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Joh 17.17 +

Joh 17.17

“Sanctify them through thy truth:

thy word is truth.”

“No church can be under the guidance of the Spirit

which fears to offend the world.”
– George  Shaw

WOODSTOVE 4. You will need an ash bucket & small ash removal shovel. Place some ash on your garden mixed with present dirt. If you must throw ash away & have to use city garbage cans (plastic) keep ash in metal container until cold before loading into can. Cardboard to start fires with is obtained at Alti stores free. Also use junk mail for starters. Put bigger wood to back & sides – build fire in front middle. Light strip of cardboard with Bic lighter to safely get flame back in kindling where you want it. – 8/13/22  

“Nothing is more vital to Christianity

than the doctrine of the Divinity of Christ.”

– George  Shaw

HOME SCH – Grammar.  If you did not LIKE grammar there’s a good possibility your child will be cheated in his acquisition of these Big Building Blocks of language. That’s a shame. If you’re a Christian ask the Lord to help you acquire a LOVE for grammar. (If you’re just a “christian” – not truly in love with Him & His Book – ask Jesus into your heart & THEN ask Him help you to love grammar.) BTW you’ll be a better Dad/Mom (husband/wife) & better Home sch. parent after you ARE Born Again. – 8/16/22


There was an old giant of Gath,

Whose heart held unholy wrath;

He talked to David of a dog,

But was soon down like a log.

And David was on the Royal path.

– eab,  8/16/14


Your life may be crooked, twisted, and torn

Don’t let satan make you the least forlorn;

Confess your sins; believe in Christ

Stop being the devil’s illegal heist.

How? By being once & forever Re-Born.

– eab,  8/16/17

entertainment.  How did entertainment get such a grip on people from holiness churches? What’s happened to having great times with family or family & friends & NOT having to have a screen or a stage to do this? Once this seductive evil has been planted (yielded to – allowed because it’ easier?) & grown, then parents become SELECTORS of entertainment; choosing the lesser of two evils – then the lesser of two *harder* evils, until almost all is “undesirable.” Wake up Dad. Wake up Mom. – 8/16/22

Jas 3.10

“Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing & cursing.

My brethren, these things ought not so to be.”

“A sermon is no sermon in which

I can not hear the heart beat.”

Longfellow, quoted byGeorge Shaw

When you can enjoy a “gospel song,” relish the vocal range of soloist, get “carried away” by the strings & TOTALLY ignore fact the singer/player has a very THIS WORLD appearance, you need to examine your soul. If my wife & I invited you to our table & she had delicious food on/in stove but the bowls into which she placed it were dirty, would you eat? Or the plate upon which you were to eat or fork was filthy, would you partake? The vessel IS important. Only a saint can PROPERLY sing God’s songs. – 8/16/22

“Sanctified people need to remember that the spirit of heaviness

is entirely compatible with the spirit of holiness.”

– C W Ruth

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