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Act 15.8 +

Act 15.8

“And God, which knoweth the hearts, bare them witness,

giving them the Holy Ghost, even as he did unto us;”

“Often when he [C.Wesley] returned to the city Road parsonage did he leave his pony in the garden & enter crying…‘Pen & ink! Pen & ink!’ Supplied these he would finish the composition before recognizing or saluting anyone who might be present…When the inspired task was done, no man could be more courteous.”
– Able Stevens

A lady can always, ALWAYS wear a dress or skirt/blouse. And WHY should she not ??? (Please Mom, do not lower yourself to pants even if your married daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, granddaughter does.) Look like a Lady. Feel like a Lady. Walk like a Lady. This is your privilege. This is your right as the Daughter of the King. God chose to make two(2) genders & you, as a Lady are clearly in His plan. Rejoice in your Ladyship & pray until you’re the VERY Lady God needs you to be! – 8/24/22

“All unnecessary conversation in the chapels

before or after public service was forbidden.”

– Able Stevens

Please pray as God would have YOU pray. We must take His “…Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth laborers into his harvest”(Luk 10.2) seriously. I try to pray for Asia (largest population) on the Lord’s Day, Africa (2nd in pop.) on Mon., Europe (3rd in pop.) on Tue., North America (4th in pop.) Wed., South Am. (5th in pop.) Thur., Oceania (last in pop.) Fri., & pray for grandchildren (born & married into fam.) on Sat. I encourage you to pray for a bigger pic than you now do. – 8/25/22


Two groups preach holiness:

The seekers and the possessors.

Two groups ignore holiness:

The unenlightened & the holiness rejecters. 

– eab,  8/26/09


Juice came up to the end of the shoot

From kin below, the hid, lowly root;

Living, life-giving juice.

“What do I do with this sticky stuff?”

“I’ll make a leaf, I’ve more than enough.”

So the tinniest leaf came to be

Up there – nigh impossible to see.

Spring seen the deepening of the green

June made it the darkest ever seen

Then fall. Then fall, turned it light yellow

Like it’s same-stem, same-high-tree fellow.

Cold & wind made it loose.

Today it fell to the awaiting sod.

One of millions of miracles of God!

– eab,  8/25/22

You want to learn? You can for nearly no money (libraries abound). Oh!?! Someone told you, you need a degree? Would that, by chance, be the same people who’re *offering the degree? “But I want to meet a pretty girl (or handsome man) & college provides a place for that.” Or, at the library, as you’re acquiring knowledge, you may meet that gal (or guy) who is as smart as you are, avoiding the high costs but being “educated” also. Christians pray about EVERYTHING. Pray before you go to college. – 8/26/22

Joh 1.1

“In the beginning was the Word & the Word

was with God & the Word was God.”

“Clarke to Wesley ‘Sir I wish to do & be whatever God pleases.’ Wesley laid his hands on Clarke’s head, prayed a few minutes & sent him to Bradford circuit. Clarke called that his ‘ordination’ & never wished any other.”

– Able Stevens

Days ago I started a list of Bible words which show the “expression of words” without saying the word “word.” When I started I never expected the list to be this long (& growing). This AM as I read my Bible I saw: “praise” “confess” “persuaded” “condemn” “reproach” “Scripture” & several more all of which require “words” to make the thought fully known. The Bible is truly a Book of words in a deeper way than any other book. It’s NOT a Book of images. Flee images – Move more into Words. – 8/26/22

“…All preachers were to be home

by nine o’clock at night…”

– Able Stevens

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