

And *your life* – seemingly grand & so bright,

Is no better than that part you’ve hidden out of sight!

– eab,  8/13/22

The likelihood that you’ll listen to a bartender’s advice is slim-to-none. BUT the new couple at church, or this new blog you’ve found sounds so religious. He/she quotes an old hymn (or even chap/verse of Bible) yet she is worldly & truth be known, he’s more worldly than appears. Please DO NOT be fooled. satan may have sent them into your life. They can be as dangerous as a wolf. Please see where they differ from the Holy Bible & avoid them. The Bible is the only SAFE SOURCE. Study It. – 8/12/22

“There are no songs to be compared to the songs of Zion,

no orations equal to those of the Prophets & no politics equal to those the Scripture can teach…”

– John Milton

Probably someone you know is in Hell. That’s a horrible thought – yet – we need to think about it. Please do. (Recently I saw pic of a person I tried to pastor; have reason to think that soul is in Hell.) Think about your friend/relative who is possibly in Hell: he/she has had no water since they died. They have not had a night’s rest since going below. They have held no babies nor enjoyed any pleasant moments. Hell is as real – If anything MORE real than earth. Do NOT join them. Repent & stop all sinning. – 8/13/22

Rev 14.11

“…The smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever & ever: & they have no rest day nor night,

who worship the beast & his image & whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.”

WOODSTOVE 1. If you can install a small, efficient wood stove in your dwelling I’d encourage you to do it – “yesterday.” Install it where its radiant warmth will do the most good (if you’re unsure have a knowledgeable friend assess it). Definitely buy (barter) for a model that does not, DOES NOT require electricity. Put another way, you need one you can us IF/when the electric is off. Also get a stove with a flat top so (again if “juice” is off) you can cook on it. Winter cometh. Do your want J or L? – 8/13/22 

“I am a creature of a day…I drop into an unchanging eternity!  I want to know one thing—

the way to heaven…God Himself has condescended to teach the way…written in down in a book.

Oh give me that Book!…Let me be a man of one Book.”

– John Wesley

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