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Act 24.16 +

Act 24.16

“And herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience

void of offence toward God & [toward] men..”

“It is dangerous to make man see too clearly his equality with the brutes without showing him his greatness. It is also dangerous to make his see his greatness too clearly apart from his vileness. It is still more dangerous to leave him in ignorance of both. But it is very advantageous to show him both.

– Blaise Pascal

HOME SCH. PLUS. 2. For parents who like their children, Home School provides a near perfect opportunity to spend more time with them. The Lord – in case you’ve missed this so far in life – created the Family Unit. The home is strictly God’s idea! (satan had nothing to do with it; he’s the worst enemy of the home, never, Never forget that.) Home schooling gives hours of quality, one-on-one (or one-on-a-few) time. Relish this. The child sees his Home Sch. Dad/Mom in a different light than “just” parents. – 8/19/22

“Man must not think that he is on a level either with the brutes or with the angels nor must he be ignorant of both sides of his nature; but he must know both.”
– Blaise Pascal

You know about the King James Bible. Probably have read a little of It. Yet you’ve purposely chosen to read a lesser book. You’re trying to be satisfied with this substitute. You might even argue that its better than the Best Bible in English. You’re pretending “it” is the same as It. Wake up – it is not. Frankly, I feel sorry for you. You are feeding on husks when you could have the whole benefit of wheat. Please, friend, come back to true eating. Come back to the Greatest Book in the World. You CAN if you will. – 9/6/22   


If you are presently on a wild ride

And the one “riding shotgun” is Pride

Be assured your destination is not up.

Get rid of pride (before it gets rid of you)

Christ can remove it – made you a-new

Pride is evil – it is corrupt!

– eab, 9/6/22

God is Creator! #1.  satan can’t originate – the best he can do in imitate. And imitate he does. Contemporary so-called-churches are “seedbeds” of imitation. They throw out the solid, sacred hymns & substitute choruses, too often penned by a guy/gal who is primarily a player of instruments (& far from a poet). The tune may (or may not) be cute. The beat may be modern but the words are too many times shallow. The “music” may please feet but the words do NOT feed the soul. – 9/6/22

Rev 20.14

“And death & hell were cast into the lake of fire.

This is the second death.” [last ref. @ hell]

“He that lives to live forever,

never fears dying.”

– Wm Penn

HELL #1.  54 vv of the Bible contain the word “hell” so It teaches the reality of such an awful place. Do you believe there’s a hell? Do you believe real people – even people you know – have (perhaps) gone there? How much time have you spent (in the last 30) thinking about eternal damnation? I know, it’s not pleasant to dwell on. If hell is real – I believe it is above any question – Christians need to be more aware of it, praying more that their unsaved relatives may miss it, speaking out against it. – 9/6/22

“If I am even with my enemy, the debt is paid;

but if I forgive it, I oblige him forever.”  – Wm Penn

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