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ACT 4.12 +

Act 4.12

“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name

under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”

“First…pardon (salv.begun) is received by faith producing works, 2nd…holiness (salv.continued)

is faith working by love, 3rd…heaven (salv.finished) is the reward of this faith.”
– Able Stevens

Old School. There was a day no piano (or organ) was played after an Altar Call closed. Saints gathered around seekers & a volume of prayer was sent toward heaven. Now, sadly, I see/hear the guy/gal on the keyboard playing while some are trying to help those at the altar to pray. Please get off the bench & help lift in prayer. IF you’re a pastor (other leader) & have actually requested the key board “artist” to continue, I urge you to ask Jesus for forgiveness for this modern trend. We need Prayers not Players! – 8/19/22

“Pulpit buffoons…can never claim sanction from his [Whitefield] example;

it is doubtful whether he ever made a congregation laugh…”

– Able Stevens

HOME SCH. – BOTANY 2. As you start to teach botany look for “handles.” A word to drop is “weed.” The great botanist, George Washington Carver is famous for stating “There’s no such thing as a weed…” You & I man not want to go that far, but we’ve not gone as far as Carver in our plant research either. There are, of course, plants we can’t eat & plants that cause skin problems when touched (we therefore call them poisonous) but students need to know about them to avoid them. – 8/19/22  


Somewhere in Ohio’s a little tike

(Who’s already learned to ride a bike.)

She’s the last of a “litter” (JK) of six

The tail-end, grand finale, “the fix.”

Happy Birthday, dear Abigail

May it be sooo sweet – without fail.

– eab,  8/20/19 

BEAR WITH ME #2. Teach your daughter to cook. No. Not just READ a cookbook but cook “from scratch.” Part of this (a bigger part than you or I may see) is learning to LOVE TO COOK. If you, Mom, don’t like to cook, if you beg your husband to eat-out all you dare, see if grandma, or aunt of your daughter can/will be willing to “school” her in the kitchen. And – baking – – – is it becoming a lost art? Making a “sweet” by combing This commercial candy with That pretzel is (pardon me) NOT baking.  – 8/19/22 

Psa 119.11

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart…”

“He was [Whitfield] the original of popular preaching

& all our popular ministers are only he copies.”

John Newton

You’ve seen something like “Live here free a yr but can’t watch football.” Let’s pretend you can go to a cabin (mountain or beachside) without bills or family responsibility for a yr. You’re permitted to take food, clothing, paper/pen but no electronic device (it’s off grid). You’re allowed books but are limited to 5 – – – what will they be? (These are the only 5 you’ll read for 12 months; you’ll read them or nothing at all.) Again, what will those 5 books be? Got the 1st one? The 2nd? Is the 3rd harder? Lost on the 4th? – 8/20/22

“There goes John Newton, had it not been for the grace of God.”

– Newton exclaimed to a friend…as they passed a criminal on his way to execution

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