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Act 3.6 +

Act 3.6

“Then Peter said, Silver & gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee:

In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up & walk.”

“Tis by our quarrels

that we spoil our prayers”

– Cotton Mather

In the days when churches had Holy Ghost movings some sinners came to meeting to be entertained. They came to see Sis So-n-So shout with her hanky in the air. They came to see Bro What’s-his-name run the aisles. They came to hear the saints rejoice. It was entertainment – – – until the Spirit of God settled on their sinful souls; then they either ran away or, hopefully yielded to God & became a saint OTHERS would later come to watch & make fun of. Saints worshipped – sinners were entertained. – 8/19/22

“What think ye of Christ? …is the question

that confronts every man who has ever heard His name.

– Carl McIntire


Your mother didn’t have a diamond ring

You decided you would.

She never wore that “wedding thing”

You decided you could.

Mom & Dad’s marriage lasted years

Through poverty, illness, fears

Conquered debt, moves, tears

And did it all without metal “on third.”

Rings are heathen habits. Absurd.

– eab, 8/19/22

HOME SCH. – BOTANY. Years ago an educator combined two fields of learning & called it biology. Before that some high schools taught Botany & also taught Zoology. It might have been better to have them separated & as a home sch. you, of course, can do so. Each field is huge. Many (with little question most) children/youth need to learn more about the billions of plants around us. What better time than now? What better teacher than you, home sch. parent? Have a great time together! – 8/19/22

“‘Thou shalt not steal’ protects our properties; ‘Thou…kill’ our lives

‘Thou…bear false witness’ our reputations, ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’ our marriages…”

– Carl McIntire

BEAR WITH ME. #1. If you had a daughter & you want her to be able to do everything her brother does, allow me to disagree. She is a girl. It is your responsibility (by God’s help) to have her leave your roof someday AS A LADY. (If God had wanted you to have a son, He’d have given you one.) Teach her to sew. “Bryan, that’s so out-of-date.” It can appear to be, but she may need it & be grateful she learned it & learned it FROM you! Teach her to enjoy being female; to look forward to ladyhood. – 8/19/22 

Joh 14.27

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth,

give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

Those wanting to control people can more easily do it, if you have nothing. No extra food – have a root cellar, cache. No extra fuel – have wood-burning stove & collect free firewood. No extra shoes/clothing – keep things that fit & you can layer for warmth. No extra money – have some not in bank. No extra ideas – be reading/accumulating survival ideas. The very “Best Thing” you can have is an extra-close walk with Jesus. You might be deprived of food, or warmth – they can’t take Jesus! Hallelujah – 8/19/22

“You can alter opinions…revise theories, but you cannot alter a reality:

you must accept it just as it is. The Biblical teaching on Jesus Christ describes a reality.”

– David Hedegard

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