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Act 2.1 +

Act 2.1

“And when the day of Pentecost was fully come,

they were all with one accord in one place.”

“No man can have God’s highest thought

& be popular with his immediate generation.”
– A B Simpson

WAKE UP. Some former peers, former students, family are dressing daughters in pants. Please think. God – in His infinite wisdom – entrusted you & your Biblical mate with a female. He wants you to raise her feminine. That, of course, includes more than dressing her in a dress but it includes that!!! “Oh Bryan, I don’t think God cares – our pastor’s wife wears slacks.” (Sorry – pray in a better man.) YOU are responsible for what you’ll answer God someday about how you FAILED your daughter. – 8/8/22

“Poorest man I know tonight

is that man who all he has is money.”

– Marshall Smart

Some folks want to do certain things. “Love it.” “Eat it up.” Frankly, as a child of God, I have no desire for such – – – & wonder WHY they crave worldly entertainment. But another thought persists. What deep inside them agrees with this despicable stuff? This shallow, tinny, obviously short-lived “pleasure”? God’s people have a deeper, more solid, satisfying walk. God gives insight. He helps us see the falseness, the ephemeralness of earth. Things of time can’t keep happy the Spirit “BUILT” for eternity. – 8/8/22 


There’s a temporary, light pleasure called “mirth.”

It appears to be at-home at (& only part of) earth

By contrast, “joy” comes from (& originates) in God

Far superior & more permanent than sea or sod.

– eab,  8/18/17

Want to be wise? [No, didn’t ask if you want to be ‘thought of” as wise.] Be Wise? Listen to, associate with live men who are wise. Read after deceased men who were wise. The greatest Man is Jesus Christ. Be wise enough to read His life, read & re-read His lessons, attempt to memorize some of His maxims. Do NOT say “I can’t memorize.” satan doesn’t want you to remember the Words of Christ so he’ll fight you. After teaching many yrs I believe most (if not all) people CAN memorize. Apply yourself! – August 2022

Jas 3.13

“Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you?

let him show out of a good conversation his works with meekness of wisdom.”

“Where is the far country?

Anywhere you go without God”

Wayne States

WHAT TO PREACH. As a new pastor (or even older man) thinks about next Lord’s Day sermons he has a choice of “sources.” 1.) Some look at a regular calendar – is there a holiday (or worse, military anniversary) upon which his sermon can hinge? 2.) Some may look at an ecclesiastical calendar – did “x” (supposed saint) die & he can start a sermon with “x”? 3.) OR – he can seek the mind of God. God & God alone knows who’ll be in the AM/PM service & what deep truth they need from His Holy Word. – 8/18/22

“Our job is to teach them(our children)

how to live without us.”

– Kenneth Stetler

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