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Act 5.29 +

Act 5.29

“Then Peter & the other apostles answered & said

‘We ought to obey God rather than men.’”

“As I passed through t company dejected & disappointed it occurred to my mind what is all this immense multitude assembled for? To see a few horses gallop 2-3miles round a course as if the devil were both in them & their riders! Certainly we are all mad…if we imagine that t Almight made us to seek happiness in such senseless amusements.”
– Geo. Story, told by Able Stevens

BEAR WITH ME #4. Some want their son to be able to cook, bake, clean etc. Again allow me to disagree. [I speak not of chefs.] If/when a man needs to “fend for himself” most won’t die of starvation. We (define “we” anyway you wish to) don’t need more men who fastidiously clean/cook/bake. Do not make a feminine guy out of the Son, God wants you to turn into a man. A little help in the kitchen is fine but please Mom, please Dad, raise a man. Oh, how we need more M.E.N. OF GOD. – Aug. 2022

“He now became an assiduous student of the Bible keeping it before him on the counter of the shop

in which he was employed…His mind was quickeded…His aspirations for knowledge became intense”

– John Smith, told by Able Stevens

You could die today. “Don’t try to scare me; I’m young.” My only brother was killed at 17. A man who stood up in our wedding was dead at 20. Jesus Christ was crucified in His 30’s. You may (probably do) know someone who passed away in 40s, 50s, 60s. Many to not make their “three score & ten.” And – – – after you die? “Oh, I was baptized in So-n-So Creek” Or “I joined the church last week” Or “I’ve never done x y or z.” If you have not believed on the Lord Jesus Christ you are Lost. Be saved today. – 8/22/22


What would you do TODAY

If you knew it were your last?

Would you “watch” what you say?

Straighten up a smutty past?

Or admit that you were wrong?

(Which you’ve known all along.)

– eab,  – 8/22/22

Is something coming “Down the Pike”? Yes – 0 Yes. I can’t tell you *what* except as the Bible does. [Nor can the Bible “scholar” you hear (radio/podcast) or whose last book you devoured.] But there’s wonderful Good News – God’s in charge (as He always has been J). satan & social planners would like you to worry – they can control you better that way – but God said “Fear Not.” He said that to Abram (Gen 15.1) & He said it over & over & over until Revelation (1.17) a last time. He Means It! Obey Him. – 8/22/22     

Rev 1.17

“…He laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me,

‘Fear not; I am the first & the last’”

“You have taken each other for better & for worse;

the worse came first & it will now be all the better.”

– Hodgson Casson (to newly saved couple)

What To Do?  12 POINTS  1.) Make sure all sins have been forgiven & you’re living TODAY above sin

2.) Ask the Holy Spirit to remove all carnal nature & Fill you with His “Love, Joy, Peace…”(Gal 5.22)

3.) Read Bible everyday. Memorize from It. Pray for the salvation of relatives, friends & enemies

4.) Get out of debt; pay off credit cards. Hide part of your cash (small denominations). Buy cash only

5.) If feasible move to rural location; down sizing your home, making it less visible to all passersby

6.) Store durable food, water. Grow food. Learn what roots/shoots/leaves/fruits for which to forage

7.) Acquire wood-burning stove. Gather wood/keep dry. Learn how to build small fire & keep it going

8.) Save rainwater. Have filter system for it. Have hand well. Learn to use less (waste none) water

9.) Insulate house. Install thermo windows. Have plan to shut off rooms where there is no water

10.) Keep warm blankets/quilts – the more body heat you save at night the less wood you need to burn    

11.) Spiritually prepare to have no phone, computer, electric. Millions have lived yrs. without them

12.) Refuse to Fear. Lean on God. Praying about x, y & z, expand prayer list & believe God – 8/22/22

“Dying & death…are distinct things; there is something gloomy in & melancholy about dying; whereas death is nothing, but as it opens the way to glory.”

– Richard Watson

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