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ACT 14.17 +

Act 14.17

“…He left not himself without witness, in that he did good & gave us rain from heaven

& fruitful seasons, filling our hearts with food & gladness.”

“Yoga is the very heart of Hinduism.

It is sold in the West as science but in fact is religion.”

– T A McMahon

You perhaps have scratched your head (figuratively, if not literally) & asked yourself “What is going on?” Let me assure you – tho I, of course, do not know the details of your life – repeat, let me assure, God knows exactly what He’s doing. He is trying to get you to heaven. He WANTS your “company” in that Land of Endless Day. Walk on. Walk on in faith. You can trust God. No one, ah, no one loves you as much as God, the Father does. Walk on – – – until you join Him above. – 8/23/22

“The early church knew nothing of this [rituals, ceremony, candles, incense, prayer stations, & images] idolatrous & sense-oriented worship.

– T A McMahon


God was there, everywhere,

Before earth had an anywhere.

And when earth’s everywhere,

Disappears into thin air,

He’ll be here, & there, & everywhere!

– eab,  8/25/06

As we get closer to the end of the age expect the leftish churches to cooperate more & more – until they join as a One World Church. Don’t for a moment imagine this is good. They, tho religious, will oppose the True Christ (because He is totally left out of their humanistic formalism). By contrast, HOLD on to any & all friends (they may become more scarce) you have who are holy. The narrow way is unpopular. Jesus Christ was “so popular” they killed Him. He wasn’t ecumenical – neither should you be. – 8/25/22     

“..Accuracy is an impossibility in a theatrical film. A movie that attempts to recreate a historic event or time period is at best a creative reproduction that depends more up on the talents of the production team for credibility than with concern for historic precision or truth.”

– T A McMahon – he holds a master’s degree in communication

Women with uncut hair? – Yes! It is sooo Biblical & I like it. Can your long hair become a subject of pride? Again, Yes. (satan’ll use anything he can to cause Pride: a favorite weapon of his.) Allow me to caution two ways. 1.) Mom – find a way to wear your hair which fits with a.) Your age, b.) Your face shape, c.) Your color of skin & color of hair. 2.) Mom (or Dad) with daughter – be patient as your teen (pre-teen) tries this style & that BUT encourage her also to apply a.b.c. (above). Avoid Pride in Hair! – 8/25/22

Rev 22.19

“If any man shall take away from the words…God shall take away his part out of the book of life

& out of the holy city & from the things which are written in this book.”

Paul & Barnabas used the expression “…Judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life…(Act 13.46). In modernity there are scholars (if judging by degrees) & “scholars” (as they wish to see themselves – albeit more likely pseudo-scholars) who’ve politely (or not so politely) *dismissed the Classic King James Bible. There’s a sense in which they’ve make a decision to “counted themselves unworthy of” the Greatest Book in the entire English Language. I’m sorry for their dangerous miscalculation. – 8/25/22

“…I think our future will also require us to join humbly & charitably with people of other faiths -Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, secularists…” >> Rick is SO wrong. <<

– Rick Warren, as recorded by T A McMahon, Berean Call, April 2010

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