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Act 11.16 +

Act 11.16

“Then remembered I the word of the Lord, how that he said, ‘John indeed baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost.’”

“The ‘Task’ (Cowper) has…been celebrated as marking…the transition from the poetry of the 18th to that of the 19th century…but it is more important both historically & morally as marking the era of the Methodistic resuscitation of religion in England.”
– Able Stevens

HOME SCH. – BOTANY 5. Trees – where does one start? You can divide the huge forest into: 1.) Domestic/foreign, 2.) Edible/non-edible (might, push-come-to-shove, be debatable), 3.) Fruit/nut bearing, 4.) Construction/trees not used for building, 5.) Woods useful for furniture, handles, fencing, etc. 6.) Best for firewood. Teach child to identify tree: 1.) By leaf, 2.) By bark, 3.) By wood-grain, 4.) By seed. They need to study trees & know it’ll take a life-time to grasp them well. Happy Studying! – 8/19/22

“Wesley’s theology was strict but he never despaired of any man who,

‘Called upon the name of the Lord.’”

– Able Stevens

What is the advantage of compromising?  What are you profited that you can NOW go to your football game?  What good does it really do you that you NOW wear shorts?  So you NOW buy a meal on the Lord’s Day – is this worth the coolness you feel between you & the Lord?  A little letting-up Here, a shift left over there – be honest, Friend, it’s doing you no real good BUT heaven is further away than it used t be L.  – 8/20/22


God made the world without a hammer or saw

In fact, He used the most unique “tool” of all,

He used His powerful Word.

Enjoy His peaks & lush valleys galore

Love His lavish, curving, sandy seashore

But love Him & His Word more & more.

Make It the best thing you ever heard.

– eab,  8/24/22

Any organization a man can induct you into, he or another man, can “kick you out of.” Good news? No; but a fact. Don’t be too elated by invitations to “high-brow” clubs, insider groups, even churches. (Nor feel too crest-fallen when you’re “excommunicated.”) Such are the ways of fickle men. BY CONTRAST, Jesus Christ invites you into His Church. He died that you be Born Again. Make the best decision of your life; join Jesus. No man can “kick you out.” You can be the LORD’S forever. – 8/24/22

Joh 6.37

“All that the Father giveth me shall come to me;

& him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.”

“While he [Rankin] was giving this statement [i.e.report] Fletcher stopped him 6 times…broke out into prayer to God for the prosperity of the American brethren…This was an hour never to be forgotten…while memory remains.”

– Able Stevens

“A picture is worth 1000 words” is too widely accepted as true. So- – -put up a pic of TRUTH. Show us a pic of Honesty. Where is a pic of True Love? (List could go on.) Please don’t accept a popular saying because it’s “popular.” You can show a pic of a car but that image may not prove it a Chevy or what yr it was made or what “style line.” But the words “57 Chevy, 210” needs no pic to many older readers or younger car buffs. Learn to think about clichés. Don’t buy all you hear – – – even in church. – 8/24/22

“The people of God were remarkably blessed in hearing of his [Robt Wilkinson] dying testimony;

the worldly people & backsliders were cut to the heart.”

– Able Stevens

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