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Act 15.29 +

Act 15.29

“That ye abstain from meats offered to idols & from blood & from things strangled

& from fornication: from which if ye keep yourselves, ye shall do well…”

“ ‘There is no harm in it.’

You are just about half gone when you admit that.”

– Steve D Herron

No Source – mere book of man or worse flimsy film – can ever, hear it, EVER give spiritual insight into your walk like the HOLY BIBLE. The Book is here on earth, now, ready for you to read, study, yea memorize (in part) yet It is a heavenly Book – its Author far above the clouds. God may someday question why you treated His Text so casually. Question why you memorized baseball/football stats instead of It. Lessen the time you spend with the earthy; Increase time spent with His Heavenly Book. – 8/26/22

“What Moses could not show, what the thunderings of Sinai could not reveal

…Jesus revealed. He came to show us the Father.

– Steve D Herron


The was a young lady named Ruth,

Who, though Moabite, desired the truth.

Her mother-n-law, started to leave,

To her, Ruth did lovingly cleave.

Not ALL young “is wasted” on youth.

– eab,  8/28/09

Be careful, very careful what “proverbial feather” you stick in your hat. “They’re considering making ME assistant…” or “if I take that position I’ll be 3rd in command.” Youth, Midler, even Senior guy/gal that feather up in the air will make you much more of a target for satan or his blood-thirsty men. Better to be lower & make it into heaven, as to be “Somebody” in the eyes of carnal church members & find at the end of life’s road, heaven’s gate is locked to you. – 8/29/22

“Jesus never refused little faith. The only thing that ever

hindered the Lord from doing anything was unbelief.”

– Steve D Herron

Will there be Lutherans in heaven? I believe there will. Presbyterians? Again, I’d say yes. Baptists? Methodists? Congregationalists. There’ll be people (IMO) from most (if not all) of the old Biblical evangelical churches. Will they be there because they belonged to these? No. Every soul will be in heaven ‘cause they believed on Jesus & were filled by the Holy Spirit (groups may have called these experiences different names). Only Holy people enter God’s Holy Heaven. Prepare Friend, Prepare. – 8/29/22  

Mat 5. 8

“Blessed are the pure in heart:

for they shall see God.”

If you have a degree of discernment you see the “landscape” is changing. If you have more discernment you know it’s changing quickly. I fear once holy churches where pastor/people were separate from the world & had the “shine & shout,” are turning away from God. This is seen in their appearance, in their insistence on the “Right” to worldly entertainment (“Don’t tell ME its wrong to go to X.”), in a shallowness of a VBS/youth camp & in their LACK of Revival. – 8/29/22

“…You know what happened that first day when Adam & Eve sinned?

God didn’t send thunderbolts from heaven. Instead He came & looked them up.”

– Steve D Herron

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