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Act 15.9 +

Act 15.9

“And put no difference between us and them,

purifying their hearts by faith.”

“The first great & primary business of which I ought

to attend every day, is to have my soul happy in the Lord.”

– George  Muller

BEWARE 2. Bible readers run into “images” & see God’s opposition to them scores of times (Gen 31.19-Mic 5.13). Scripture uses “idols” even more (Lev 19.4-Rev 9.20). Image(s), idol(s) become (to some) substitutes for the True God. Millions of people (not all of them in heathen lands) are fascinated by stone, metal, wooden replicas of Buddha (thought to have existed) or of other gods which are figments of evil imaginations: ancient & very modern. Christian – avoid ALL of these. – 8/22/22

“…Paganism survived…in the form of ancient rites & customs condoned…by an often indulgent Church…Statues of Isis & Horus were renamed Mary & Jesus.

Will Durant, told by Dave Hunt


Dad, don’t worship the god of football

Or its puny “sports-peers” on your shelf.

Mom, don’t bow to the god of fashion

Or similar “stuff” – centered on self.

You have a small son watching

Who still thinks you do no wrong.

Your daughter sees your god, Mom

Hears you “sing” the earthy song.  

You know better than your compromise.

Know you are wrong in a pure God’s eyes.

Stop. Don’t lead your child astray.

Stop. Come back to God. Today!

– eab,  8/27/22

There’s a baptism with water – practiced by John the Baptist. There’s a baptism by fire – initiated by Jesus Christ. There’s a huge difference between John & Jesus. There’s a huge difference between water & fire. OBVERSATION – water baptism has never been as popular among “holiness” people as now. Why? Is this a sign the Baptism with Fire & the Holy Ghost is less sought after??? Please think. Carnal churchmen gravitate toward “the outward.” Holy men are more interested in the inward. – 8/25/22

“In each expanded edition of his Institutes Calvin

quotes & relies upon Augustine more than ever.”

– Dave Hunt

From time to time I see 3-4 crows in the grass across the road from us. This morning there were 7 big black crows enjoying the bright green “field.” There was not a robin, bluebird or dove among them. Now. Watch what kind of preachers your pastor likes to associate with. Are the guys with whom he “pals” men of Scripture & Scriptural living, or are they moving left? Does he want godly men for close friends or is he comfortable with compromisers? These are SERIOUS questions. Think! – 8/26/22

Mat 19.14

“But Jesus said, Suffer little children & forbid them not,

to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

You dad, You mom, are now placing your child’s feet on the upward trail that, if they obey the Father, will lead them to their home in heaven with God – or – you’re starting their feet down toward the most horrible prison house of time or eternity. How you dress them (allow them to dress, as they age), the music they hear (home or in your car), the gods of sports you permit on radio (or worse), the immediate obedience you require (or allow to slide) are shaping their lives THIS.  VERY.  DAY. – 8/27/22    

“The apocrypha was never quoted by Christ or by His apostles,

though the Old Testament is quoted in the New more than 250 times.”

– Dave Hunt

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