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Act 5.20 +

Act 5.20

“Go, stand & speak in the temple

to the people all the words of this life.”

“Students keep the sch. afloat financially. If the sch. does not offer psychology, ‘the number-two most popular major’ the students will go elsewhere…the sch. sinks economically.”

– T A McMahon, Berean Call, Nov. 2012

HOME SCH. – BOTANY 3. As a strong believer in Christ & the Bible I’d encourage you to study plants, in part, from a Biblical prospective. Men have studied plants & made categories. But the oldest division is found in God’s Word. He divided all vegetation into 1.) Grass,  2.) Herb(s) &  3.) Tree(s) (Gen 1.11). The simplicity of this appeals to me (I’ve taught biology several times). Note an easy reference: three types of plants & three “1’s.” Also SEE “…Whose seed is in itself…” a definition of Fruit. – 8/19/22

“Fellowship is precious in the Lord.

He alone gives it. It is an unspeakable gift.

– Carl McIntire


Right on His time, every spring

God does a miraculous thing;

Inspires a plant to send up a shoot

(From its hidden but powerful root).

That shoot on a given hour

Puts out a colorful flower;

Said flower, from it tiny heart

Creates a seed that will do its part:

Produce again life’s “wonder thing”

Another plant, in another spring.

– eab,  August 2015

BEAR WITH ME #3. Teach your daughter how to be seated. [One of the curses of wearing pants is girls aren’t taught to keep their knees together (wearing PJ ‘too much’ adds to this).] If a lady wishes to cross her legs it’s *always* at the ankles. If you Mom, do not do, this please start. “But I see So-n-So sitting on a platform with her legs crossed at the knee.” Pardon my honesty – she’s wrong. There’s some unlady-likeness in our midst. Teach your daughter to be above this. She‘ll be better for your training. – 8/19/22

“The enemies of the Gospel have come into the church as angels of light. Infiltration & esponage have been successful…posses[ing]the field by…pleasant phrases & deceptive use of Christian terminology..”

– Carl McIntire

There is a “…Falling Away…”(2Th 2.3) in progress. In my observation of the last 65 yrs I’d say it IS INCREASING. Churches who once had no members with TVs now have (I’d fear) key board members who have TV-like-movies they watch “to relax.” Churches who once welcomed the most careful evangelist, now bring in only the man they’re sure WON’T preach against their favorite college/pro sports. Churches who…you fill the blank. Please friend, seek God – avoid the Falling Away. – 8/20/22

Jer 17.9

“The heart is deceitful above all things,

& desperately wicked: who can know it?”

What, dear Friend, resides in your heart? Do you really know? Are you some-what afraid to honestly look into the “crannies & corners” of your inner self? I strongly encourage you to explore 1.) Why do you want to do certain actions?  2.) Why do you desire/demand that you be called “Prof” or “Reverend” or “Doctor” “_ _ _ _” (other)?  3.) Why do you insist on dressing in super casual garb (or for that matter, in some officious outfit)? Does pride [All pride is unholy.] control the center of your soul? – 8/21/22

“…Modernists…are…happy to talk about Jesus but they do not want the Jesus

who denounced the Pharisees & told them they were of their father the devil.”

– Carl McIntire

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