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Act 6.4 +

Act 6.4

“But we will give ourselves continually to prayer

& to the ministry of the word.”

Please Listen; the Holy Ghost does Not Need  1.) Extra Lights on the “stage.” 2.) Nor lights in color.

3.) Nor lights moving & flashing. 4.) The Lord doesn’t need smoke or mist rising from dry ice (or whatever) – this approaches too close to imitating the glory in the Jewish tabernacle or smoke in Rev (15.8). 5.) The Holy Spirit doesn’t need “worship teams” up front (even if all are properly clothed & have no jewelry) swaying back & forth clapping. Don’t support such with attendance or offerings. – 8/19/22

“…Viewers now have scenes in their minds that they believe are scriptural. Even worse…millions of lost souls whose only ‘biblical insights’ have come from a Hollywood production of God’s Word.

– T A McMahon

chunks of time

To say all men have equal money

Is so false, it’s not even funny.

Some men are fabulously rich,

Some men are fantastically poor,

Some own room after room,

Some don’t even own one door.

But all men alive on this earth,

Whether of royal, common or poor birth,

Have an equal amount of one thing.

It’s an item simple, yet sublime

(You can’t weigh it, or smell it, or see it)

All men have equal chunks of time.

– eab,  8/23/06

ATTENTION YOUNG MAN. You saw a pretty face & as you talk with her – she seemes nice. BUT if she wants to compete with you (out-run you, race her car with you in your car, other competition) pay close, *very close attention. You want a wife (someday-not rushing you) who wants to be by your side not in-your-face. [I speak not of playful competition.] When you see a glint in her eye saying “she’ll win or else” I strongly encourage you to not waste time on her. There’re more fish in the pond.” – 8/19/22

“Avatar (a Hindu term for an incarnated spirit or god)…Avatar [promotes]

the largest non-centralized & non-structured religion in the world: shamanism”

– T A McMahon, Berean Call, Dec 2016

HOME SCH. – BOTANY. You, as the Home Sch. parent, decide if botany is all yr or only a semester. Fall is a good time to study “grasses” what are native to your locale, what were native to Bible lands, what were most nutritious, etc. Teach your child to recognize grass shapes, colors, & what animals tend to eat which. Learn what herbs are around you. Show child what you eat & why. One, with help from library books, could spend a semester on grasses & herbs to the benefit of your child’s future eating. – 8/19/22 

Exo 20.4

“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath…”

BEWARE 1. satan wants to capture attention with images & sadly, he’s had much help from hollywood & disney. Give yourself an assignment: make a list of all the cartoon characters YOU can visualize & name (without a pic before you). These are characters who never lived. They’re “people” (“Elmer Fudd”) & “animals” (“Donald Duck”) yet your can “see” them in your mind’s eye or even “hear” them in your inner ear. Christian please. PLEASE God by decreasing your belief/acceptance of images! – 8/22/22

“…Freud was a cocaine addict who lusted for his own mother. Jung was suicidal & communed with a demon. Rodgers ended his…life…assisted suicide”

– – T A McMahon, Berean Call, April 2003

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