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Act 16.31 +

Act 16.31

“And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ,

& thou shalt be saved & thy house.”

“Wesley at Leatherhead…discoursed on…‘Seek ye the Lord while he may be found,

call ye upon him while he is near.’ It was his last sermon.”
– Able Stevens

God uses individuals; very individualistic Individuals. (Bible is full of them.) Socialists try to herd you into groups. For many this herding began with school (born between date x & date y you were assigned your grade). Refuse to be labeled. [You’re not a “protestant,” that’s someone’s label. You’re not “straight,” that’s someone’s label.] Be the individual Child of God, now & forever. August 2022

“The evening came on [Wesley is dying]. ‘How necessary is it “he exclaimed” for everyone to be on the right foundation. I the chief of sinners am, But Jesus died for me.’ We must be justified by faith & then go on to full sanctification.’”

– Able Stevens

HOME SCH. PLUS 1. A major benefit of Home Schooling is the improvement of Parent’s Minds. You read that right, PARENTS. As Dad, Mom (or better, both) teach the child, they – the Head & Mate of the home – become more knowledgeable. In some cases they’re getting “refresher courses.” In other cases parents are learning new material. When the field is new to them they may only be a chapter or two ahead of child but they’re learning. Home School parents are some of the smartest parents alive! – 8/19/22

God Every Circumstance

There is God in every circumstance,

There is God in every trial,

There is God in every fast advance,

And He’s there in each slow mile.

You can count on God and count correctly,

Not  too  much will He have you do.

You can count on Him (said respectfully)

The question is – can He count on you?

– eab,  August 2010             

Hope you have seen a 2-3 yr old son or daughter sitting on their loving dad’s lap; each thoroughly enjoying the presence of the other. (It did not matter that you were an on-looker.) He/she was looking up into his eyes with their big brown ones & can pretty well get anything they wanted from him. Child of God – obey Christ, obey Him perfectly. Love Him with all your heart & you too can expect your prayers to be answered. God loves to please those who love to please Him. Blessings. – 8/30/22

Heb 5.9

“And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation

unto all them that obey him;”

“Fanaticism is never charitable.”

– Able Stevens

A painter may try to tell what his painting “means.” He wants to interpret it for you. The same is true with a guy & his sculpture – he senses it needs interpretation. The man who writes music may also be constrained to say, “This means…” eab is neither painter, sculptor, nor musician. I feel rather sorry for all three. They’re considered “artists” & art is (by some) highly respected. As I’ve aged & given more thought to these, I think they’ve had too much influence in the Lord’s work. God uses words! – 8/30/22

“…Our main doctrines which include all the rest,” said Wesley

“are repentance, faith & holiness.”

– quoted by Able Stevens

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